Your Guide to Understanding Gratitude vs. Appreciation

I’m grateful for you, and I appreciate you. When I say these statements, I mean both of them. While they may seem interchangeable, they are actually unique and distinct. When you understand this slight difference between gratitude and appreciation, it can help your manifest your desires into your reality faster than ever.

We are always aiming to have an attitude of gratitude. All of us exist as souls bumping against each other in a manifested reality where we’re all co-creating. We all have a desire to shift into a better timeline in our life’s journey together on this teaching planet. However, to finally shift into this timeline, we must do it by understanding gratitude versus appreciation. Let’s learn the difference.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is defined as the state of being grateful. It characterizes a warm and friendly feeling towards a specific act or general kindness. 

You can say a bill you were stressed over was paid, and you’re so grateful. Maybe you didn’t have any unexpected expenses this month, so you have $75 left over, and you’re extremely grateful for that. Being aware of that gratitude and living in that vibration immediately moves you from a state of lack closer to one of abundance.

Gratitude moves you from a mindset of “I only have $75 left over after all my bills are paid,” to “Wait! I have enough money to pay all my bills and have some left over?”

In manifestation, there is one more aspect of gratitude. It holds the energy of what you’ve overcome. Essentially, you’re thankful you’re not where you used to be.

Personally, I am on my knees every morning feeling grateful I have a home because I’ve been homeless. I’m thankful I don’t have to think about what I’m buying when I’m grocery shopping because there were times I’ve taken my coins to the coinstar and only had enough to buy my groceries.

Don’t you see these are all miracles? You can’t get to manifesting your miracles when you don’t already see everyday miracles in your gratitude vibration.

What is Appreciation?

Appreciation represents the true estimation of merit, worth, or value of something. When you see the nature or increase in value of something, you appreciate it. That feeling is exactly what you should strive for.

The vibration of appreciation completely involves the innocence of the word. It’s the absence of any backstory. There is no resistance.

You are in a state of pure joy and energy. Appreciation only encompasses love driven by God source energy. 

For example, when you look at a painting, you don’t think, “I’m so grateful for this painting because all the other paintings I’ve looked at are crap.” Consider the difference between splatter paint and a Pollock painting: it’s appreciation.

Or look at the pinks, purples, and yellows of the sunset. Take note of the many shades of blues and even greens you’ve never seen. Your love for the sunset has no backstory. There’s nothing to pull from, except divine love. That is the embodiment of appreciation.

Should You Aim for Gratitude or Appreciation?

Once you start raising your vibration, you will find yourself in either a state of hope, gratitude, or appreciation. You continue moving your energy away from lack, lack, lack to more and more.

We can debate the semantics of these three words all day long, but there’s an important difference. If you’re hopeful for something, you feel optimistic about its potential. 

Then, you move from hopeful to a state of gratitude. When you are grateful you are out of the situation you were once in, you’re tying yourself to the past and its vibration.

However, the ultimate goal is to live in a state of perpetual appreciation. This is where you live in the moment and feel a genuine love for everything in your reality without being cluttered with thoughts of the past.

You can manifest differently in this vibration. You are free from any subconscious fear or panic you may return to that state of the past because all you see is the now.

To be a manifesting manifestor, you need to be closer to the vibration of appreciation. But don’t get me wrong, being in the attitude of gratitude is better than being in an attitude of lack, but way better off than the attitude of hopelessness.

Shifting from Gratitude to Appreciation

Shifting from this state of gratitude to appreciation is intentional. It requires remaining aware of your thoughts. However, it’s not enough to simply express gratitude verbally, especially if you don’t feel the same way within.

If you find yourself “not having the right words,” it’s time to look within — because you don’t have the right vibration. You say, “I’m so grateful for my job, and I can’t wait to get a better one.” You’re not grateful for it because you’re sitting in the lack of it. You’re saying the opposite of what you really mean.

Or you’re saying, “I’m making money but not enough to go on this incredible Bahamas vacation that I want.” What’s another way of saying that? “I have deep appreciation for the value I’m given by this employer. I appreciate that they see me completely.” It can be as simple as that.

Even if it seems out of place, you should say what you really want, so you can get to the place of hope. Every day, you should wake up asking the universe to show you a miracle today. All that hope will push you to the place of gratitude, and from there, you’ll get to the place of appreciation.

How Do Gratitude and Appreciation Help You Manifest?

Our busy lives and restless souls are always on go, go, go. We wake up, work, go to sleep, over and over again, like Groundhog Day. This kind of existence puts us in a state of lack.

But every manifestation practice, every teaching in the law of attraction, always starts with the premise of being thankful. Any manifestation coach helping you move into a higher vibration of abundance will tell you the attitude of gratitude is the ultimate way to be mindfully thankful for all the things coming into your reality. They are right.

Everything you want is already out there waiting for you. You’re just not an energetic match to it. You see, energy is the state you are in now. Frequency is where your creative and manifesting abilities lie. Finally, vibration is when you come into reality with it. Living in a state of appreciation, of perpetual motion, allows you to align where the energy, frequency, and vibration reside to bring your desires perfectly out of nowhere.

When you make hope, gratitude, or appreciation part of your daily habits, you’ll move into the path of your abundance. There is only love there for you. At the core root of every miserable situation is a lesson in love. The more you respond with a form of upward momentum, the more admiration you express, the more you become a magnet for more.

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