Frequently Asked Questions About Manifesting

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Am I ready for one-on-one coaching or group courses?

Yes! There is always space for you to grow. However, the course you choose depends on your goals and where you are in your journey. Book a FREE discovery call with Michelle to decide what level you are best aligned with.

How do I know if I am ready?

You are only here for a short time , so you were born ready. The fact that you are asking these types of questions about manifesting, and your angels guided you to this page means you are ready. 

I think I have a money block. Is this something you can help me with?

Yes! Although, you probably have a self-sabotaging energy connection instead of a money block. I am always shocked how quickly people learn how to disconnect with this vibration. I love teaching you the tools you need to flip your abundance switch on. Book an hour, 90-minute, or FREE discovery call to determine next steps. 

I have always felt like I was meant for more, but I have no idea what.

This is one of the biggest challenges clients face: Am I on my path? Together, we will discover your path and purpose. I find most people are afraid to do what they really love. They fear they can’t make money or won’t be able to support themselves or their family. After coaching, many of my clients discover that they have exceed all limiting ideas and found their purpose. We can start to unpack this suitcase in with an hour, 90-minute or FREE discovery call.

I keep seeing repeating numbers and signs, what does this mean?

It means that your angels and guides are ready for you to move into your spiritual awakening and dive deeper into your purpose and path. Read here to learn more about angel numbers.  

How do I know what type of manifestor I am?

I offer a test during your zoom session to discover what kind of manifestor you are. You may be an intuitive creator, while others are aligned creators, and even more are clairvoyant creators. Book a call to take the test and see what stage of your awakening you are in and where you need to focus on next. 

How do I know which level I am ready for?

Each journey starts with a FREE discovery call to determine where you are at now. From there, we can both decide what steps would benefit you the most. My goal is to help reveal the gifts you are blocking and start using them to manifest your dream life.

I often feel like an imposter when I talk about what I truly want to do, is this something you help with?

This is an extremely common state for many people. I’ve been there before myself. It means you are coming from fear, doubt, lack, and your upbringing probably contributed to this feeling. Thankfully, I am truly gifted in helping you shift out of this energy. Together, we will help you work out what and who you really are. Read here to learn more about overcoming imposter syndrome in manifestation.

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