How to Use Positive Self-Talk for Manifestation + 40 Affirmations

Did you know you can use positive self-talk to manifest your desired reality? This form of communication allows you to connect with the energy necessary to receive your manifestations.

So, if you’re looking around and don’t like where you live, your job, your significant other, or any other aspect of your life, you can change it. You are the creator of your reality. The life you’re living right now was built using your energy, frequency, and vibration. Imagine if you used an energy of abundance rather than lack. Mastering self-talk for manifestation is the first step in shifting yourself into a higher state of being.

It might sometimes feel difficult because we’re surrounded by people who want us to be like them. They want you to complain and doubt yourself. They want you to embrace that “I could never do that” low vibrational energy. However, we both know the creator placed you on this Earth with a specific purpose and path. Today, I’m teaching you how to transcend to that higher state of being and use positive self-talk for manifestation.

What does positive self-talk do? 

Positive self-talk is an essential aspect of the law of attraction. This philosophy suggests that positive thoughts bring about positive results, while negative thoughts can bring undesirable outcomes.

When you’re using the law of attraction, it’s vital to understand how it is shaping your reality. Because your energy is boundless, you must remain consciously in tune with the words that impact your vibrational energy, a.k.a. your self-talk.

Self-talk is a function of the way our brain works. We all have that tiny voice inside our heads—it’s natural and healthy. It can encourage clarity, openness, healing, and divinity.

The Impact of Negative Self-Talk

On the other hand, it can also feed the imposter version of ourselves, calling in blocks, fear, and doubt. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of our dreams. We convince ourselves to stay small, serve no one, and become a vibrational match to lack and insecurity. Negative self-talk keeps you in the “it’s not going to happen for me” mentality.

What you’re circulating in your mind all day long is how you are manifesting. It’s an ongoing practice, whether you realize it or not. That’s why meditation is so important. This practice clears your mind and creates a path to jump on the hamster wheel of success. When you get there, you’re running straight into love, joy, abundance, and so much more.

How to Practice Positive Self-Talk for Manifestation

1. Always Remain Aware of Your Thoughts

You have to observe yourself and your thoughts. You see, we have up to 120,000 thoughts a day, many of them being iterations of the same five ideas. All day long, your subconscious is cycling through the same script. 70% of us think from a space of lack, doubt, fear, anger, and insecurity.

Take note of those moments when you’re not practicing self-love. Intervene when negative thoughts start piercing through your reality. You can’t afford to put more fuel into the bottomless pit of the reality you’ve already received.

Every time you feel that negative thought come on, I want you to remember that you are a creator. When you cross over and meet the divine, they’re not going to look at you and see those negative things you say to yourself. The God source won’t agree with you because they created you in their image—and that image is perfect.

2. Reprogram your mind and rephrase your words

Now that you’ve caught those moments of negative self-talk, you have to go about correcting them. Instead of saying someone else has a better spouse, body, or possessions, remember that your life does not compare to anyone else’s. The more you connect yourself to those poor outcomes, the stronger signal you send to the Universe on what you want—and the Universe will deliver.

So, if you say that you live in poverty and everyone else is rich, you’re just going to get more poverty. Instead, you have to rework how you look at the life around you. She doesn’t have more money than you; she just agrees that she’s worthy of it. He’s not more successful than you; he just knows he deserves it. They’re manifesting in a way that I am trying to help you understand.

Rather than worrying about what those around you have, focus only on what you want, unrelated to anyone. Speak into it: I am wealthy. Do this daily. By the way, when you assign money to something, it comes ten times faster. Show the Universe that you trust it by investing in yourself and watch the wealth come.

Proof for Self-Talk: The Marilyn Monroe Effect

This concept is proven through the Marilyn Monroe effect. Her friend recalled that they were walking down the street in plain sight. At this time, she was considered one of the most famous women in America, but no one noticed her. She turns to her friend and says, “Do you want me to turn on Marilyn?” In 10 seconds, she said she could shift into a beautiful divine light being, attracting so much attention they wouldn’t even be able to walk down the street.

How did she do it? Positive self-talk. Marilyn turned her face and started whispering these things to herself: I am Marilyn Monroe. I am a beautiful goddess. I have perfect porcelain skin from head to toe. Everywhere I go, everybody adores me. Everybody wants me. Everybody sees me, and they can’t live without me. She kept repeating it.

Then, she turned around, put on her sunglasses, and sashayed down the street. Within 30 seconds, a crowd surrounded her, asking for her autograph. Isn’t that amazing? Just like Marilyn, you can step in and out of any reality you prefer using positive self-talk for manifestation.


3. Embrace an attitude of gratitude  

The fastest way to change your energy and boost your manifestation powers is to be more aligned with the positive than the negative. An attitude of gratitude will bring about the things that you want.

A healthy dose of positive self-talk for manifestation removes so much of your negative low vibrational energy. Shifting that vibration is essential to ensure you always come from a place of appreciation and self-love for who you are now, even as you strive to develop that new version of yourself. You only need to love yourself. You only need to see yourself. Know that with every thought, it is getting better.

40 Positive Self-Talk Affirmations 

Are you having difficulty finding kind words to affirm your greatness? Try these 40 positive self-talk affirmations to help you manifest:

  1. Everything is working out for me. 
  2. I stand tall. 
  3. I love the way that I speak to others.  
  4. I love how compassionate I am.  
  5. Everywhere I go, everybody is attracted to my energy. 
  6. I am the brightest light in any room. 
  7. I outshine the stars in the galaxy. 
  8. I am aligned. 
  9. I am smart. 
  10. I am beautiful.  
  11. I am strong.  
  12. I am a powerful creator.    
  13. I forgive myself so that I can live without pain. 
  14. I am fantastic.  
  15. I am phenomenal.  
  16. People chase after me. 
  17. Money chases me. 
  18. Opportunities chase after me. 
  19. Success chases me.  
  20. I don’t chase; I attract. 
  21. I am ageless. 
  22. I live an incredible life. 
  23. I feel strong. 
  24. I am phenomenal. 
  25. I am a genius. 
  26. I innovate. 
  27. I am a high vibrational energetic being. 
  28. I can create anything. 
  29. I am worthy.  
  30. I am wealthy.  
  31. I am abundant.  
  32. I have clarity.  
  33. I am divinity. 
  34. I am a money magnet. 
  35. I am a love magnet. 
  36. I create my reality. 
  37. I can manifest anything I desire. 
  38. I am a manifesting manifestor. 
  39. I am amazing.  
  40. I love you. 

Speak these words to yourself every day—in the mirror before you leave home, while driving to work, anytime those negative thoughts start creeping in. Play it on a loop until you begin believing every word, and even better, until each of those traits starts manifesting into your life.

The more you focus on your self-talk, the more you’ll begin to see change. If you want to call in more abundance, book a session with me. Show the Universe and yourself that you deserve the investment, and it will reward you tenfold.

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