The Law of Assumption

The law of assumption is a means of manifesting what you want by having a state of mind. It is by having a feeling that your desires, very wishes and aspirations–each and every one–have been fulfilled. It is a way to create anything that you desire by assuming the feeling of your wish or your desire has already been fulfilled. According to this particular universal law (there’s about 12 of these laws, like the law of attraction, the law of creation etc.), nothing exists outside of your own consciousness. You can create an entire experience based on where your consciousness currently is. 

Using the Law of Assumption to Change Your Life 

Healing begins when you quiet your mind. The law of assumption works with clarity. When you’re always vibrating on the assumption that things aren’t going to work out, then you’re creating on the assumption that things are always not going to work out. The law of assumption is the fundamental momentum in which you unfold your reality into creation. Many times, we don’t realize what we assume. Many of us can assume things in real life or whatever consciousness state you’re creating (3D, 4D, 5D, etc.).

People do believe they can manifest this miracle into their reality, but they’re actually coming from a point where they don’t believe in miracles. They don’t believe in this divine light and they don’t believe that they’re the creator of their realities. 

It can be a very hard way to create when you’re in the law of assumption, because the law of assumption allows you to assume something has already happened. If you’re already in a state of being where you assume that things don’t work out, that you aren’t the bigger than this world or that you aren’t connected to a higher frequency, vibration and energetic source, then it’s very hard to bring things from your thoughts to reality here on Earth. 

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The Earth is Loud 

Earth is a very dense planet. There’s a lot of unhappiness because people don’t sit down, turn everything off and listen to the sound of their breath. Have you ever gone 24 hours with no phone, no TV and no radio–nothing? I did it for 30 days. You’d be surprised how loud everything is. You’ll realize how active your divine team, your angels and guides, become.

There are so many different entities that come flying out of the woodwork, and not just about angel numbers. When you’re really transmitting your energy and creating shapes out of thin air because you’re no longer sitting in that state of assumption where things go wrong, that’s when things happen. You’re not constantly being bombarded by your friends, the internet, society, television and music. 

Our subconscious has been working since we were born and playing a trick on us to keep us safe, small, locked in and connected to society, where we have to work for a paycheck. Instead of tapping into our divine gifts and following our purpose and allowing everything to come, many times people have so much fear on assumptions. What if somebody judges me assumption? What if somebody thinks I’m crazy assumption? What if my family thinks I need an exorcist assumption?

If I had the “money doesn’t flow to me easily” assumption, but I want to manifest a million dollars, it won’t happen out of alignment. The law of assumption allows us to create in the energy of freedom and over time, we will tap into the creation. When we let go of the how and when and you don’t care anymore, then energy happens. All of a sudden, the universe finds a very simple way to bring it into your reality. You know why? Because your subconscious is gone. Because you have no resistance. Because you’re not trying to control a thing! 

How to Start Assuming

To start manifesting, you have to start deciding that you really want something and clear your mind. That’s why you have to meditate, have dark days of quiet and separate yourself from everything. I know you’re busy and many of you have families and responsibilities. But, you control your time. Time does not control you. Time doesn’t actually exist anyway. We live on a 24-hour cycle because of our planetary moon and sun rotation, but we don’t actually have to live in that reality. If you can get up 15 minutes before everybody else in the house, go into your bathroom, lock the door, put your earbuds in and listen to some peaceful tranquil music, and set your phone on do not disturb and a timer for 15 minutes, you will start manifesting like a master because you’re reducing and slowing down. 

You will start to feel different almost immediately. You feel lighter and a sense of relief. You will feel like you have everything that you need because you do! Your subconscious is only aware of what you’re presently thinking. When you are clear from a meditation, you’ve done a grounding. Another great way to do this is to walk outside for 15 minutes with no headphones, no phone and visualizing a clarity waterfall, something in the ocean, a palm tree waving, or whatever it is–that is you feeling clarity

When you’re done with that 15 minutes, you start practicing the law of assumption–assuming what it is that you want. Let’s say that you want a house. Start assuming that you live there and assume that this is your neighborhood. Start going to the nearby Starbucks and grocery stores. If you have children, go to their school and inquire what it takes to transfer them there. It’s the feeling that manifests. The law of assumption allows us to bring clarity into our reality because we separate ourselves from our history and what it takes to bring that into our reality. Your thoughts have the power to manifest your life. 

If you visualize yourself enough, living comfortably, happily, free and with love and peace, then you will attract opportunities that make these things manifest into your reality. 

Likewise, if you assume that something bad is gonna happen, you are absolutely right. 

I assume every single day that a miracle will show up in my reality and I am going to be used by God to serve one individual soul. In this moment of clarity when I wake up every morning, I assume that my life is wonderful regardless of what’s going on. 

My life isn’t picture perfect. I have fear, doubts and insecurities. But I assume that I am protected, whatever I’m dealing with is part of my path and that every argument leads to clarity. I also assume that every pain leads to prosperity. 

Choose the path of least resistance. Don’t push the rock up the hill anymore. Go with the flow. I heard this saying there’s two things you can’t fight in this world: the ocean and a woman. If you assume that the things that you want also want you, then the law of assumption means you have to start celebrating it. You have to start talking as if you live in that house. You have to start celebrating as if you’re already married. You have to start decidedly living in the moment where the financial resources are there. 

While you’re manifesting with the law of assumption, you’re always in the vibration of the abundance. Your shift in consciousness is the only thing that matters. It’s the only thing that matters in order to pursue. You must always live in the vibration of your imagination. Albert Einstein valued imagination over everything. Only geniuses use their imagination. You close your eyes and you visualize your future. 

Make Assuming an Every Day Practice

You must have faith and be a conscious creator of your reality. In order for the practice to have the impact that you want in your life, it’s important to be persistent in it every day. Spend a few minutes visiting yourself with your dream person, visualizing yourself with a baby, visualizing yourself driving that car or visualizing yourself opening the doors to that house. When we raise our collective consciousness, we can manifest 10 times faster.

The people who fail to apply this actual law in manifesting because they don’t maintain that feeling that they already have it because when it doesn’t appear, they start to be impatient. Then they start to go back to practicality and shift back into the physical world. 

I always assume it’s coming and know it’s for me. I know everything’s working out. I let things go and I keep moving forward. I continue to visualize it and go into every little detail of that visualization, leaving no detail unturned. You have to be a very patient person and sit at the moment of patience, despite it not being any evidence of autonomy. We’re in the consciousness of creating and how you use this to achieve what you want in life will be a reflection of your ability to be in the moment that you’re in right now. 

You can never lose imagination. You just use it a lot less than you did when you were a child. Kids sit on the vibration of the path of least resistance and we should, too. When we go into the vibration of the law of assumption, we are creating things beyond our current consciousness. Tap into releasing those limiting blocks and let go of that history that you’re so connected to, in order to create a future.

The law of assumption is a principle you enact to help you work directly with the corresponding laws in the world laws of the universe. 

Remember, you are worthy!

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