Why Jealousy is a Powerful Sign

Jealousy is your powerful sign that you’re manifesting correctly and a beautiful indicator that you are on the right path. When you learn to properly use jealousy, it’s going to be your best f**king friend! 

Jealousy is such a powerful gift in manifesting and here’s why: it’s a sure sign that you are transmuting from the lowest version of energy and aligning with the highest vibration where it resides. 

Breaking Down Jealousy

I used to be jealous in my lowest vibration, then that jealousy would turn to anger, then to envy, then to hate. I would make up reasons why certain people had all they did—they have famous parents, they had opportunities that I didn’t or just assuming that’s just what they were born into.

What I want you to understand is that you can use jealousy as a divine sign that it’s time to shift because your spirits and angels know how to motivate you–because they understand you. When you are in your lowest vibrational state, you would see the thing that you desired and coveted most, but you would say, “That’ll never be me. Maybe in the next lifetime.”

But when you experience jealousy, it’s because you’re capable of achieving that thing or it wouldn’t be shown to you, even when our ego tries to talk ourselves out of it. The insecurity that you feel is more often not because you know that you’re meant for something more, but it’s more so that you’ve never achieved something like that, and you know deep down on a cellular level that you’re capable of anything. That sign is an indicator that jealousy, that frequency, is meant as a stepping stone of clarity.

You’re seeing that success in the other person, whether it’s in a love relationship, they raised all this capital, or simply that you view them as successful. In that field, you are an energetic match because you can’t perceive something you can’t receive. The fact that you’re seeing that is a clear indicator that the universe is working on it incrementally and it’s asking you to step up. It’s asking you to say yes to it and asking you to change the direction of the way that you manifest back into your reality. Many look at other people’s successes and get discouraged. Then, they give up and they go back to the way it always was. Instead, look at it as if you’re reviewing your life and your angels and your guides are saying, “Man, you’re just four weeks away from that thing, that person or that situation in Earth time.”

I use jealousy as a sign that it’s pointing me in the right direction and that everything is always working out for me. You may not be in the exact alignment to manifest that thing just yet. The universe uses it as a symbol for you to say THAT is what I love and want. You just need to understand that everything is working out for you and that divine timing is real. But in case you can’t, I want to give you a couple of steps to break the old consistency of your doubt.

3 Tips to Turn Jealousy into Manifestation

If it was shown to you, it’s not so you would be upset by it.

  1. The first thing to acknowledge is that it is a sign that the universe brought you into your reality, so celebrate that the universe is celebrating you. This universe is trying to inspire you. 
  2. The second thing you’ve heard me do is preach about visualizing it. But in this moment, you have to switch places with the reality you see, and take a mental photo of it, but change it to you. Either snapshot that in your mind, or take a screenshot on your phone as your screensaver and replace the photo of the other person with you. Be happy and get so ecstatic that if it’s possible for them, it is possible for you. You’re the divine light being manifested into this body here to co-create with the greatest creator of all. 
  3. The third tip is to transmute that feeling of jealousy and say it’s inspiration. Transmute the energy from thought to paper. I want you to rip out whatever piece you have. Even if it’s a napkin at a restaurant, go into the bathroom stall, turn around on that toilet and start writing, “I was just shown my future, I’m so happy, and I cannot wait to celebrate in that reality.”

Each and every one of us are able to shift that mindset from scarcity to abundance instead of looking at someone else’s success as a knock against you. You have to see that your divine team of light is telling you that everything is possible for you. Jealousy and envy are very energetically different. 

The universe cannot distinguish between somebody else’s success and yours. They just see that you’re happy and they see the vibration more energy than frequency that vibration and when you’re a vibrational match to that achievement to that success. Everything around you starts to shift. 

It’s a 100-percent indicator that you are on a path and the clarity you seem is all around. Don’t be envious, be inspired. Switch that script! Use jealousy as a sign that you’re on the right path. 

I’m wrapping my energetic arms around you and tapping into that energy of love for you because I’ve done it for myself. I’ve dragged myself out of the muck in the mud and manifested reality beyond my wildest dreams. You are doing a great job. You are a manifesting manifester and we’re creating a reality in which your life is bigger and brighter and better than you have ever imagined.

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