3 Ways to Clear Negative Energy for Manifestation

Have you been feeling hectic or weighed down? Do you want to start manifesting money easily and instantly? Then it’s time to clear negative energy and raise your frequency. When you do, you will immediately attract money and abundance. I’m giving you three ways to clear negative energy at home and sharing the importance of regularly cleaning your aura.

Why should you clear negative energy?

Simply put, your purpose on this Earth is to clean your energetic frequency so that you can master energy. This is true regardless of your background, appearance, or the suffering you may or may not have endured.

As an energetic being, the matrix of your reality is built on that energy. Everything responds to your vibrations, from the solar system to the DNA throughout your body, everything responds to your energy. Whatever happens in your life is a direct representation of your energetic shifts. 

So, to become a vibrational match to the manifested reality you are most aligned with, you need to clean up your aura and master energy. At this stage, there will be a fractional portion of your reality through which you can open the floodgates of your divine abundance.

What happens when you increase your energetic frequency?

Increasing your energetic frequency allows you to manifest money instantly. Not only can you attract money by clearing negative energy, but you can also call in whatever you desire, including:

  • Love
  • Divine alignment
  • Children
  • Better health
  • More opportunities

When you clear negative energy and become a light energy being, you become stronger and more abundant. Love enters your orbit, and you unlock new levels in your mind.

With an open mind, you can shift from the 3D reality, the dimension in your eye’s peripheral view, to the 5D reality, where you begin seeing with your third eye. During this transition, you’ll enter the 4D reality where you realize this ascension. You gain a greater understanding of yourself as an energetic being, embracing the idea that energy always surrounds you. You will no longer be a vibrational match to density, delusion, or disappointment. Instead, you will vibrate with the divine love and light in the expansive energy where you are destined to create.

The science behind manifestation energy

We can scientifically measure energy. Every being on Earth contains energetic waves. Science proves that even grass can feel intense vibrations of stress when it hears a lawnmower. The smell of fresh cut grass is actually each blade releasing a sense of fear.

NASA uses the Schumann Resonance tracker to monitor the Earth’s frequency. These frequencies display blue, green, and red, with red representing the highest density level. There are shifts from dense to light as Earth moves into different stages. As you can imagine, moments in history have been marked by dense frequencies on Earth, including 9/11.

Even eclipses in the zodiac houses can cause shifts. For example, a Taurus-Scorpio eclipse can cause an emotional rollercoaster based on that Scorpio energy. However, you can combat this frequency by cleaning your energy and becoming a light energy being.

How often should you clean your aura?

There’s no timeline for how often you should clear negative energy. However, you’ll be able to feel the shifts within and around you. For instance, when we don’t feel good physically, mentally, or emotionally, all we want to do is eat bad food and watch TV. We hide from the world because we are a vibrational match to that low-density energy.

Your aura acts as a magnetic field, picking up on all of the emotions around and inside of you. When you become surrounded by increasingly negative situations and feelings, it’s a tell-tale sign that you are experiencing dense energy that needs to be cleansed.

Here are a few signs you may need to clear negative energy:

  • Getting sick frequently
  • Losing clients
  • Stagnant business
  • Arguments
  • Anxiety or increased irritability
  • Laziness or lack of motivation
  • Impatience
  • A negative outlook

These are all signs that your energy is weak. Psychic debris can lower your frequency. The circumstances around you can pull you into their dark energy. You can pick up this negative debris from the grocery store, unfulfilling jobs, and loveless relationships. It’s even possible to affect your own energy by not valuing or appreciating yourself. If you aren’t cautious and diligent about cleansing your energy, you can find yourself at the bottom, where you become a low vibrational being.

Fortunately, you can always begin the cleansing process again to shift your energy and become light again. 

3 Ways to Clear Negative Energy

You can cleanse your energy from anywhere—at home, at work, in your car, or wherever you are right now. There are many different ways you can do it, but these are three tips to get you started today. It is important to visualize your aura being cleansed in every one of these cleansing practices.

1. Take a bath

Using water is a great place to start. Add a few drops of essential oils (I enjoy lavender and eucalyptus), Himalayan salt, sage, or other herbs to your tub. These elements enhance the cleansing effect because they all carry energy.

Then run a beautiful, loving bath and soak for at least 10 minutes. While you’re soaking, imagine the negativity releasing out of you. Visualize a beautiful white light replacing all of the dark energy within you. The light is racing through your body like a waterfall, flushing out negative energy until you’re overflowing with light. 

You can even do this cleansing practice in the shower. Just place the herbs or oils around the perimeter. Under the running water, I want you to shake your body and move all that energy out. Be careful, as it’s a powerful transmission. 

When you’re done, discard the flowers and herbs and drain the water completely. Watch all the negative energy going down the drain where it belongs.

2. Combing your space

Before you start this powerful cleansing practice, wash and dry your hands to remove any energy already present. You want to get calm and comfortable, close your eyes, and begin to visualize the space. Imagine you have a magnetic wand, and you’re virtually cleaning all of the energy inside of you, erasing negativity like a dry-erase board.

Run your hands up and down your perimeter and surroundings as if you’re virtually finger-combing it. Go from the top of your head, around you, behind you, down your legs, all the way to the tip of your toes. As you’re cleaning, imagine a white light flooding in. With every stroke, you’re pouring in more light.

Repeat this practice with your house, your car, and your workspace. After you’re done, wash your hands to eliminate any leftover energy. You can also complete this practice using a sage stick.

3. Chanting, mantras & affirmations

What you think about, you bring about. So, the last and most wonderful way to raise your vibration and attract more money and abundance is through chants and mantras.

These aren’t just the affirmations you say over and over again. After all, that practice only involves the brainstem, not your frequency or energy.

Instead, this practice involves chanting, sitting quietly and listening, and of course, visualizing that white light inside of you. Imagine that you’ve swallowed it. Now, it’s traveling through your entire body, lungs, digestive tract, tailbone, and all over. Finally, it releases through the sacral chakra, unleashing love and opportunity.

Once you feel this overwhelming amount of white light energy, repeat a mantra or affirmation that is true for you as many times as you can. Doing this for just 60 seconds every day will change how you attract money and abundance. When you use the power of visualization, white light energy, and your divine team, these affirmations and mantras work to shape your reality and shift your aura.

If you need help coming up with chants, I cover it all in my courses. I’ll share one of my favorites: “Everything is always working out for me. Everything. Everything Everything.”

How clearing negative energy can attract money

Clearing negative energy allows you to create your desired reality. With this new mindset, you begin trusting in the universe and investing in yourself and your energy. You spend money freely, knowing it will come back. In this mindset, you’re not really spending money; you’re cycling it. You’re teaching the universe that cash flows to and from you. You’re stepping off the ledge without a net because you’re a high vibrational being — and you know the universe will catch you every time.

Do you need help cleaning your energy?

If you need help cleansing your aura and clearing negative energy, my courses are for you. You will join me, your fearless manifestation coach, and a group of your new spiritual besties. Together, we will do the work to increase our frequency and become the creators of our reality using the law of attraction.

Your divine team is ready for you to shift into the vibrational state of attraction, where abundance finds you. Together, we can raise the frequency of the collective, and it all starts by booking your 15-minute free call with me.

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