How to Master the Art of Detachment & Letting Go for Manifestation

Have you ever attempted to manifest, but no matter how hard you try, it feels like there’s a negative force standing in the way? You start to think, “Why is this happening to me? What am I doing wrong?” I’ve been there. However, through powerful practices and modalities of manifestation, I was able to let go of the situation. Mastering the law of detachment helped me shift into a space of abundance almost instantly. Keep reading to learn how to let go during manifestation and start receiving your abundance.

What is the law of detachment?

According to the law of detachment, once you’ve completed your manifestation practice, you must release any attachment you feel to the outcome or your journey to get there. You have to put full trust in God and the Universe to deliver the right outcome in the perfect timing.

This belief in your ability to manifest will allow you to reclaim your power. Having the “everything is working out for me” mentality calls in even more divine light energy. Remember that you’ve already manifested everything else in your life, after all.

Why must you detach from your manifestations?

When you remain cling onto your manifestations or repeatedly ask the universe to deliver it, you invite in doubt and fear that you may not receive your desire. That fear, doubt, and lack are the biggest manifestation blocks. The more you dwell on them, the more energy they have over you.

You’ll begin to fight with yourself, with surrounding energy, and with the situation. What started as a tiny bit of low vibrational energy creates large holes in your confidence, success, and rational thinking until it reduces you to shambles. You might even convince yourself that you don’t deserve your desires altogether. In those moments, you are choosing a state of incarceration—energetically, vibrationally, and emotionally. Detaching from your manifestation gets you out of that prison cell and helps raise your frequency.

Through the law of detachment, you can take the step off the cliff without a net because you know the universe always has your back. The more faith you put into the universal energy, the higher you soar.

How to practice the law of detachment

Depending on the amount of energy and power you’ve already poured into your situation, it can take work to truly let go. Even after completing them, your mind may wander back to the situation. This is a sign that you have unhealed wounds you need to overcome. While it’s brutal, it’s necessary to go through them and find the way forward.

These manifestation rituals can help release that energy and start moving you forward:

  • Praying
  • Lighting a candle
  • Sending love to the source of negative energy, whether it is a person or the situation
  • Meditation
  • Going for a walk
  • Grounding yourself in nature at the beach, lake, or ocean—water acts as a powerful energy cleanser.
  • Spending time with your pets
  • Journaling
  • Listening to uplifting podcasts—my go to is episode 44, “Staying Small Serves Nobody & Manifests Nothing”

If you complete all of these actions and still cannot let it go, you are not alone. I was in the same position. This mindset signaled that I had deep-rooted feelings of being undeserving or unworthy. It wasn’t until these three powerful detachment practices helped me finally release that energy and receive my manifestations in full.

1. Remain focused on the solution

When you have fear, you are focused on the problem, not the solution. You cannot be both. In the moment when my manifestation wouldn’t fully come through, it was because I was focusing on the problem. I was thinking about all the ways that the situation could swoop in and stop my abundance.

However, you have to shift your mindset to the full realization of your manifestations. Imagine yourself on the other side of receiving all that you desire. Take your mind off of anything that can happen in between and prepare yourself for the abundance to come.

2. Call in your angels

Archangel Michael is the angel of war. He carries God’s sword of protection for his chosen ones. He protects the fighters of the light, those who are here to raise the consciousness of the collection. If you call on him and ask for his assistance, he will respond.

In my situation I prayed this prayer:

Archangel Michael, I need your assistance and your sword right now. I need you to part this pain. I need your help. Show me the way home. Allow me to trust and let go. Please help me. I need all 12 angels in this moment to help me detach from this and release it from me.

There are plenty of ways to call in your angels in times of need. So, prepare yourself with that knowledge and use that power when the time comes.

3. Do The Tennis Ball Practice

This law of detachment practice helps you harness the physicality and emotion of letting go. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take a tennis ball and hold it straight out in front of you.
  2. Name the ball after whatever is standing in your way and holding you back—a person, debt, a situation, etc.
  3. Close your eyes and drop the ball. Visualize that the ball is that object holding you back. You are physically letting the situation go with every bounce.
  4. Say to yourself: I can only focus on the things I can control.
  5. Repeat this over and over again, visualizing that you are releasing control of the situation with each bounce.

What happens when you master the law of detachment?

The moment you decide to let go, the second you decide you are worthy, God shows up. Your abundance comes through.

In my experience, I received divine confirmation that my angels are always with me—just as yours are always with you. They communicate through moments beautiful divine alignment. Keep your mind, heart, and eyes open for these messages.

Three instances showed me there was a great intervention on my behalf:

  • A car pulled in front of me with the license plate L4A-GOD. He was riding with me.
  • A reel that I posted hit 444 views as I opened my phone. My angels showed up for me.
  • When I got to the bank to resolve my situation, I received a $250 credit. The universe brought my abundance.

Then, just mere hours later, the entire situation was resolved. Do you want to know why? Because I let it go and trusted the universe. After going through the muck, I still chose to show up. As a result, the universe co-collaborated with me to bring my manifestation to full term.

The same will happen for you. All it takes is believing that your energy creates your outcomes and refusing to give that power to someone else. Give it to God because they know how to handle it.

Mastering the law of detachment isn’t easy. You might fail the first few times, but you will be failing forward. That process is so much better than staying stuck or being paralyzed by fear.

How a Manifestation Coach Helps You Master the Law of Detachment

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Together, we will help you master the law of detachment, allowing you to become a vibrational match to all the things you have a divine right to receive. You will learn how to just be where you are in the moment, show up authentically and get paid for it. Schedule your free 15-minute call to get started.

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