Understanding Angel Numbers: Meanings, Uses, & More

Are angel numbers starting to follow you around? These seemingly random repeating sequences represent your spirit guides and angels attempting to communicate with you. What do these angel numbers mean? Continue reading to learn how to decipher these digital synchronicities from the universe and learn how to use them to push you into your power.

What are digital synchronicities?

Angel numbers represent a form of communication from the other energetic beings around you. After all, we exist as those same energetic beings in human form.

There is a number assigned to everything in the universe. Each number has a vibration carrying a special message just for you.

Simply seeing 11:11 two times a day does not necessarily signify a divine communication, given you sit at your desk the same time each day. While it certainly could still act as a sign, there are several other places you can see angel numbers:

  • The odometer in your car at 111,000 miles
  • A license plate in front of you with 111
  • The tax on your receipt comes to $1.11
  • You have 111 emails

Digital synchronicities aren’t always numbers. These types of signs can also show up as objects, flowers, roads, or bugs and insects. All of these seeming coincidences communicate with your energetic soul. 

What does it mean when you see angel numbers?

These angel numbers are a representation of your divine alignment, saying that you are valued and need to pay attention. As manifesting manifestors, we’re put on Earth to help all of humanity. However, sometimes we get stuck in our own problems and unable to release angers and other emotions. These angel numbers are then meant to reaffirm our path or push us toward a new one—and you’ll keep seeing them until you acknowledge this.

In fact, I’ve had clients come to me saying they’ve seen 333 or another number for two years. When they take time to reflect on that period, they realize they were repeating old patterns. So, the repeated message from the universe was telling them to pay attention, to make a change. Even after two years, they were still seeing those digital synchronicities because the universe was hoping for them to wake up and hear that message. 

When you schedule a one-on-one clarity call with me, we’ll look at those digital synchronicities, when they appeared, and find their meanings for you. With this information, you’ll be able to respond back to the universe and remain (or get) on the right path to your destiny.

They’re beautiful and peaceful clear messages. They mean you are really in tune with your angels and guides.

Are angel numbers real?

Statistically speaking, it’s impossible to continuously see something over and over again. Just consider the mathematics of it: how can you see 222 that many times in a row?

You’ll only fight against the validity of angel numbers if you’re in the resistance stage. You’re more likely to dismiss these synchronicities. When you become aligned and start to connect the dots between them, these master numbers become amazing.

What do different angel numbers mean?

Did you see the digital synchronicity in response to a question or curiosity? Maybe the pattern appeared regarding your willingness to start a new relationship, job, or make a new purchase.

If you’ve been asking the universe whether something is a good or bad idea, then you start seeing these numeric patterns, they represent the answer. Those messages are coming through loud and clear—don’t deny them.

However, there are general meanings to common angel numbers:

  • 111 – This sequence is a sign to pause and reset your thinking. The universe is taking a screenshot of your feelings, goals, and dreams and will replicate them. So make you’re your vibration is aligned with your most authentic self.
  • 222 – This angel number confirms that you are in the right place at the right time. Bask in this energy and trust your place in life.
  • 333 – Look at the areas of life that are not fully rounded out, and begin nurturing it. This can involve meditation, making your vision board, or finally starting that workout routine.
  • 444 – Your prayers are being heard, and your angels are guiding and surrounding you. You may start to see this sequence more in times of struggle, but take time to thank your angels for their protection.
  • 555 – This number represents major change on the way to prepare your life to fit your desires. Get your mindset on board with this new way of life.
  • 666 – Take a moment to look inward on how you’re contributing to the state of your life, and what you need to do differently to change it. Stop focusing on the material world.
  • 777 – This angel number tells you to release your fear, give up control, and put your faith into the universe.
  • 888 – This digital synchronicity is your angels’ way of saying “Good job.” Practice gratitude for all you have and make space for more abundance coming your way.
  • 999 – You are near the finish line of your current goals. It’s time to start making new ones!
  • 420 – Someone needs your help, and it’s your duty to do so. Think of someone in your life and do something generous from the goodness of your heart for them.
  • 911 – You have been called to inspire others and remind them that they have a higher power within themselves.

What to do when you see numerical patterns

You have many options when you see an angel number. Your guides want you to go into Google and search “222 meaning.” Keep track of what you’re thinking when you see them and apply it to the meaning you’ve found.

However, the best way to heighten this communication with your energetic beings is meditation. When you talk to your spirits and your angels in this way, you’ll get a message almost instantly.

Most importantly, don’t resist your angel numbers. It will allow you to open up more and start seeing them regularly. 

Remember angel numbers are a sign the universe has your back

The fact these messages appear means you are one of the collective’s most powerful beings, whether you believe it or not. As humans, we tend to dim our lights. We focus on our flaws, misdoings, and regrets. This mindset occurs at the lowest frequencies, causing us to repeat the same patterns. 

However, God and your angels only see you as divine light. They want you to connect with the frequency that’s going to bring you joy, happiness, and abundance. In order to manifest your miracles, you need to be in alignment with the synchronicities of your life. The more aligned you are, and the more you meditate, the more you are able to co-create a powerful divine light on this planet.

With each synchronicity, you only gain more lessons and encouragement. Your guides use them to show you love. They are there to support you and tell you that you are embarking on a spiritual awakening. In this high vibrational state, those messages will hit deeper.

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