How I Used Manifesting Power to Meet Oprah Winfrey

Here’s a little hint about today’s episode:

“You get a podcast, and you get a podcast, and you get a podcast!”
That’s right. I’m talking about how I used my manifesting power to meet Oprah Winfrey.

When I started out on my journey, I had so much unresolved childhood trauma. I was an extreme people pleaser. I believed that people only liked me if I gave or bought them something, or helped them in some way.

Growing up in an orphanage in Waco, I got in trouble a lot for listening to music, because it was against the rules. But one of the very few shows that we could watch was Oprah Winfrey. I remember sitting in front of the TV in the middle of the unit with about 15-20 other girls and thinking, “Wow - Oprah’s my mom.” She taught me everything my mom would have taught me had she not passed away. She taught me everything about life, from what I need to do to the kind of person I need to be. I feel like she raised me in a way. I have spent so much money hearing her speak and taking her courses.

I have this affinity for this profound divine light, Oprah Winfrey. As I went through my evolutionary understanding of how powerful I was, I started manifesting. But we’re always tapping into our manifesting power: once you think something, then it goes into a frequency, it becomes a vibration and becomes matter into this reality where we perceive it as what we thought. 

Back in 2018, there was a point that I realized there were 29 weeks left in the year, so I wanted to do 29 things that intimidated me or I had never done before and bring it into my reality. This really helped me spread my wings and dip my toe into my manifesting power. I had a really big fear of heights, so I even jumped off with a bungee cord plunging 80 feet after doing a hike with my nephew all the way up this marine trail. I will not do it again… but I’ve done it! 

I wrote down number four because at the time, I was living in Dallas, Texas and heard that Oprah Winfrey was coming to town and decided that I would photobomb an interview with her. I was a publicist at the time and had a lot of media connections. I called everybody I had ever done a favor for and knew in town, and everybody that was associated with her and this event, but had no success. I told myself I want this, my angels know I want this and my highest self knows, and then I let it go. 

Fast forward to a Tuesday night in Dallas. I used to live in Plano, about 45 minutes outside of Dallas. It was raining and I was in my sweats, no makeup and had just ordered food to watch my Real Housewives. Suddenly, I get a call from my friend who I had worked with, who is a single mom and she starts off with, “Michelle, can you help me out?”

I replied, “Well, what do you need?”

She worked in TV news and explained that her car broke down and her brother was on his way to jump her car, but she was an hour away from her TV station and she needed somebody at the media news desk to help with her interns. 

I didn’t want to. Not one bit.

But it is in situations like this when your angels and the guides and your higher self will drag you, sometimes kicking and screaming, into situations–they know how to get to you. Always make sure to pay attention and don’t resist. One of the biggest insights I can give you is when you get a clear directional path, and it feels like resistance, it feels like something you should do–then do it.

She talked me into doing it. I put on a black dress and red lipstick and was out the door. I manifested this great parking spot. I get up to the floor where the event is, and the elevators open up and there’s my friend at the media desk. I was not a meditator then like I am now and I went from zero to 100 in rage.

She had called me three times, but I didn’t see it. I calmed down. For my time, she offered me a VIP bag and a free night hotel stay, something she had going on work-related. I figured it was a nice gesture, and it was somewhere I could take my nieces. 

At this point, it’s dinner time and people are chowing down on delicious food, but I’m vegetarian so I just waited around to get my free hotel stay. Suddenly, I got this feeling to move to the right side of the room. There’s a woman typing away on her Blackberry phone. I felt compelled to sit next to her. Then I was told to ask her if she’s happy. 

So I turn to her, her name is Shannon, and ask, “Are you happy?” 

She goes, “I make a lot of money.”

I reply, “So, money is only energy honey, I didn’t ask you that.”

We went round and round until she finally told me about a personal family situation that’s causing her distress.

I told her this whole night wasn’t about helping my friend. My angels directed me to her to help her. I was just starting my manifestation coaching journey, and I needed client cases for testimony to show how I am helping transform people’s lives and assist them in harnessing their manifesting power for money, love–you name it. I told her I’d take her on as a client for free for six weeks if she would give me testimony.

But quickly, things change. I realize it’s my manifesting power at play. As we say our goodbyes at the station, I find myself in an elevator with Shannon and a woman named Kayla. We decided to leave on a high note and share a positive moment that happened this week. Kayla’s revelation has my jaw dropping: she got a contract to be a publicist for Oprah’s upcoming event in Dallas.

My guides put me in a situation that could allow me access to the possibility of interviewing Oprah. That is how you manifest your miracles. I was visibly shaken. I reached down into my purse, and I grabbed my journal that had the 29 things I wanted to manifest and I uttered the words, “Read number four.” She reads, “Room interview, photograph, photobomb Oprah.” 

She’s like, “Look, I can get you on this carpet, but there’s no way you’re getting an interview. We have national media coming.” (Like Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight)

The day of Oprah finally came, but for whatever reason, I had it in my head it was the following Tuesday, so I was actually at the airport picking up some family. Suddenly, my phone rings – it’s the local ABC affiliate. I didn’t have any segments pending, but I answered. It’s my friend Monica. 

“Hey girl, what’s up?” I say. 

“We’re gonna meet Oprah!” Monica replies.  

I’m like, “Yeah, next week.”

Wrong…it was today. She explains she had just picked up her dress and was on her way to the Omni Hotel for the event, which was about an hour away. It was a black tie carpet event–I was in jeans.

I couldn’t believe it. It was now a mad rush to get there in time. I run into Target grabbing everything I can to be red carpet appropriate. I got there just in time, and even borrowed makeup from the girl working the door at the event, who has since become one of my very best friends – Shantaquilette. She’s black. She looks at me and says, “You do see we’re different colors, right?” I told her I’d make it work–and I did! Even she was impressed.

I’m finally on the red carpet and it’s stacked with hundreds and hundreds of reporters and producers.

I see Monica and she’s like, “Oh my God! You made it – you’re here!” 

I turn around and see Kevin Frazier from Entertainment Tonight. He’s very good friends with Gayle King, Oprah’s bestie. If you go to my Instagram, you’ll see the picture of me with Oprah and if you swipe it,  you’ll see this video of me and Kevin–I literally just walked up to him and say “Hi!”

We chatted for a bit, and it was great because he was by himself without interns or support staff around him. The universe was aligning me once again. 

Suddenly, the red carpet gets cleared off and Kevin shares that Oprah is coming out of this nearby door. He goes up to the door and brings Oprah out, and as her publicist walks past us she just puts up her fingers and goes, “No, no, no.” 

At this point, I just tapped into my heart-source energy, closed my eyes and said, “Give me the words, God give me the words.”

I said, “Miss Winfrey, Miss Winfrey!” She just kind of waves and starts to walk away.

I pushed on saying, “Miss Winfrey. The late great Dr. Wayne Dyer said, ‘I’m a realist. I expect miracles.’ For people looking to manifest their miracles, what do you say to them?”

Here I am at a red carpet event in my $9 Target dress and $12 heels. All I had was my iPhone. I can’t even take a picture or video–I just hit record and put my phone out. 

Oprah replies, “What did you say?”

So I repeated the quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

Oprah says, “Thank you so much for being my friend in this room. You’re absolutely right. It is about manifesting power.”

She continued for a few minutes, literally like not just a few seconds of a hello, goodbye. This is an actual interview. A few others around me got pictures and right above my head with Oprah is a huge, and I mean huge, orange-white orb.

She continued to talk and all I could do was just think to myself, I can’t believe this is happening. I cannot believe this is happening. I can’t believe this is happening. 

At this point everyone realizes Oprah’s on the carpet and I’m being pushed interrupted while they try to get their soundbites and video shots. 

But at the end, I asked, “Can I tell you something?” 

She goes, “Yes dear.”

I said, “I manifested you, and this interview right here.”

She looks down and realizes that I don’t have an assigned space with my media outlet. This is how a publisher or publicist knows you’re worth talking to or not depending on who or what you’re representing. She realizes that I’m a nobody at that time. But I was somebody to her, and I was somebody to my angels. 

She then puts her hands on top of mine and she says in that glorious Oprah voice, “You get a podcast, and you get a miracle, and you get a miracle, and you get a miracle, and you get a miracle, and you get a miracle, and you get a miracle.” 

Then when she let go, and I saw her walking away, I collapsed on the ground. 

I literally passed out.

When I got up and I looked at my Instagram, I changed my IG bio from TV media publicist to manifestation expert and coach, because I just coached myself into one of the biggest moments in my life at that time. 

Nothing is more powerful than God. There’s nothing God can’t do. Angels can do anything your higher self wants–anything. I had already used my manifesting power to get Kim Kardashian and Cindy Crawford, now I added Oprah.

When I’m telling you to dream big, dream big. You are the universe, you are the source and you are the stars. You are made up of the same DNA that created hurricanes and mountains, solar systems, and Oprah, Beyonce, Einstein and Dolly Parton. Even the Seven Wonders of the World. 

We’re only on this trip for a little bit, so take advantage of every single inclination and urge that you get. Learn how to tap into your manifesting power with one of my courses.

Schedule a one-on-one call here, and let’s help you call in everything that is already yours!

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