How to Invite Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Our angels and spirit guides are always around. I’m sharing how to find and connect with them in three easy steps: cleansing, understanding what angel interactions look and feel like and putting it all into practice.

In order to invite your angels in, you have to be in a vibration of love. We’ll also go over:

  • What is an angel?
  • How do you connect with them on their frequency?
  • What do we need to do in order to communicate with that vibration? 

What is an Angel?

Angels and spirit guides are energetic beings, and we are, too, but we are in a house called the human body. Our lifeforce, which is our chakra system, gets lit up when we are in our highest energy. We all have divine light energy that we were created with and people and even animals react to the way that our light energy is in the world. 

Think about the Disney movie, Snow White. All of the animals in that movie follow her around because she’s always singing and dancing in the forest and radiating love. Love light energy is something that you can tap into, or you can believe in your emotional state. Emotional state is fear, insecurity or doubt there is a big transition happening on our planet right now. It’s very important for you to protect your energy and be detached from the emotional side of everything that’s happening on the planet. I try to protect my energy at all costs by what I watch, listen to, what I surround myself with and what I do on a daily basis.

You have the opportunity to be deliberate and decisively create opportunities to bring more love, peace and energy of positivity to the planet Earth and to raise the collective consciousness of our society. 

How to Connect with them – Start with Cleansing

The vibes that you create is the energy part of your practice for inviting your angels. Our angels don’t interfere until we invite them and invoke them. For me, I meditate heavily before I do my podcasts. I put crystals around the microphone, light candles and listen to high vibrational energy. I pray all day long and ask the angels to be a part of every single episode in order for you and I to connect spiritually, emotionally and vibrationally to lift the consciousness of the people around us and elevate our own inner guidance. 

If you use crystals and sage, this would be a great time to incorporate those. 

The most important aspect that you need to remember about cleansing your energy is that angels don’t have emotions–they’re not emotional beings. It is a practicality for them. Once you invite them in, they tell you what you need to know and we all have free will. 

If you think of your feet as your chakra source system, imagine your feet are at level 100, your calves are 200, your knees are 300, your hips and where your stomach are is 400, and then you go to your chest at 500. This is where you want to be because you always want to be from love and above. If you ask a question and you feel it in your gut, you already know the answer. That intuition we all have is clear clairvoyance. We all have psychic abilities and to connect with that part of ourselves. If we are to slow down our lives, clear the energy around us. Make sure that we are invoking and inviting angels with meditation.

Our energy wants us to only practice one thing all the time: love. It will always raise your vibration and always put you closer to your intuition. It is the most powerful force in the universe and every galaxy in every solar system. Angels cannot find us in a low vibrational frequency. If you’re doing something out of emotions, like living in fear, then you are not connecting to your high light energy vibrations. Angels will only respond to our ability to be in a frequency where they can find us.

How to Raise Your Vibration – Angel Meditation

First, put your hands on your heart and visualize your energy. Focus on the color green – our love chakra source, it is so wonderful and healing. It pulsates life like the grass, trees and bushes that grow everywhere on the planet, which produces human energy for our planet. Think of this green love light energy now pulsating through your body and at the top of our head. Envision a powerful bright love white light opening up the top of your head and all of that energy vibrating in every direction from your mouth, eyes, ears, shoulders, heart, and from your stomach to the back of you and all around you. 

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Open up your arms like an angel and tilt your head up and believe that the light energy source is overpowering you and if you feel heat from this vibration you’ll feel yourself being overwhelmed with love light energy–your essence energy. Those are your angels and your guides saying, “Here I am, all the time.” 

Repeat this while keeping your arms open: “I invite and invoke high vibrational energy into my life. I am a recipient and a giver of high vibrational energy–a conduit of love walking the planet Earth. I invoke and invite all like spirit and angels to surround me energetically and to guide and direct me in the direction of my true path to be an elevated and high vibrational soul. I invoke all high vibrational energies into my life to charge and to fill my direction. I asked this for all protection every day. I will communicate with you every single day in an energy practice.” 

My Angel Experience – Guiding me for the Higher Good

Every single day, I ask my angels and guides to be used to help somebody. I get very emotional when I see these people in my life who are obviously coming to me to have a clearing or cleansing or to be in connection with their higher vibration.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was at a Walmart. I really didn’t want to go that day, but something was driving me there–I couldn’t even remember why I was going there. 

I was walking around, almost feeling like I’m trapped inside of this box. I put things in my cart, but feel like I couldn’t really check out. Something energetically was keeping me there. Suddenly, I felt this rush to go checkout. 

Being Latina, I often look for Hispanic moms who are shopping and give them a $20 or $50 bill and tell them I found it in the parking lot and that God must want them to have it. But I quickly realized that’s not what today is about.  

There’a shorter brunette woman who is checking out and there’s another tall woman with red hair. I’m drawn to her because she’s very sweet. I soon realized that these two women are in a fight. 

The brunette lady forgot an item and while checking out, she went back to go get it. There was a redheaded lady who didn’t realize someone was in the middle of checking out, so thinking the lane was open, she mistakenly scanned one of her items in the middle of the brunette’s transaction. When the brunette came back, she became irate for her mistake. 

She was cussing and basically berating her. 

I interjected. I asked the redhead, “Are you okay?” 

The angry woman was just screaming at the top of her lungs – just imagine red fiery energy all around her. That’s what I felt. 

The redhead seemed so scared and upset. 

So I said to her, “I’m going to be right here and stand between you and her and I’m going to block your energy right now. You’re going to be able to check out in peace.” 

She just looked at me and one little tear came out. She couldn’t speak, so I told her, “You don’t have to say anything.”

I stood in the middle of the aisle. I felt like I had never done anything like this. But I always ask to serve and I am a brave person. I do not live in the energy of fear, so I stood right behind the angry woman and I said, “You don’t have to do this anymore. You don’t have to be like this.”

Then her anger shifted towards me. She is screaming so loudly at me that she’s losing her mind. 

She says, “You’re literally wrong with this world! What, are you Mexican? What the F is wrong with you?”

I opened up my arms and I looked at her. I said, “You don’t have to be this anymore. You don’t have to do this. This isn’t you. I know you’re an angel in disguise. I see your beauty. I see your light.”

Now I can feel spit on my face. I can feel her.

There is now a Walmart attendant tapping me and trying to pull me away. But I looked over at her and I said, “In the name of God, in the name of all angels, I ask you to remove her anger from your energy and to be love light right now.”

I look over to the right and all these people are now in line and they’re videotaping me. 

I decided it’s a perfect opportunity for them to see how living in love can change a situation. 

The lady is still yelling at me and even tried throwing peas at me. The Walmart attendant escorted me away from the scene and next a security officer started speaking with me.

He said, “Let me talk to you for a second. I don’t want you to go out to the parking lot. Because I’ve been in lots of wars. I’ve done lots of things. I’ve never seen somebody as brave as you.”

I responded, “I’m just protecting love light energy on the planet. I am a warrior of peace. I’m not here for conflict and that bravery is just love divine light energy. I don’t give into fear.”

He was worried about my safety. But I carried along to the parking lot.

As the universe would have it, the angry woman is parked next to me. 

She started spewing hate and anger at me again. I bend down and crouch with my knees. 

I said, “Do you think that there is a coincidence that you and I are parked next to each other? This is your moment to let go of all that anger and all of that hate. Stop allowing hate to rule your life. You are a love light energy.”

I kept repeating this and repeating this, and I looked over at her daughter who was now crying and nodding her head.

I encouraged her to forgive whoever did this to her. I kept repeating myself. After about three minutes of me insisting on this and repeating it, all of a sudden, she’s quiet. 

Then I see her crying and she says, “I don’t want to be like this anymore.” 

I told her she would only find peace on the other side and that this isn’t working in her life to allow the darkest day to be every day. 

Tapping into that energy can be very emotional. 

We both got into our cars and went separate ways.

A Practice to Invite Your Angels

Take our hands out, put them out in front of you and start to rub together very fast. 

Open up your hands and feel that kinetic energy that was sparked, almost like pulling in between your hands. Soon you will have that rubber band feeling, which is your love light energy. That’s your essence and who you really are. That’s the house you’re parked in.

Keep doing this for 30 to 60 seconds. Then take your dominant hand and make a circle on your third eye, which is in the middle of your forehead. That is your center of where energy flows. 

Take your two fingers and rub that third eye I’m in a circle clockwise. Imagine this vortex portal is opening up. 

Keep thinking to yourself: love light energy, love light energy. Love, love, love, love. 

Now, you’re going to take your other hand, put two hands on your forehead, and press all your fingers down on that area. You’re going to spread it towards your ear, slide your hand down, and keep going through the bottom of your chin. Then throw your hands in front of you and shake them. What you’re doing is removing any energy that isn’t supposed to be there. 

As you practice this, say, “I invoke and invite highlife vibrational energy into my life.”

Ask for direction and guidance. Say, “I invite and invoke my guardian angels and spirit guides to be with me right now”. Keep repeating until you feel tingling all over.

This will allow Archangels and energies to come to you and you feel that cleansing aura. Invite them to be a part of your life to raise your intuition and guide me to my highest and my best path. 

Sit there in a detached emotional state and ask for them to send you signs and signal communications, which often happen almost immediately.

This could be an insect or animal or whatever symbol you ask your angels to give you.

Remember, we have a path and free will as humans. Your angels want your energy to be a high vibrational frequency so you can float through the Earth in a bubble of beauty, kindness, love, appreciation and gratitude.

Remember to constantly talk to your angels. Imagine light source energy surrounding you, your heart and your loved ones all the time. 

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