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The Beginner’s Guide to Manifestation

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Manifestation usually gets written off as “woo-woo” talk. Simply, the practice is meant to illustrate how we have the power to actively create our desired reality. The mind is our most powerful tool, and it’s through our thoughts that we can attract abundance into our lives. When we eliminate limiting beliefs, we can start to connect with our highest selves and attract love, wealth, and joy.

In this talk, Michelle will take you from beginner to master manifestor by teaching the principles of the law of attraction. It may seem as if manifestation requires extraordinary ability, but Michelle will prove this is far from the truth. She’ll demonstrate how to tap into the resources around you so you can start owning the manifestation power you already have, and learn to use it to its fullest extent.

From surviving to thriving:

How to Unlock The Best Version of You

When we’re entangled with life’s challenges, it can be difficult to believe that we are meant to experience an abundant and pleasurable life. However, we all have more control than we think to overcome obstacles, despair, and disappointments. Michelle once believed all she was meant for was neglect and abuse, until she asked God to show her something different. Once embarking on her spiritual journey, her life transformed and she reclaimed her peace and happiness.

This deeply moving talk is for anyone who needs hope and inspiration, who know they are here for a bigger purpose but have somehow lost their way in finding it. Michelle will share her poignant story of how she went from living in an orphanage and becoming a successful businesswoman, to attempting suicide and ultimately manifesting an interview with Oprah. She believes by using dreams and positive thinking, we can all reinvent ourselves and create the life we may not have even thought was possible.

heal your mind:

Using the Laws of the Universe for Restoration

We are living in a mental health epidemic. According to the American Psychiatric Association, women in particular experience mental health challenges such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety. The Women’s Health Research Institute notes that, unfortunately, women are still more prone than men to feel stigmatized for seeking help and treatment. This internal shame usually results from concern over their self-image and how others will perceive them.

A champion for mental health, in this talk, Michelle wants to help women unlearn the belief that survival is the only mechanism for living. She will walk you through how to recognize the signs to ask for help, because you do not have to suffer alone and in silence. She will also share how, through the power of meditation and positive thoughts, we can naturally heal ourselves.

I Manifested with …

Michelle J Lamont & Oprah

Michelle J Lamont & Super Model Cindy Crawford

Michelle J Lamont & SuperBowl Champion Troy Aikman

Michelle J Lamont & Kim Kardashian

Michelle J Lamont & Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer

Michelle J Lamont & SuperBowl Champion Troy Aikman

Michelle J Lamont & Kim Kardashian

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