How to Attract Love with Your Ideal Partner

Manifesting love and attracting your life partner is easier than you think. It takes living an authentically aligned life where you believe down in the depths of your soul with every fiber of your being that you are worthy of this love. Reaching the energetic frequency of love not only helps you attract your mate but also allows you to improve your marriage and relationships. Experiencing this abundance of love in every area of life starts with you. Keep reading to learn different practices to help you manifest love and attract your ideal partner.

Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Love

The law of attraction and love are intertwined because self-worth translates into self-attraction. You can only call in from the universe things in an equal state of being. So, if you subconsciously don’t feel worthy of love, how can you expect to manifest more (or any at all) into your life?

As the law of attraction states, what you think about, you bring about. So, if you’re constantly asking yourself, “Is he going to propose? When is it going to happen?” you’re affirming that you don’t think he’s going to propose. You’re pushing it away with every thought.

But if you know you’re worthy of the proposal and let go of the timing, it will happen. If you think about the traits you desire in your partner rather than what you don’t want, you’re more likely to attract that.

3 Steps to Attract Love

Do a heart chakra meditation.

Love vibrates at a frequency of 528 megahertz. Meditation can bring your body into that energetic vibration. This practice is the first thing that will ignite and empower love energy to flow into your house. It’s a type of sound bath that washes over everything in your home, attracting love in all aspects.

If you don’t know how to do a heart chakra meditation, use this practice:

  1. Find a guided heart chakra meditation on YouTube.
  2. If you’re single, I want you to put your hand on your heart or your crotch — wherever you want to feel that love and attraction.
  3. Say, “I am worthy in all areas of my body, soul, and life to attract love.”
  4. Imagine your ideal partner is putting their hand over your heart, and you’re putting your hand over theirs to connect in each other’s love frequency. If you’re in a relationship, place your hand on your partner’s heart and vice versa to feel this energy.

Realize your worth.

When you feel totally worthy and completely satisfied with who you are every time you look in the mirror, you’re never going to allow somebody in who doesn’t see that worth. You’re gonna manifest the most powerful love from within and then you can get it from the outside.

You should work to have such great self-love that you don’t mind if your partner isn’t here today or tomorrow. You’re willing to wait as long as you need to get the love you deserve because you’re not compromising your principles for a timeline.

How do you know if you’ve achieved this state? You already do it for yourself. You dress up in your lingerie, put on your favorite perfume, and take yourself on dates. You make enough money, so you don’t have to rely on getting a man to do it.

If your marriage or relationship is on the rocks, you both need to love yourselves more first. Raise your individual vibrations in order to raise the collective energy of your relationship. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally to reach the frequency of love. If you’re the only one willing to do that work, divorce is still on the table because you’re worth more than staying in that type of relationship.

Prepare your life for your mate.

Are you prepared to truly be in love? Before you say yes, analyze your home, energy, and time to make sure you’re ready to have a mate.

Schedule a one-on-one clarity call with me and we’ll analyze every aspect of your life together. We’ll look through your bedroom: Do you have wall-to-wall clothes? Are your shoes stacked from the floor to the ceiling? Are your drawers filled to the brim?

If so, where does your partner fit in? What are you attracting more of: consumer goods or love?

Even if you don’t have any prospects or are not dating currently, start preparing your life for the love you seek. Empty out a few drawers. Clear out your passenger seat. Set aside three nights a week where you spend time in love with yourself.

It’s not just physical. Are you prepared to let go of the thought that this person will cheat on you? Or the idea that person isn’t going to love you completely? Are you ready to move on from that person who crushed you or abandoned you? If you haven’t let those things go and moved past them, how are you going to make space for this partner you seek?

You have to let your life evolve and expand into the cupid love relationship you are worthy of by spending time loving yourself right now. And if you’re not making time in your life for this relationship, then what is it that you really want to attract? Do you just want to say you’re in a relationship or married? Are you really in tune with their vibration? Are you really in tune with your vibration? 

When will I know it’s time to attract love?

Everything you manifest is for your highest and best good. It teaches you something and is always in alignment with the energy you’re currently living in.

It takes two to tango. So, just because you’re in a rush doesn’t mean your partner’s angels and guides are gonna let you near them right now. You won’t be ready to attract love until you align with it vibrationally.

A bigger plan exists for your love to align in your life, whether through rekindling, reconnecting, or attracting a partner.

Practices to Increase and Attract Love


Like any manifestation practice, you can use visualization to turn the dial of love abundance. You’ll want to get a pink candle to represent romance. (White candles represent angelic love.) As you light your candle, visualize what a perfect 24 hours would be like with your partner from the moment you wake up.

Here’s an example:

You’re laying in bed, wake up, and smile at your partner. Do you grab their hand or brush their hair away from their face? Is it a sexy morning where you get it on, or do you want an intimate, beautiful start where they make you breakfast in bed?

Let’s say it’s a Saturday… if you have kids, someone is watching you for the day. It’s just you and your partner reuniting love in all forms. After breakfast, sex, or both, you shower and get dressed. You share a loving kiss, then where do you go? Maybe on a hike if you’re in the mountains or grab lunch. If you’re by the beach, do you hold hands and watch the tide roll in and out? Maybe you’re in a major metropolitan city and visit a museum to take in beautiful works of art. Choose whatever makes you happy and your love stronger.

Now that you’ve visualized this perfect day, share it with your partner in every single detail. Because a relationship is 50/50, have them tell you their idea of the perfect day. 

Writing a Love Letter

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, write a letter to your future or current partner. Why do you love them? What traits do you admire in this partner that you’re attracting? Give it to your partner and have them do the same.

Why you keep attracting bad partners 

We can only attract how and what we are. When you’re not in love with yourself, how will you attract somebody to be in love with you?

When you find yourself thinking, “I don’t want to attract someone angry or XYZ. I don’t want to have regrets,” it’s time to look inward. Continually attracting these situations signals you didn’t learn your lesson from the universe. In the end, you’re drawing in exactly what you need until you realize it.

Do you have trust issues? Who is it, or what was it that caused them? Maybe you are connected to the vibration of lack. When you’re more connected to what you’re missing, you will attract somebody also connected to that missing piece.

If you’re still in a traumatic, angry state, you’re going to attract people who take advantage of that. Like attracts like. Broken people will attract broken people. You have to do the work before attracting true, lasting love.

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