When God Is Your Sugar Daddy, Fear Is A Liar

When God is your sugar daddy, fear becomes a liar. You can build this relationship yourself and manifest your new reality by using your past to tap into your future. You see, with God as your sugar daddy you become fueled by the frequency of abundance — and energy is your currency. Keep reading to learn how to create this relationship and stop manifesting fear and suffering into your life.

Are you ruled by fear?

Whether you realize it or not, low vibrations manifest in your life in different ways.

  • People pleasing
  • Feeling guilty about everything – You know the phrases, “I’m sorry,” “I’ll do this,” or “I’ll pay for that.”
  • Blaming other people

It’s easy to become an overly obsessive person with a plan for your plans — I certainly did. When one thing goes out of your control, there’s an overwhelming sense of panic. It sent me down those same rabbit holes above, all as a way to control my fear. If you take time to reflect, you can see just how much fear has or is currently ruling your life.

I saw how fear ruled every decision I made. I was never able to recover from the things that were out of my control: abandonment from my mother passing away, being in the orphanage, and a terrible marriage. Everything scared me. I was terrified anyone would find out about my life and label me an imposter.

For you, fear may manifest as the feeling you should be a chef, but you continue working as an accountant. It’s when you’re doing something that’s not truly your passion. All those times you’re just existing, working, and hustling, but you’re creating intentions as a reaction to fear that you’re unworthy. You move from a place that you’re going to be abandoned or exposed.

In this state of fear, anyone who would reject me could crush me regardless of who it was. So that broken, guilty, weak version of me would try to hide in plain sight, but I would call it hustle. Are you hiding in plain sight? Those moments when you point out how you’re hustling harder than everyone else, hiding under makeup, or just hiding who you truly are. You don’t think you’re worthy of being truly known, so you’re hiding. You’re hiding behind the fear and using escape mechanisms.

All those feelings are for fear of rejection. That fear can become constant. It can become your best friend if you let it. You’ll start to understand it, to be motivated by it. You might even think you can control it and use it to convince yourself of any low vibrational thought that crosses your mind. This state of being manifests more and more suffering, until you finally accept God as your sugar daddy.

How to stop manifesting fear

You must finally tap into the highest frequency and divine vibration that you have uncovered in order to align your abilities to manifest anything into your life.

This isn’t a manifestation hack. It’s not a trick, potion, or spell. It’s unlocking the truth: Fear is a liar.

Once I discovered this fundamental truth, I became obsessed with Albert Einstein, numerology, crystals, and working with different modalities. I was able to stop manifesting fear and tap into an invisible force, just like Star Wars. Consider if all of those directors and other instances of communication to the masses is divine energy trying to tell us that we’re existing in the wrong frequency.

They are trying to show you that the polar opposite of fear is faith. This word isn’t referring to fear in the religious or spiritual kind of way.

You are practicing this kind of faith all the time — when you tune into my podcast, when you find a quote you just have to share, when you invest in your manifestations and sign up for my next course. These actions represent the special force of the universe and the divine frequency that you’re aligning yourself with. This faith exposes you to who you really are. It helps you stop manifesting fear and suffering. It’s a combination of Lao Tzu (a prominent spiritual leader), Jesus the Christ, and Buddha, where you have faith, feel fearless, and don’t give your superpowers away.

Because faith and love are the most powerful forces we can tune into to manifest our miracles rather than suffering.

The beautiful part is that this God source energy is always by your side until you’re ready to see it. Until you’re really ready to shift over to that new frequency, you will always go back to those other low vibrational energies and continue to manifest suffering. I know because I was in that place. But I evolved by constantly trusting faith over fear. Even now, it’s a daily lesson for me.

Albert Einstein meditated nearly eight hours a day. He has a quote that is extremely profound when it comes to understanding God as your sugar daddy:

We are all slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments, and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.

There’s a reason music is universal — it’s our souls connecting to higher frequencies. Your soul wants you to play a different tune. It’s time to expand your consciousness and open your heart to a new way of thinking, vibrating, and manifesting.

Are you truly ready to stop manifesting fear and start attracting in this game of life? Do you like bouncing back and forth from one low vibrational reality to another? Your life and your miracle is waiting for you to tune into a higher frequency. I’m honored to guide you and teach you how to elevate the collective so we can all vibrate in that limitless abundance. When you do, fear will not have the ability to bring you down. It’s no longer a dominating factor.

You can have faith in one of two things:

  • Fear or God
  • Fear or love
  • Fear or abundance
  • Fear or your own superpowers

When you’re choosing, remember that fear is a liar. You must transmute those past traumas, lives, and lowest forms of you. You’ll know when you’ve achieved this desired state because your creative thinking and intuition will be on fire. You’ll find beauty and gratitude in everything. Even when shit comes knocking at your door, you’ll be able to brush it off because you don’t play that game anymore. You don’t believe the lies fear feeds you. 

Instead, you have faith that every event is there to teach you something. You see situations for what they are and know that your angels and guides are showing up as intuition. They’re appearing in coincidences and alignments. When you talk to your angels, they’re there to wrap their arms around you and tell you not to give up. 

Joy and happiness is truly the greatest gift of all. It’s the most powerful superpower you have. You are here to connect to the universe. You can see your guides come as intuition. It sparks you and empowers you over fears. 

Your thoughts are powerful. They shouldn’t be draining or depressing, or make you think of something over and over again. That’s all fear based. Your emotions are your frequency. When you become clear on your intentions, it’s like a magnet that manifests anything you want into your reality.

And this is all backed by science and proof. You have a plan and actualize it. And I’ve used this technique to help manifest Oprah, the Kardashians, and a beautiful home in St. Petersburg. There’s proof! 

An old Native American tale describes life as having two wolves: a white wolf and a dark wolf. The white wolf is going to protect you, love you, and keep you safe. The dark wolf is also going to protect you, love you, and keep you safe. However, it’s also going to keep you scared and hold you down. Whichever one you feed will become your guiding light. So, which one are you going to choose? The white wolf of love or the dark wolf of fear?

You are not in this timeline of planet Earth to be ruled by fear. Your purpose is to understand, expand, and evolve. You get to decide it’s time to have a good life every single day. The more you tune into that frequency, the more that God becomes your sugar daddy, and that fear becomes a liar

My latest course will help you get there, so you don’t waste time repeating old patterns. It will help you stop manifesting fear, awaken your highest alignment and allow you to use that energy to attract your miracles. Secure your space in my course.

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