3 Reasons Why Your Manifestation Isn’t Working

If you’ve been doing all the steps and daily rituals, but still feel like your manifestation isn’t working, you’re not alone. So many people are doing it wrong. (Well, not necessarily wrong.) There is only a slow and a fast way to manifest. My teachings help make your manifestations come so fast that it feels like a bullet train traveling through Europe.

You have to get supercharged with your energy. You must realize how powerful you are. Most importantly, you must see yourself the way that God sees you. You and God are not separate. And that fact is the key. There are greater forces at work that you are connected to that will help you access everything you want in this life. These are the three things that may be causing a disconnect where manifestation isn’t working for you:

1. You’re not clear on what you want.

So many of my clients come to me in Gemini mode. They’re thinking about a decision a million times or maybe everything sounds good to them. But how can you align yourself with the actions required to bring your desires into your quantum field if you don’t have clarity? You can’t.

You have to become crystal clear to the point where you can say exactly what you want in two seconds. Until you get to this level of clarity, you cannot take the inspired action that your intuition is going to send you.

After all, one of the most important things about manifesting is feeling it deeply enough. If you want to be and do everything, then you cannot direct the energy of your desire. This isn’t to say you can’t be a multitude of things. One of my favorite things about Dolly Parton is that she never limited herself. I fell in love with her quote: “I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.”

However, you have to channel those desires somewhere. Having clarity on the specifics is absolutely essential to manifest. The more detail oriented you are, the faster the universe can start sending you the people, places, and things you need to make it happen. The law of attraction states that once you think about it, it’s already manifested. The universe immediately begins aligning all the people and opportunities, opening doors and shutting windows, and removing people — even if it takes some time to align.

When you’re thinking about 25 different things, it’s hard for the universe to tune into you. It will start to feel like your manifestation isn’t working. So, start with one very specific desire you want to bring into your reality and get very clear on every detail of it.

2. You’re focused on the problem

This one is simple: you can’t be solution-oriented and problem-oriented. Your brain doesn’t work that way. You can’t focus in on the problem and expect to find the solution. You have to choose one or the other.

The universe will take notice you’re always talking about being broke or whatever it is, and it will send you more bills and more financially draining situations. What you think about, you bring about. You need to focus on the solution.

For example, imagine you’re training for a marathon. The best advice to take is, “don’t focus on the mile you’re on, focus on the mile you want to get to.” The mindset becomes four more to go, three more to go, one more to go, goal.

On the other hand, focusing on the problem sounds a little more like, “Ugh, I’m only on mile 2?” Mile 3 becomes even harder. Mile 6 is going to be the worst, and it will feel like you can’t get there. You’re constantly thinking about your achy knees and hips, the heat, or going to the bathroom. All the negatives are going through your head. And when you focus on the problem, you create more of it.

When you’re focusing on the solution, you create more of that. You have to readjust the magnet. It involves moving from fear, doubt, lack, shame, and insecurity to faith and spiritual and energetic solutions. You’re booking calls, signing up for my next course, and channeling all your energy into the solution.

The real magic happens when you appreciate that the problem is bringing you the solution. You have jumped timelines because you are living in a state of appreciation versus gratitude. This shift makes manifestation work so much faster.

3. You need to protect your vibe

If you can’t protect your energy, you’ll find yourself stuck in a space where manifestation isn’t working for you. Your angels and guides want to assist you by sending you the right people and information. 

In fact, your guides led you to this post so we can work together on your manifestation journey. Sign up for a free 15-minute call here.

However, when you’re hanging out with the same low energy people, you can only be a vibrational match to the things they would manifest. When you’re with a high vibrational person, you’re more aligned with high vibrational things.

What to do to protect your vibe when manifestation isn’t working

1. Watch who you spend time with.

The way that they think, act, and treat people is a reflection of you. My grandmother used to say, “Michelle, if you want to be skinny, you have to hang out with skinny girls. If you want to be rich or smart, you’ve gotta hang out with rich and smart girls.”

There’s a lot of dark energy out there that wants you to stay small and limited instead of embracing your powerful, protected energy, but that serves nobody. If the people you’re hanging out with say the things you want are too risky, they’re not your people. Find new people to look up to, because I can guarantee all those qualities you see within them already exist within you.

2. Have positive thoughts and intentions.

You don’t have to be Pollyanna. There will still be arguments and bad days, and you have a right to them. But handle it with care. Be as kind as you can in those situations. Don’t be disrespectful or rude.

3. Stop asking everyone their opinion.

Everyone is selfish. They have their own biases, subconscious, and energy. If you’re not listening to your own intuition and guides, it will mess with your vibe. You’ll start manifesting like they are, but you aren’t them, which is worse!

To raise your vibration, you must go in deep and unlock all the treasures of the pineal gland by grounding yourself. Start working with coaches like me and reading powerful books. Protecting your energy is so important because your vibe has to be as high as possible to raise your vibration. 

You have to step into the happy zone and away from unhappy shows, people, and things. Do things that make you feel proud, strong, and empowered. Focus on activities that make you radiate and smile from within. Because you manifest as you are, so the happier you are, the more powerful you become in manifestation. The more positive your life becomes, the faster your manifestations come into your reality.

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So many times we get motivated and excited to move into the vibration of our manifestations. However, we’re often unaware of the reasons manifestation isn’t working to bring our desires into this reality. Then, we give up and go right back to the 3D reality.

You want to get to the 5D reality where you are creating in a light energy modality. And I want to make sure that you get to that place where you feel the vibration of your own divinity. You feel the vibration of your own abundance.

You are already more powerful than anyone has ever made you believe. In fact, the more disenfranchised you are, the more powerful you are. Because you’ve had to make it through all of those low energy troubles, hurdles, and issues.

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