The Power of Writing and Setting Intentions in 5 Steps

Do you want to send an Amazon order directly to the divine and receive your package of abundance even faster? Then write down and set your intentions. This powerful manifestation practice helps you clearly communicate what you want and create the life you desire. Keep reading to learn how to choose your intentions, 5 steps to set them, and how to overcome the obstacle of fear.

Why should you write down your intentions?

Erykah Badu once said, “Write it down on real paper with a real pencil with real intent, and watch it get real.” She is absolutely right—what you write about, you cast out into the Universe. This simple act of writing down and setting your intentions maximizes your ability to call in your desires. Because whether you realize it or not, you have attracted or rejected everything that has crossed your path in this life until this point. You have been manifesting since the moment you had free thought.

But when you physically write your intentions out, you are creating an order to the divine using your inner connection. You are making it clear that your purpose is to expand your soul and raise the vibration through your belief in love, life, and your ability to manifest for your highest and best good. Are you ready to shift into that frequency?

5 steps for setting your intention

  1. Clear your mind through meditation

Go somewhere you feel calm and relaxed, whether that’s just sitting outside, going for a walk or bike ride, or even driving home with no music on. Clear all the thoughts from your head—everything else can wait.

Sit in the quiet, still place in your mind, where abundance is limitless. It connects you with the divinity of your soul. Each happy moment of clarity and release allows you to become a genie, granting yourself the life you desire.

2. Visualize it

All it takes is 15 to 20 minutes a day to create your dream life. During this dedicated time, I want you to fantasize about fantasy you. Imagine your future as a blank piece of paper and fill it in with every single detail in your desired reality.

It seems like when we have a bad memory we know every single detail of it, don’t we? So, you and I both know you can visualize things. However, you get to decide which thought and desire you want to put your powerful manifesting energy into. Once you start visualizing, the brainwaves begin changing and believing in the possibilities you’ve presented. From here, the universe creates the opportunities in which your manifestations can come true every single time.

3. Write it down

After your visualization practice, write your intentions in great detail. Don’t be shy about it because this step tells your soul guides, angels, and the divine exactly what you’re expecting. Remember, that you’ve gotten here so far using the words, actions, and deeds you have agreed to. Now, accept that more abundance is waiting for you if you only ask for it.

This is the intention I set before I began my Manifesting Miracles podcast:

I ask that my podcast will be used to lift souls on earth. That I will serve God in every episode and invite all positive energy, angels, and light to lift and carry the souls that become the collective of possible alignment here on Earth. I am open to serve billions or to serve one. As long as God is involved, it will always work for the best. I ask that all stress and worry from this issue of financial and emotional sacrifice in any way be lifted from the ability of my veil to see it.

Trust me, my first set of intentions weren’t anything like that. However, with practice they continue to grow and align more with your purpose.

4. Embrace the attitude of gratitude

The more you express gratitude in your existing abundance, the more your intentions start to shift. And the more your intentions start to shift, the more your core belief system evolves. This evolution gives you the ability to manifest the right things into your reality.

Find gratitude in your current reality: being alive, having food to eat, clothes to wear, the blessing of transportation, etc. These situations represent moments of abundance in your life right now and instances where you’ve already manifested. Vibrating in this grateful heart energy will allow you to attract even more of that high frequency

5. Expect the delivery

After you set your intentions, expect for them to come. Keep looking around the corner for that husband, job, etc. This step connects your thoughts to your emotion, which helps shift your reality. And all of a sudden, in your real world, your manifestations will appear.

Now, this doesn’t mean to keep asking the Universe for your desires over and over. You have to trust that it will come to you. However, you can begin to ready your mind, make space in your life, and keep an eye out to receive what you asked for.

Does setting intentions work?

Unequivocally, setting clear intentions works. The Bible mentions spiritually manifesting and attracting things into your life over 200 times. Documented proof from people like Jim Carrey, and even myself have shown the benefits of setting intentions for manifestation. At its core, this practice represents an alignment of you and the co-creator connecting with the vibrational energy of abundance. It’s your way of affirming “I am worthy,” which is key to unlocking your abundance.

In my own practice, I’ve seen the benefits of setting intentions firsthand. Almost every single thing I wrote down at the beginning of my journey came to fruition in under a year. It was a snowball effect. I gave my passion all my free time, and the more I did, the less I needed to work PR. The less I needed to put into my day job, the more abundant I became in my passion. More speaking and coaching opportunities presented themselves. Every alignment in my life started coming together. It was all because my intentions helped me break old belief systems and patterns. I continued revisiting and rewriting my intentions. Suddenly, they started changing along with the words. It allowed me to develop more practices to become part of my institutional thinking, increasing my abundance.

How do you choose an intention?

You know that little voice inside of you that wonders whether you can achieve that job or ever go on that vacation or find that loving relationship? Those thoughts are not your own. That is the God source energy inside of you, guiding you toward your divine purpose. Anything you intend was already set in your subconscious with your guides behind you.

Your predominant thoughts are what manifest in your reality. Don’t let limiting beliefs become your limiting reality by wondering if what you’re writing is too much to ask for. When you sit down and write your intention, do it with full belief and a healthful heart. Only you can take control of your thought process.

By planting the seed in your thoughts, your divine light has already affirmed that you are deserving and worthy of the reality you desire. It’s up to you to pour all your love into the outcome and replace low vibrational “if only” with high frequency “when it happens.”

Getting out of the way of your own intentions

Fear and love are the most powerful forces in the world. How do you know which space you’re operating from? Everything that is negative or low vibrational is fear. You didn’t come all the way to Earth to be ruled by this emotion. However, that’s exactly what the people that rule the world want you to believe. They want you to live in fear of debt and lack.

You can combat this. Our souls are automatically attracted to things that give us love and positivity. While writing your intentions, focus on what you truly love, and ignore those low vibrational things based in fear. Then, when you start to visualize and write those intentions as a spell, the results are very real.

If you need some reassurance about your capability to manifest, think of this: Focus on the positive in your life. What have you been able to manifest that you love? Whatever that is, that energy is where you need to start. After all, you’ve attracted everything until now, so why can’t you attract something else?

Remember, if you do what you’ve always done, then you’re going to have what you always had. So, if you’re not manifesting quickly and easily, and you’re not taking time to set your intentions, it’s time to make a change. It all starts with a free 15-minute coaching call with me.

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