5 Tips To Raise Your Vibes and Manifest Abundance

Are you ready to raise your energy and manifest abundance? It’s time to understand how powerful, important, and blessed you are. You are on a path with a purpose to raise the vibrational consciousness of the collective, to shift and transform everyone around you. As this happens, we begin to merge our energy and become light on the divine grid, which will eventually shift the entire Earth into the fifth dimension. Everyone will be able to manifest abundance faster.

However, all of this starts with your own divine consciousness. Keep reading to learn my five manifestation hacks for raising your energy to the vibration of love, health, and wealth.

5 Hacks to Manifest Abundance

1. Carry Cash

This approach is a bit different from other manifestation coaches. However, I’ve seen it manifest abundance for me and those around me. Having cash with you represents literally carrying abundant energy.

When I go out, I take $100 in cash with the intention of giving it away. I spread this cash in creative ways:

  • Give it to a homeless person
  • Hide it in a diaper box at Walmart
  • Slide it inside the window of an old beat-up car
  • Put it in a car door jam

As I’m giving away this money, I say, “May this money go back to them times three. Mote it be. (May it be so.).” I make my statement, then I seal it.

This practice should light you up. When you’re living in an abundance of wealth, love, or energy, you’ll want to give it away and circulate that energy. You don’t want to stack it up and hoard it. That means you don’t trust the universe to bring it right back. Show your trust in the universe and invest in your manifestations by scheduling a one-on-one clarity call with me.

When you’re out with that cash in your pocket, I also want you to spend that $100 ten times virtually or in your head. Whenever you see something you want with that $100 in your pocket, say, “Yeah, I can afford that.” “I can buy that if I want it.” This practice affirms your current state of abundance. That $100 in your pocket helps your brain believe it because you have the money to afford it.

When you finally go to spend that money, you can say, “May this money come back to times three. Mote it be.” Again, this gives your money intention and seals your practice.

2. Take Inspired Action

There is nothing more important in manifestation than this step. This manifestation hack brings you closer and closer to your dream life. Whether big or small, every action counts.

It helps you align with the Law of Attraction — what you think about, you bring about. So taking inspired action speaks into the life you are creating.

The good news is you can do them consistently and consciously. When you wake up, meditate, journal, work with crystals, or practice chakra movement, like yoga. Try this 15-minute morning manifestation routine.

My morning routine for manifesting abundance looks like kneeling before I stand. And I pray this prayer: Allow me to authentically serve one soul today. Use me in whatever capacity is best.

Even within 15 minutes, just one of these actions helps you release, align, and attract to bring more abundance into your life.

3. Be Grateful

It’s one thing to say, “I’m grateful.” It is something entirely different to radiate it, absorb it, and understand it. When you live in an attitude of gratitude, you’ll breathe into it and find the gratefulness in being alive, your health, your wealth, and your success.

If you feel you don’t have those things, find gratitude in having a roof over your head, a bed to lay in, and food in your refrigerator. Pay your bills with excitement. You have to thank God you can pay that electric bill. Thank God you can pay that water bill. You have water, electricity, and food. You have an overflow that allows you to give $5 to someone or enables you to donate to charity. There’s extra food to feed your neighbor.

In fact, one of my favorite things is when the universe sends me a penny. Yes, a penny. I have respect for it. I treat it with the same excitement and glee as $5, $5,000, or $20,000. 

It’s so easy to go through life without acknowledging everything you have. Take a moment every day for a moment of gratitude. Make it your favorite part of the day. Try to practice thankfulness all day long. Say hi to beautiful flowers. Give strangers a compliment. Move in a magic energy of appreciation and abundance as often as possible. Eventually, you’ll see that magic within yourself. When you see everything as a gift, you become a magnet for more and more. 

Being in this state of gratitude goes such a long way. Because when you recognize your abundance-filled life, you can manifest everything you want. 

4. Treat Yourself to Something Nice

Do something very generously for yourself. When you create yourself in an environment of abundance, you’re constantly living in that abundance. This manifestation hack allows you to live as if the goal was already reached.

There’s a science behind this. You see, your subconscious mind can’t tell whether you’re rich or not. So, the energy in which you’re attracting things into your life is based on what your subconscious believes. When your subconscious thinks you have nice things and believes you are abundant, it starts figuring out ways to maintain and grow this state of being.

You must allow yourself to have the best you can afford to signal abundance. It tells the universe this is the lifestyle you want. By doing something super luxurious for yourself, you’re igniting that manifesting energy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive—just the best you can afford. You can:

  • Go to a hotel once a month or every three months
  • Do a mini vacation
  • Buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry
  • Get a new book
  • Sign up for my next manifestation course (The Universe will reward you for this kind of trust and investment!)

Do these things and watch the universe start to play back.

Here’s a word of caution: People get discouraged because they set lofty goals. They immediately tell themselves it won’t work. Their subconscious mind is constantly showing them they’re on the wrong path. When I’m at workshops and retreats, people share millionaire or billionaire goals. But the moment those things don’t start to show up all at once, they say the universe is not responding.

When you invest in yourself, you’re going to amplify the money you’ve spent.

5. Remain in a High Vibrational Energy

Once you start vibing high, it’s important to stay in that state. Disconnect from low vibrational energy, like the news or social media feeds telling you about the wars, famine, and end of times. Distance yourself from negative and even unlucky people—those energies are contagious.

Instead, keep aligning yourself with abundant energy. Read another blog or listen to my podcast. Affirm yourself with these statements: I am abundant. I am wealthy. I am a limitless being. I am a creator. I am divine light energy. Fear, doubt, and intimidation will not limit me from raising the consciousness of the collective. All ofthese actions bring you closer to manifesting your abundance.

You are extremely powerful. You are loved and worthy. Just by reading this, you are already doing the damn thing. Take these tips and bring them into your reality. Share them with a friend who is searching for a better existence. Finally, sign up for a free 15-minute call to get even more tailored information that will help you be the best version of yourself.

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