Take Up Space! Why Staying Small Serves Nobody

We have more people on the planet than ever before, but we’re not overcrowded. So, there’s no reason for staying small – it serves nobody. Now is the time for you to spread open to show and honor God and say, “I believe that You believe in me.”

Trust me, I haven’t always been spreading my own wings. I’m a first generation American. I’ve been through six miscarriages. I was in an emotionally and mentally abusive marriage that I broke free from. I send only love to him and his new wife. I’ve been homeless, penniless and started businesses with only $250 and grew them to million-dollar companies over and over again. I started this podcast about manifesting, and in less than five months, had 10,000 subscribers with not one ad or piece of marketing. 

I am here to make sure that you take up space. I am here to make sure that you fill up every room you walk into, and that when you do, you understand that your light shines bright to encourage others to shine their light. There is enough of everything for everyone–money, opportunities, support. There are so many angels and guides, literally hovering around you and sending you all kinds of signals, whether it’s repeating numbers or hearing the same thing over and over again.

Changing lives and manifesting starts with you! It starts with you right now and understanding that you are worthy of taking up a lot of space. I want you to get out there and understand that staying small is an insult to your purpose and your path. Staying small serves nobody, and fear is a f**king liar. 

We didn’t come all the way from where we started from to Earth, the teaching planet, to listen to a liar called fear. Too many people are too afraid to pursue their dreams and decide to play it safe. I’m here to tell you: that is not the plan. The deepest fear is not that you’re inadequate, but, instead, that you are powerful beyond measure. You have a divine purpose and a divine path. I don’t want you to live in a reality where you believe that staying small which serves nobody is why you came here. Do not allow the fear of being judged by others from doing the things that you really want to do. I want you to be free from the shackles of the lies of the fears, and tap into your limitless abundance to manifest the life that you came here to live. 

My purpose has always been to elevate and open the way for others because there is more than enough for everybody. This is my purpose and my path. And you have to find yours. 

You have to get out there and play with life. The beautiful thing about your angels and guides in the universe is once you start playing with them, they will play right back. Ask for a sign and you’ll be bombarded. 

You have a team sent here to support you. You have a whole big team of angels and guides that God has aligned for you throughout the whole cosmos. You’re important and valued. Stop being overworked and underappreciated. Enjoy yourself and do something that you actually like every single day. 

Believe that you are protected. Believe that the process and outcome is already destined once you step into that light. There are a million plans being made for you. Honor the plan and stop playing small–it serves nobody. You are here to take up a whole bunch of space. You came here as a whole person with a whole divine purpose and path. Way too many people leave this Earth with that nagging desire to have tried something. You are here to start a little revolution. It doesn’t have to be global, but it has to be impactful. 

My Path to Breaking Free from Being Small

When I bought the microphone for my podcast, Manifesting Miracles by Michelle J. Lamont, and hired somebody to produce it, this is when I stepped into my divine light. I remember the first time I stepped on stage and said, “I am a manifesting manifester.” 

But before that, I was married to somebody whose favorite quote was, “Let’s not make this the Michelle show.” It makes me emotionally sick. I was staying safe and small. In the business world, I would clobber, crush, destroy and annihilate. But in my personal life, I stayed small because of fear. My dad gave me away and I grew up in the orphanage in Waco, Texas. Every time I stepped out, somebody tried to shove me back in. Every time I tried to be myself, I was told my laugh was disgusting. I was told that I asked too many questions and was being too annoying. From that, I became a people pleaser. 

A people pleaser is a clear sign of trauma unhealed. We think, if we make people happy, they’ll like us. But then we end up hating ourselves. I don’t want you to hate yourself anymore. You’re way too valuable. You’re way too important. I don’t care who you are, where you came from, what you’ve done or where you are right now. It can change today, at this moment. Take up some space. Step out of your comfort zone, be bold and start your little revolution.

You were sent here for a purpose. Taking up space is what you’re here to do. Staying small serves nobody and will not allow you to manifest that car, relationship, career or money. You have to stand up and say, “I’m going to be the best financial advisor in the world. I’m going to be the best realtor. I’m going to be the best artist. I’m going to be the best singer, the best director, the best creator of my own reality.”

Your matrix will bend to your will and you are always fully supported. I’ve accomplished things I would have never dreamed of and never would have thought I would manifest–celebrities, vacations, freedom and money. It’s because I took up space and stopped being fearful! I am God. God is me. When you step into your power, you show the world how protected you are and how everything is always working out in your favor, even when it seems like it’s not. Your endless, limitless abundance aligns with you!

Know that if I’m dead, and this podcast is going on, I am still here as light vibrational energy that never dies. Nothing dies. It just transmutes. Think about physics–it just splits apart and turns into something else that splits the parts and turns into something else. Even a thought becomes a thought. Everything carries a vibration of abundance, and taking up some space will be fully supported. Staying small serves nobody, and certainly manifests even less. 

Heal First to Move On

Write letters to the people that have hurt you. I don’t believe there’s a single person who cannot come to a realization and forgive themselves for their past. All the people who hurt you were weak and in pain. They hurt you because they lived in fear, so cut that off and step over to the energy of abundance and manifest your miracles every single day. Life is beautiful and wonderful. You deserve to eat at the buffet of abundance! Your purpose is to manifest abundance in every area of your life. 

But whatever you do, stop pretending like you’re not worthy of taking up some space. We both know staying small serves nobody, and it’s not working for you. You are worthy to manifest miracles every single day and I love you. You are so important. Now go manifest your miracle!

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