How to Create the Vibration to Manifest Miracles

Miracles are for each and every one of us. It’s not about luck or exclusivity. It’s about understanding that the Divine Source has a plan for you. You are a co-collaborator designed to achieve, attract, and become a miracle. You already possess everything you need because you and the Divine Light are cohorts. When you accept that fact as your own reality, you will start to manifest miracles everywhere. You’ll see them in a whole new way. 

To reach this level, you must align yourself with the right frequency for manifestation. Here are the five energetic actions that can create the vibration of miracles for manifestation in your life right now.

1. Understand that there is a plan

You didn’t endure all of the things in your life and get to this point just to be a participant. You came down from source energy in a specific plane designed for you in order to learn and evolve as a soul. It’s all part of the plan.

The co-creator and you are on the same vibration to attract peace, love, and abundance into your life. When you learn, accept, and understand that the plan is waiting for you, you can start to attract and manifest miracles for your life. 

You are already always attracting or rejecting things in your life whether you like it or not. Whether you believe it or not, it is still happening. However, when you do start to believe it, the divine source gets so excited and proud that you are listening to the plan. It turns on an unstoppable force in which you will manifest miracles into your life.

All your daily actions bring you closer and closer to divine light energy and help you go out into the world with a brighter, more divine spirit. As a collective, the plan is for all of us to feel happiness, joy, and laughter. It is truly as simple as that.

2. Live in a state of gratitude

A giving soul attracts giving. It’s time to check up on your state of being: Put your hand in front of your face and close your eyes. Imagine your hand is a mirror. In that mirror is a reflection of all the gratitude, energy, suffering, and everything else that encompasses the human and spiritual version of you. Is that reflection one of love, gratitude, happiness, and joy? Is it fear, doubt, loathing, anger, frustration, insecurity, pain, and suffering? 

Remember, you are a boomerang in the universe. So, whatever you think about, you attract. If you have so much gratitude for everything, then everything in your life becomes something worthy of being grateful for. 

I used to find problems everywhere I went — the drive-thru person, the dry cleaner, everyone. Somebody once told me, “When you meet five assholes in a day, you’re the asshole.” You’re the jerk. It’s you. 

Because you are the boomerang in your life, you have to find a way to make sure the mirror that you hold up in front of yourself is a thankful one. You have to be a reflection of gratitude. If you’re not grateful for the good and bad that has appeared in your life and don’t see each instance as a lesson for growth, then you are not living in the abundance of gratitude.

If you want great things, you have to be appreciative of everything you have right now. You can’t move somewhere and start over and have a better result because you’re still you. Being in a better car or house won’t make you more attractive or happier. Material possessions do not hold your joy or happiness. Gratitude does. 

3. Be 100% secure about what you want to attract or manifest

What would make you feel happy? If you were to close your eyes, what would be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of happiness? 

Focus in on how that feels — not just the thought of it. Take note of your emotions and physical feelings when you think of exactly what you want to attract. Forget your ego, vanity, and insecurities. You want to be so completely confident in your abilities and worthiness that there’s no doubt in your mind that you can have whatever you want.

That defined idea of what miracles you want to manifest is the clarity you need to ignite your manifestation power.

4. Let go of control

The fourth and most important way to manifest miracles is to let go. It’s the Law of Detachment. You set your manifestations into motion and trust in the plan. Don’t worry about how or when your miracles will come. Just believe that they will.

Are you the type of person with a plan for your plan? I’ve been there. My crux in life was letting go. As an entrepreneur, publicist, and homeless kid, I developed a fear of not having control. I had paranoia about all the plans. 

Why? Because I doubted every single aspect of my life. I had little to no gratitude, and I definitely didn’t believe that there was a plan for me. I thought I was the plan. But that was EGO talking (a.k.a. Edging God Out).

But we did not come to this planet and endure everything to give power and energy to fear. Fear is a liar. It is not a conduit for miracles. You have to let go of this thought process that you’re not worthy of it. You would not be more worthy if you were born with money, taller, skinnier, or anything else. Those are all self-doubt fears playing into your lowest vibration of ego. Whatever you believe is what you’re going to attract. Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re always right. Fear is the polar opposite of freedom and love. It’s the absolute night and day of abundance.

Instead, you have to release all doubt and fear that happiness is waiting for you. I promise what you seek is also seeking you. You have to believe with every atom, molecule, cell, and breath that you are deserving and capable. More importantly, accept that you are creating the vibration of miracles every single day. There is a plan for you, but you have to let go of the how and allow your Divine Light energy to take the lead.

5.  Surround yourself with joy, happiness, and laughter

When you’re an attractor and a conduit for joy, happiness, and laughter, you are going to attract that same joy, happiness, and laughter. That doesn’t mean you’re skipping through fields all day because things do happen. You have ups and downs, but that’s just life. 

For instance, I used to have this recurring nightmare: I’m in the trunk of a car and it pops open. At that moment, I realize I’ve been kidnapped. I used to have it over and over as a child. Then, as an adult, I became obsessed with crime and serial killers. I was reading it, watching it, and listening to it.

These things were not of joy or happiness. I was taking in pain and suffering instead of things that were full of life. What you surround yourself with, you are attracting more of.

Manifestation activity: Make a list of all the songs, TV shows, and books you take in. Do they represent what you want to attract? If yes, great! If not, slowly distance yourself. Don’t be friends with or talk to energies that don’t support your highest plan. 

There will still be bad days where you can’t see the joy and laughter. After all, we’re always learning, growing, and evolving. But when I let go of listening to low vibrational music, shows, and people that sucked my soul energy, and started connecting with divine light energy, I was able to manifest miracles became faster than ever. 

When you surround yourself with joy, happiness, and laughter, you will be an attractor of joy, happiness, and laughter. In my live manifestation courses, you are surrounded by like-minded people who are raising the vibration. We surround you in our joy and love, and the results are transformative. Sign up for my next course here.

All of this helps with creating the vibration of miracles. That’s the secret sauce.

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