Quantum Leap into Your Future Self

Time doesn’t exist. The faster that we learn this, the more quickly we can get the construct of it to dissolve around us. While we orbit around the sun every 24 hours, which we call a day, this structure is only based on our axis rotating in space on a spinning marble in the middle of the universe and the galaxy. Your ability to quantum leap exists outside of this line of thinking.

I don’t have any clocks in my house and I do not have the correct time on anything. I only acknowledge time before I have a clarity or coaching call. I will then set my phone to remind me about it a half hour beforehand so I can go and meditate. I don’t believe in living an earthbound life. We are high vibrational magnets who are manifesting miracles. We are high vibrational energy souls and we’re stuck in this little vehicle called the body while navigating through the world.

I need you to be free. I need you to be a limitless creator. I need you to tap into your divine light energy. Remember, God created you in His image. You’re made of the same stuff that’s created volcanoes, hurricanes, oceans, solar systems, planets and stars. We often forget this because we look in the mirror and see a human and think we can only create the “human being” way. 

When we talk about how to quantum leap, I want you to understand this in a way that allows you to now be a creator in your reality and to understand you’re always creating in your reality. 

Understanding Quantum Leaping

Recall a time that was a painful memory for you. Dig deep into this moment. What was it? Look down. What are you wearing? Who’s around you? Is there a smell if you remember smelling?

What else do you remember? Do you remember waking up that day and thinking, “…if I had only known?” How did it feel in that exact moment when that thing happened? Answering these questions should take you back there. Keep going. 

Remember every detail. Look at your hands. Look at your feet. Look to your right, look to your left. What do you notice? Put yourself in that excruciating, terrible moment just for this little bit of time. 

I want you to understand how it was to be that version of you in such a way that you’re there with him/her right now. I want you to send that version of you the relief that didn’t happen that day.

Maybe you really needed somebody to just hug you. Maybe you needed somebody to forgive you. Maybe you need to forgive them so you can let go. Maybe you needed somebody just to reach out to stop hurting you. Give them that help right now.

Be so in that vibration. Be so in that moment. Be there and send the assistance as needed. I want you to heal that moment and send the love that you didn’t have or the strength that you needed. 

Now, take a look at where you are right now. See all the choices and the things you’ve done to get to this place and how you had to get through things to get here right now.

That’s your future self. Your future self is currently looking at your present situation and knows all the choices that you made in your current future.

That future self is quantum leaping in the form of intuition.

You’re Constantly Quantum Leaping

You’ve been quantum leaping into your future self this whole time. You have always played a part in all of these things in the form of intuition. You are quantum leaping right now! You know that it’s always working out for you.

Now that you know that you have the ability to go back and better understand why you had that interesting relationship–so that you could attract the husband or wife you have now, or the woman who had the miscarriage endured that, so she can appreciate the baby she has now. If you wouldn’t have met this person, this wouldn’t happen, or if you hadn’t done this, this wouldn’t happen. 

You’re quantum leaping into this new reality. You’ve always had the ability to quantum leap because of intuition. The higher self and the angels and guides were necessary in order for you to land where you are right now. 

Your future self is currently looking at the present situation, knowing all of the choices you’ve made and your current future, and that future self has always been your intuition. You’ve always been quantum leaping in and out of all of these timelines.

How to Quantum Leap 

You can create your future and quantum leap as easily as you can tap into your past. Just as much as you were able to tap into that situation of pain, sorrow and frustration, you can quantum leap and tap into being a creator of your new reality and trusting that when you pray to God, your intuition is God praying back to you. You didn’t come here to Earth, the teaching planet, to not manifest a great life.

Visualize your future, almost as if you’re having dĂ©jĂ  vu all of the time. This will turn you into a creator. Now you’ve really tapped into something interesting, powerful, wonderful and amazing.

Everything is based on our concept of what we’re willing to understand. We can only manifest in the energy that we truly are in alignment with. If you haven’t forgiven that situation and let it go, you can’t manifest in the new reality that you want.

If you’re still stuck in chapter two, and chapter eight is waiting for you to go in and be a part of it, you won’t be able to. You can only manifest as you are.

You are choosing by visualizing and manifesting and putting your energy into the future version of you.

Have that faith over fear. Fear is a f**king liar. Don’t trust fear. When you hear fear talking to you, know that that’s a lower vibrational state and that quantum physics and your quantum leaping into more of that same fear energy.

When you hear fear talking to you, stop and do something that is not fearful. Stop and create a reality in the future. Visualize it to the extent that you feel like you’ve been there already.

You’re intuitively quantum leaping into this new reality. Trust your psychic intuition, believe that God knows you and that you have angels and guides. 

Yes, there are going to be growing pains. As you grow into new chapters, you grow into new vibrations.

You didn’t come here by mistake. It is your time to step up and create the reality in which you can quantum leap. Trust that you are protected and that you are divine light energy.

Everybody you’ve manifested in your life, whether you believe it or not, especially the ones that irritate you the most. They’re usually the greatest teachers.

You have to have a mind that’s open to everything and attached to nothing. As the late great Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Have a mind that’s open to everything and attached to nothing” because just as soon as we think we know something, science proves we know nothing at all.

I want you to have your miracle and manifest your dreams. I want you to step into your sunshine and your Nirvana and just be free. Step into a timeline where you are the creator of your reality and go manifest your miracle today!

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