Your 15-Minute Morning Manifestation Routine

Mornings are different for everyone–you might have children to care for, adult children back at home, or a working professional with no children. No matter where you are, you deserve to tap into your manifestation power and create a full life. Start your day with this morning manifestation routine to get into alignment. So put away your electronics (TVs, phones, iPads, etc.), and let’s get started.

First: Wake Up and Open Your Chakras with Music 

I personally don’t set an alarm unless I have an interview or event because my body naturally wakes up to the sunrise. When I open my eyes, I don’t look at anything on my phone. I hit “Do Not Disturb” and open a music app to play a specific song on all my home’s speakers. If you don’t have speakers, use earbuds or headphones. We are energy light beings with a chakra system that is activated with movement, meditation and chanting. 

Let’s say something stressed you out yesterday, and it’s stuck somewhere in your energy system. You might be feeling it in your gut or in your lower back, but you have to release it. My favorite morning manifestation routine to activate the chakra system is listening to the sounds and vibrations of one song for about four and a half minutes.

I also put my hands at my feet and move around. Imagination is the most powerful thing you have. Imagine the energy from your hands going from the bottom of your feet up to your calves, through your hips, to your thighs, into your solar plexus, into your stomach, into your heart chakra and through your chest out, then your shoulder blades, the back of your neck and all the way to the top of your head. As you’re doing that, you’ll be moving your arms and focusing on pulling the energy from your feet all the way up to the top of your head. 

Imagine that lifeforce energy moving through you. Everybody has different music tastes and styles. Whatever song you choose, I want this song to make you feel like it’s your birthday. My song is “You Make Loving Fun” by Fleetwood Mac. I always know if the song works the second second I hear it. It’s the three taps on the cymbal, then the drummer hits and the music starts coming in. 

Allow your body to follow the beat. If you’ve ever played a musical instrument, you’ll want to follow 2/4 for time, not 4/4. If you haven’t played a musical instrument, stand up right now and move your feet in counts of twos and count “1-2-3-4” then “1-2-1-2” – all in steps of two. The 1-2-3-4 is a lot faster and more hectic, so stick to 1-2-1-2.

This is an amazing way to wake up and be reborn on this day. I tell myself that I’m starting my day right now and I don’t think about anything but the words, which is a form of mindfulness. This is when you get out of your own head and can focus on something other than whatever your brain wants to think about right when you wake up. Just say, “nope, nope, nope, nope–I have four minutes and 34 seconds for me right now.”

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Second: Breathing & Releasing Outside

After I balance my chakras, I go outside. I breathe in fresh air. If I can put my bare feet on the ground or earth that day, I do so and I try to do it at sunrise and sunset. This is a process called earthing, and it’s about connecting with the sun and the Earth.

As I do this part of my morning manifestation routine, I look up at the sky and express gratitude. I then tell the sun, “Thank you so much, sun.” I thank God for providing the sun and air I breathe. I think of all the trees, bushes and plants that are providing air for us. I breathe in through my nose, like I’m smelling a rose, and I exhale, like I’m blowing out birthday candles. Think of it as a big, circular breath where it goes in so deep, and you’re breathing in beautiful bright light energy. Breathe in for 8 seconds, then release for 6. Repeat this in an 8-6-8 pattern. 

When you release that energy, you’re releasing everything that no longer serves you today because you’re a manifesting manifester. When you speak kindness to the earth, you’re connecting with source energy. This opens your frontal cortex, which is where imagination, creativity, manifestation, love light energy and angels and spirit guides can communicate with you. It was Deepak Chopra that really helped me connect with nature in a very divine way. He said if you want to create abundance in your life, you have to see that life is already abundant. 

Third: Speaking Gratitude

No morning manifestation routine would be complete without a gratitude ritual or practice. Each morning, focus for three minutes on what you’re thankful and grateful for. If you have an electric toothbrush, mine runs for 3 minutes, do it then. You could also get a little journal and start writing it down. Don’t even think! Just start with, “I am grateful for…” and start writing. 

It could be something like, “I’m thankful that I woke up today,” or maybe it’s “I’m thankful for my children.” It doesn’t matter! Just be grateful because when you’re moving in the energy of abundance, you always have gratitude. A manifesting manifester can manifest only as they are. So if you are happy, if you are moving in that grateful heart energy, singing and chanting and remembering, thinking and living in gratitude, then the universe recognizes that vibration and attracts more and more abundance into your life. 

Life-Changing Morning Manifestation Routine

This morning manifestation routine takes up only 12 minutes or less in your day, and will help you manifest and move energy in ways that you cannot believe. Try it for at least 30 days. Connections will happen. Vibrations are going to change. You’re going to start sleeping better. You’ll think more clearly and start attracting things that you’ve never attracted. The air will seem more crisp and pure because you will be on a higher vibration and you are the conduit of that energy. You are the magnet for all the things that you’re going to manifest. 

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