Decoding Your Life Path Number

What is a Life Path Number?

I have always had a very inquisitive mind since I was a little child. I questioned where words came from and why we used them. Such as the color red, why did we call it that? Are there other shades of red? I always had so many questions. It goes along with this rabbit hole of diving in, digesting, dissecting and truly understanding what I’m reading and the information that I’m consuming in mass quantities. 

I can read a book in about a day and a half and retain the majority of it. This is not to say I’m so wonderful or special. I am wonderful. I am special. But so are you! 

I am fortunate enough to have walked down the path that you’re walking down now and kept asking questions: How do I not know everything? Why am I not happy? I could be successful financially and business-wise, but in my personal life, I was always a hot mess. My childhood issues growing up were painful and I felt like I never belonged anywhere and nobody could really understand me. If you resonate with any of these thoughts or ideas, you will learn something from every single episode of my podcast. 

You are here because you chose to come to planet Earth to evolve your soul with the Creator, the highest vibration is God and universal energy. I want you to be the highest and the best version of yourself, because when you vibrate high, you lift every single person around you. We are part of a collective of souls on this timeline on planet Earth, so when one of us is down, all of us are down. 

Think of it like the way you are connected to your family or friends, and how you feel. Have you ever felt like you need to call your niece or daughter, or some other family member or friend? This is because you have this soul connection to them and you can feel it. I want you to feel that for every living creature–mammal, animal species and especially yourself. I want you so in tune that you have all of the information that you need. 

Life Path Numbers

Numerology and astrology are extremely helpful and important. I’m not exaggerating or trying to hype this up any bigger than I should when I tell you that knowing your life path number is the most powerful piece of information that you can ever receive about yourself. Mine literally describes me in an unbelievable way.

Nancy Reagan, President Reagan’s wife and one of our First Ladies, somewhat brought astrology and numerology to the forefront. Other big names like Tesla, Einstein and many other great thinkers from the beginning of time to modern time, understand that everything in the universe has a number.

When I started studying sacred geometry and numerology, to get more of the “Davinci Code” of myself, I found out that a life path number is something that people have been doing since the beginning of time, and we were not told about it. It is similar to your astrological sign. It reveals your greater purpose, including strengths, weaknesses, talents, and most of all, ambitions. It expresses the tone of all, and helps you make sense of your experiences of why events occurred in the past, a look into what’s going on right now and a preview into the future. 

The fastest way to find out your life path number is to visit Token Rock. You will enter your birth date month, day and year. 

Before you come to earth, your soul realizes that you have things that you haven’t resolved or need to expand on in order to evolve. You have to carry certain numerology numbers or vibrations and every number carries a vibration, whether it’s in music or in life–literally everything. Life path numbers are soul numbers which are the biggest DNA print to who you really are, why you’re here and what your job is on planet Earth. 

My Life Path Decoded – Life Path 9

I’m a Life Path 9, and it made perfect sense when I received this information. A LP 9 is the charismatic and creative humanitarian, the most evolved in numerology and has one of the strongest vibrations because it contains all the qualities of other life path numbers. For those reading this who believe in the idea of reincarnation, you might be relieved to know that a 9’s vibration is a wise old soul returning to wrap things up. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, it’s still a relief to know that your life is meant to be an expression of spiritual challenges. Yours is truly a lifetime focus of fully and completely letting go and acting upon higher spiritual principles. Other characteristics of a 9 include: a strong dedication to follow something you believe in, and pursuing it with great ambition and an authentic regard for humanity,  so your goals usually surround serving others. LP 9s often have issues with their original family and may have felt unloved or abandoned. They often feel out of place so you don’t really belong during any event. Your attachment to your original family is hard to give up and you must find a way to maintain healthy boundaries with your family. Nines have to find courage to leave unhealthy dynamics behind, and this isn’t to say goodbye to all of your family and never see them. You just have to remove yourself from those situations. You have incredible charisma and can choose to use that in either a positive or negative way, and you would make a wildly successful entrepreneur or business person. 

A List of Life Path Numbers 

I’m guessing by now that you’ve calculated your number. Stop judging the number immediately and understand that it is a beautiful thing that you have discovered this. The higher the number,  the more of a challenging life you have, and the more your soul is evolved. Here is a short synopsis of each. 

Life Path 1

One is a baby soul. You come here proud and loud and you’re ready to be a leader. 

Life Path 2

2s are intuitive beings. You guys feel it almost in your cells and DNA. 

Life Path 3

3s are like a squirrel. You’re funny, lively or jovial, and have a very sweet, soft life. 

Life Path 4

A 4 is a hard worker and very unique. You have a little bit of a problem with money and come here to know how to cleanse that energy.

Life Path 5

You’re mutable and adaptable. You’re here to create ease in people’s lives. 

Life Path 6

Number 6 and 3 are in my soul tribe. We all vibrate when we meet. A 6 is very creative, genuine and loving, kind souls. People feel very comforted being around a 6.

Life Path 7

Sevens have found a home here. You are the high spiritual being, not to the level of a nine spirit, but you are very high up there. 

Life Path 8

Eight is a powerful number and the money number. You came here to be and learn abundance. Money will come to you easily as soon as you let go of your insecurities and your narcissism. 

Life Path 9

Nines are the most giving and highest order number humanitarian.

Master Numbers: 11, 22 33

What this means is that the number when you came here as a one, two or three, you didn’t master that number. You have returned in this body, timeline and reality to master it. 

Life Path 11

Elevens are psychically gifted. Most psychics are 11s and 9s.

Life Path 22

You are here to build huge things and solve large problems on the planet Earth to evolve humanity. 

Life Path 33

understand how important it is to not only love life, but to inspire life. 

Knowing your Life Path Number is really revolutionary. It is one more modality in which you can expand, grow and evolve. Know your number, and gather all of the information that you can–it’s free. Start understanding who you are. The more knowledge, information, modalities and practices you know, the more that you decode what you’re here for. You’ll be happier, more abundant and not only will you manifest miracles, miracles will happen every single day. Numerology is a very powerful tool, and you’re going to be a conduit and attractor magnet only for miracles. It’s a beautiful way of living. It’s not hocus pocus. It’s not magic. It’s spirituality and science combined. It gets me amped up because I’m so excited for you.

I want the collective to rise up and bring peace to the earth, to bring God to the planet to be light energy. The stronger we are together, the more people that are empowered to empower themselves. The stronger we become as a collective unit, we destroy the hierarchies that are keeping us limited and down.

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