The Easiest Daily Manifestation Routine to Attract Your Desires

If you want to become a more successful manifestor, there are three things you should do every day. This daily manifestation routine will guide you, direct you, and lift you into the energy of your divine abundance. A lot of these actions may feel habitual. However, many of them are intentional ways you can communicate with the world around you. Keep reading to learn how to step into your power as a true manifestor through daily habits and practices.

The importance of your aura in manifestation

Your aura is the energy that surrounds you. It is the essence of the vibrational energy of that you as a manifesting manifestor give off in the energetic realm. In that realm, you are connected to your highest, medium and lowest vibration.

You can read yours or someone else’s aura, and vice versa. Here’s how to read someone’s aura:

Ask the person to stand against a white wall. Look right above their head until you see a color appear around them. That color represents their energy.

Common aura colors mean different things:

  • Red—Red aura is connected to the root chakra and represents passion and sexual energy. Those with this aura can feel grounded, balanced, and determined. Darker red tones may represent anger or low energy.
  • Blue—Connected to the throat chakra, blue represents communication and good self-expression. Lighter shades correspond with more peaceful and positive energy.
  • Orange—Orange relates to the sacral chakra where we hold the emotions associated with our relationships, both positive and negative. It highlights creativity and excitement.
  • Yellow—This color signifies inner happiness and a playful spirit. It may also indicate high self-esteem and intellect, as well as a desire for greatness or a spiritual awakening.
  • Green—The color green is rooted in the heart chakra and represents a compassionate and loving heart.
  • Purple—People with a purple or violet aura have a direct connection with the universe. They are empathic, intuitive, and love to guide others to their potential.

As with the spectrum of the rainbow, there are many other aura colors and shades that can give insight on where your energy is radiating at this moment. Fortunately, you can shift your aura with these daily manifesting rituals.

3 Habits to Add to Your Daily Manifestation Routine

After waking up and completing your morning manifestation routine, you have to continue your work throughout the day. These steps should constantly be on your mind to keep your energy as a vibrational match to what you want to attract.

1. Live in the attitude of gratitude.

First, you must shift into a grateful heart. If you aren’t grateful for what you have right now, do you think the universe is going to give you more?

However, this step takes more than saying, “I’m so grateful.” It’s understanding how to be a magnet of gratitude. It’s recognizing that even during moments of struggle, you still possess a vibration of abundance. When you have an attitude of gratitude, you take time count your blessings—having a roof over your head, food on the table, and breath in your lungs. This daily manifestation routine makes you a manifestation magnet.

When you think from this mindset, your vibrational attraction helps you evolve every situation. Your magnetic energy can get you out of a rut, reward you for your gratefulness, or refocus your mind on things that increase your frequency rather than the little things.

It’s not by chance—as a co-creator of your reality, you are always attracting or rejecting everything that comes into play. With an attitude of gratitude, you simply begin attracting the high-vibrational frequency necessary to clear out negative energy and elevate your life.

People can even feel your grateful heart energy and become drawn to you. The more opportunities you have to connect with others while in that grateful heart energy, the broader your possibilities to attract what you desire. Because it desires you, too.

So, the next time you’re having a bad day, intentionally shift your thoughts to gratitude. Catch that negative energy and correct it before it pulls your aura down. Journal or say three things you are grateful for in that moment. Then, imagine your aura getting brighter and brighter just like the sun.

2. Visualize it as if it’s already here.

Spending 10 minutes a day daydreaming is a powerful manifestation ritual. You can do it in the car, the shower, wherever you have the time. All of these vibrations lead you to abundance, and that’s where you find your freedom.

It’s important to decide what freedom looks like to you. Many people say they want to attract money. However, money is only energy. The more you live in the energetic vibration that you have unlimited wealth, the easier you’ll attract money because you are an abundant divine light being.

Even still, wanting to manifest money is not about becoming a millionaire. It’s really about living a free and full life. You’re really craving the freedom where you wake up and love what you’re going to be doing today.

During your 10-minute daydream, what do you wake up and do? Are you color painting with kids all day because you truly want to be a preschool teacher? Or do you love running and develop a running program? I want you to act as if you can touch it, taste it, and feel it. Visualize every single detail when you walk into the situation. Are you getting goosebumps?

You may even get to a point where these visualizations feel like past memories because you’re already leaping toward the next stage. You see, when you’re playing in that field and deeply pretending, you’re actually telling your mind it has a memory it doesn’t have. That action triggers your frontal cortex to start taking steps and attracting your dreams. Visualization helps your brain realize that this reality is something you can attract, and it will happen every time. The combination of your grateful energetic heart and visualization with this beautiful, bright aura around you will act as the cosmic magnet to bring you everything you desire.

This visualization stage of your daily manifestion routine adds up. But it doesn’t stop there—once your daydream session ends, continue living in that energy every day. Volunteer in those spaces. Keep giving all your energy to shift into a vibration of abundance, letting go of fear and insecurity. Start co-creating and bringing that reality into your present through these manifestation rituals.

3. Meditate Daily

Meditation is the most important step of your manifestation ritual to get energetic downloads from your angels and spirit guides. This practice slows your brain down. After all, we have 60,000 to 100,000 thoughts a day that are essentially the same idea on repeat. When you meditate, you let your mind take a beat. It shifts from the amygdala, the reactionary part of your brain ruled by fear, to the frontal cortex. Instead of remaining in its typical stressed out space, your brain gets an opportunity to think about something else—and that’s a million-dollar difference.

During meditation, you’re clearing your aura. You’re rewiring your brain by turning everything off and turning on your truest self. The vibration of abundance enters in and fills you with a beautiful divine light. Sometimes we get so trapped in our humanity that we forget we are spiritual beings destined to raise our vibrations.

The benefits of meditation as a daily manifestation routine have even been scientifically proven. It helps change the chemistry of your brain. Not only can you see improvements in stress hormone levels and anxiety, immune function, and heart health, but you will also experience a boost in your mental clarity, focus, and leadership skills. Those are the types of meditation benefits that open doors for greater prosperity and success!

While meditation can feel intimidating, I’ve learned in my mindfulness cognitive training that you cannot fail at it. Here are a few different options for starting your meditation practice as a daily habit to manifest:

  • Sit quietly and let your thoughts come and go. Acknowledge them, but don’t dwell on any thought too long.
  • Search for a guided meditation on YouTube
  • Walk in nature with NO electronics. Stay present by physically counting your steps (no smart watches allowed). You’ll tune into the sounds, the air, and the sights.

You can add crystals to support your meditation practice. Crystals surround you with the Earth’s energy even when you aren’t outside. You can use them to set your intentions and align your chakra system. While we are familiar with 7 main chakras, there are hundreds waiting to be unlocked.

A few crystals I use in my own practice include:

  • Rose Quartz—This purifying crystal is deeply connected to the heart chakra. Its use helps clear negative energy and heal trauma, replacing it with self-love, friendship, and feelings of peace.
  • Citrine—The cheerful color of this crystal directly correlates with its energetic and optimistic benefits. It is a great crystal for releasing energy, and attracting wealth and building confidence.
  • Clear Quartz—Known as the universal crystal, clear quartz creates harmony among all your chakras. It helps encourage focus and mental clarity, making it great for meditation.

Whether it’s 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour, take time each day to meditate. Because if your mind isn’t clear, how are you going to get the information to attract what you want?

While those are three daily habits to manifest throughout your day, don’t forget to end on a high note with these 5 nightly manifestation rituals.

Remember: everything you think about, you attract. It’s the law of attraction! By keeping your mindset in an elevated state with this daily manifestation routine, you can take hold of your manifestation game.

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