How to Raise Your Vibration for Manifestation

Do you feel like a phenomenal creator? Have you embraced your divine light energy? Depending on your alignment and the level of your vibrations, you can achieve both of these goals and begin to use your high vibrational energy to manifest the life you desire. Keep reading to learn how to raise your vibration with three easy steps.

What happens when you raise your vibration?

When you raise your vibration and become aligned with the best version of yourself, you enter a protected path to manifest miracles. Increasing your frequency allows you to step away from the 3D reality and transcend into the 5D reality of new freedom.

You see, in the 3D reality, we experience fear, insecurity, rage, and low karmic energy. This place houses the chaos and war, economic strife and poverty, and the war on women. In this low vibrational state, you create as a slow, stressed, and frazzled being. They want to keep a large majority of the population here to prevent us from rising up.

The goal is to get to the 5D reality and realize a new form of freedom. With this high vibrational energy, you gain a better understanding of how to manifest your miracles. You can expand your mind and begin looking at the 3D idea of “Adam and Eve” as the 5D concept of “atoms that form us and evolution.” This elevated line of thinking pushes us past our limits, opens our hearts, and raises our vibration above pain, suffering, and doubt. You can manifest faster when your reality becomes lighter.

As you travel to this level, the universe will pull and test you in so many ways. You must go through the muck and mud and come out of the other side to see the light. After this transformation, you gain the faith to step on broken glass and not get cut because you no longer actively participating in the 3D reality. Instead, you want to go deeper into the 5D and surround yourself with like-minded elevated people. With this network, you can co-create and manifest a buffet of prosperity to keep being refilled.

Why should you raise your vibration?

The purpose of shifting your vibrational energy is to raise the collective. When you tap into your expansive power, you begin spreading that knowledge and good news to everyone, from family and friends to your coworkers. You become an abundant manifestor, helping boost the consciousness of the collective. That ability is more valuable than money or anything in this world because you can move through the doubt, fear, and misery to reach the vibration of love and above.

I want to be clear: raising your vibration doesn’t mean you won’t experience bad days. There is no reality where everything goes right. Even if you meditate daily, heal your trauma, and step away from low-vibrational people, there will still be rough days because each and every one of us is still human.

However, what happens when you raise your vibration is you respond differently to these instances.

Three ways to raise your vibrational energy

1. Look at your reflection in a vibrational mirror

Everyone in your reality is a reflection of you. So, it’s time to sit down and take inventory of all the people and connections in your life.

Your vibrational mirror is attracting people into your reality. You have long cosmic connections to every person you meet. If there are people you love being around, it means you share energetic similarities. In the same way, if there’s a person you don’t like, they have similar traits you need to heal within yourself.

They say if you meet five assholes in a day, well, you’re the asshole. You are a vibrational match to all the aspects you haven’t healed or energies you haven’t cleared yet. So, look at all the people in your life, and work on the most challenging things first. Because you wouldn’t have those relationships if you weren’t still working on it.

When you take control of your emotions and reactions and start putting out love and light, you raise your vibrational energy to who you want to become.

2. Detach from your history and learn from it

In order to raise your vibration, you must reorganize your energy into love and forgiveness. This change allows you to move forward rather than remain stagnant. How do you shift your energy? By letting go of the hurt, anger, and revenge in your past. When you hold onto that trauma, it becomes part of your aura. You use it as a crutch to continue acting in a way that is incompatible with the necessary high vibration for manifestation.

Detaching yourself from your history allows you to set new intentions and actualize them. Instead of creating a reality built out of the past, you begin to create an intentional life rooted in the present moment. You can ask yourself, how am I going to live right now? How am I going to create? You get to decide what energy to attach yourself to and what to detach from to live a more beautiful, aligned life. That conscious choice opens you up to an infinite number of outcomes from the universe.

3. Be aware of all life’s signs

There are no coincidences in this life. Those déjà vu moments, signs, and synchronicities are the divine source speaking to you and guiding you toward your destiny. Your intentions and deepest desires in life come from the divine source. By listening to our consciousness, we get confirmation we’re on the right path and moving in the right direction. Your intuitive guides are screaming it to you constantly through angel numbers, recurring themes, and that little voice inside your head. Remember: If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God’s response.

When it’s time to make tough decisions, you don’t need to ask 50 people. You need to close your eyes, meditate, and channel your high vibrational energy. To experience this direct communication, you can’t just numbly walk through life. You must stay alert and aware of this consciousness. In those moments, when you notice the signs, you have to practice your attitude of gratitude. Bask in the moments of delivery, and really celebrate how the universe is moving in your favor.

The more you celebrate the grateful awareness that the deeper consciousness is in tune with you, the more you will collide with conscious creating energy. It’s a cycle that I call the conspiracy of prosperity. You’ll start co-creating in a way beyond understanding because you’re focusing on the ways everything is working out for you rather than the low vibrational moments happening in the 3D reality.

Can you really raise your vibration?

Yes! You can connect to your higher self and raise your frequency. You are still here because you need to fulfill your purpose. If life feels extremely difficult, you need to reach your creative state. It is never too late to start, no matter what age you are. Tina Turner didn’t meet her husband until she was 50. She didn’t create her first album until she was 44.

My one-on-one sessions are geared to your specific energy plane. I not only teach you how to raise your vibration but even more actionable steps to manifest instantly. My courses give you the necessary information to create the reality you are most aligned with.

If you’ve elevated yourself and experienced a level of success, but you can’t seem to break through to the next level, then there are blocks that you are still attached to, and I want to teach you how to clear them.

The law of attraction states that when you ask for it, you will receive it. However, you may not be in the same energetic plane as those desires. With these three steps and other manifestation techniques, we can help you raise your vibrational energy and fulfill your life’s purpose. It starts by investing in yourself. Schedule your 15-minute complimentary session with Michelle J. Lamont to get started.

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