How I Manifested Kim Kardashian

This is a great story about how I manifested one of the most famous women in the world: Kim Kardashian. I’m here to tell you that you can manifest anything. I’ve manifested a one-on-one with Oprah and Cindy Crawford. I have manifested numerous actors and actresses. I also manifested a whole career working on red carpet events. I am a constant reader–I read probably two books a week, I’m certified on a wide number of things from business to mindfulness to cognitive therapy to becoming a happiness expert by Yale. I want to first loop you in on my knowledge on being a master manifester, then share my Kim K. moment. 

Understanding Manifestation

You are always manifesting no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing and no matter where you’re going. This means that you bring something from your thoughts, the frequency of the creative state, to the vibration where it exists. We are energy! Energy is the state in which you must transmute strings into the frequency. That’s when you have the inspired action. For example, you walk into class on the first day and you sit next to your new best friend for life or maybe your spouse. Frequency is how the universe starts to move everything into motion.

Think of your energy as an ocean wave, so it’s loading up and down, and in and out. We’re all energy recognizing itself. Then you say, for example, “I want XYZ–be it love, success, abundance” or whatever it is that you desire most. Suddenly, it appears! But that’s not what happens–it was always there. The second that I said I want to meet Kim Kardashian, Oprah and I want to live in a million dollar view house and have dolphins in my backyard, the universe conspired to make sure that my holographic reality is the energetic result of my desire. It will do that for you, too.

Breaking a Limited State of Being:

You and God are One 

We are all in the Milky Way Galaxy and we are all connected– from the little bitty algae at the bottom of the sea to the whale to the ocean to the air, but we are brought up in a limited way of seeing things because we want to believe in the 3-dimensional reality, but we’re actually in a 5-D holographic reality creating things into the ether from the cosmos here. 

You and God are experiencing this life together. Now matter what your beliefs or religious background–Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, Methodist or Catholic, whatever you are, I’m glad you have something a faith that works for you. I believe it’s all the same message about the same God and we’re all just interpreting it differently. Each and every moment of your life, God is experiencing itself through us but we’re not raised to believe this. 

We’re raised in cause and effect, but in reality, a big shift happens when we just calm ourselves down and start meditating, embracing our energy and being more whole in our environment… and this is how I was able to meet Kim Kardashian. 

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Manifesting Kim Kardashian

I think the first time I heard about or saw Kim Kardashian was with Paris Hilton in Nicole Richie’s The Simple Life. They lived in Calabasas, and funny enough, I lived in Calabasas when my mom had her salon and was an aesthetician in Calabasas. Eventually, I became obsessed with Kim Kardashian. I tried to do my eyebrows and hair like her. I tried to dress like her. I always looked at pictures of her and loved everything about Kim. I would religiously watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Leading up to meeting her, I was an entrepreneur. I was the founder and CEO of a company called Foxy Paws, a dog boutique and bakery, which had four locations at different malls in Dallas, Texas. It was expanding and I wanted to get some media attention because I couldn’t really afford advertising at the time, but I’m really good at creative and strategy and thinking. 

I pitched a TV news reporter named Jeff Crilley and we ended up becoming very good friends. I actually ended up completely changing his life. He was a reporter stuck at the same station. Somebody approached me to write a book, but I turned it down and offered the idea to Jeff instead because he was the first media outlet to put me on air. He took it, wrote a book and became a multi-millionaire. During this time, I became best friends with his girlfriend, Victoria, who became his wife (I attended their wedding), and she became an entertainment reporter. That was the start of my alignment with Kim Kardashian. 

I ended up getting a regular segment on Fox 4 News and WFAA in Dallas, Texas, and I became friends with a bunch of TV personalities. I start telling everybody I know, if you ever meet Kim Kardashian, you have to invite me. I said this over and over again. I also told this to Victoria, who was my very best friend at the time. 

The Phone Call

Out of nowhere one day, Victoria calls me and says, “What are you doing?” I was at work. She goes, “Go home, get dressed up and meet me at Nordstroms at the Galleria.” So I got my store covered, got all dolled up like she told me to, and met her as fast as I could. 

I show up and see Victoria. I ask her what’s going on. She tells me she was assigned to an interview with Kim Kardashian. She put me down as her camera person. I was in shock! I couldn’t comprehend this. 

A group of us get to the elevator. I’m freaking out. Finally, it’s our turn. Her representatives asked if he understood the rules to stay within the questions of her beauty line. They told us she would offer to take a selfie with us if she wanted to. 

We finally enter a room that is literally 150 square feet. The walls are purple. The carpet is black. There’s a spotlight over a throne style chair, like a velvet Emperor’s chair with the high wing back. There are three people against the wall in my recollection: Kris Jenner and two publicists.

Then there’s a sound. Out walks Kim Kardashian. I’m in a tiny room with somebody that I had been obsessing over for like two years. She’s just beautiful and little. She’s wearing a very fitted top and this bubble kind of balloon-fit on the bottom. She smiles and nods her head at us. Victoria conducts the interview and I’m just sitting there looking like a Chucky doll staring at her, not knowing what to do. 

The interview is over and Kim says to me, “Would you like a selfie?” I smiled. I say, “I just love you. I just love everything about you. I love you so much!” 

When we get into the hallway, I just break down and start crying. Like hysterically. This was right before my birthday, and it was Victoria’s gift to me. It was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. 

Many years later, Victoria betrayed me and was not a good friend as I healed. She didn’t like that I had self esteem and self respect. When we elevate and become spiritually higher, all the people who are not a vibrational match to us are no longer a part of our energy or frequency. 

That is how I manifested Kim Kardashian. Isn’t it amazing that I’ve manifested some of the most famous and wealthiest women on the planet? This is proof we can manifest anything into our reality. We are the perceivers and the receivers of the engine of the creation of the energy, the frequency and the vibration. 

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