Three Manifestation Myths Blocking Your Abundance

Manifestation is a powerful tool. It empowers you to walk in the beautiful divine light energy that allows you to create and attract miracles. A lot of people believe you have to have a special ability or that you’re doing something extraordinary to participate in this practice. However, this is just one of many misleading and misunderstood ideas surrounding manifestation. These manifestation myths are not in the flow of the divine light energy and can block your abundance if you rely on them.

Keep reading to learn three major myths about manifestation and discover the truths that can help you realign your energy and unlock your abundance.

Manifestation myths #1: You can control your manifestation

When you fully commit to your manifestation, it’s all you can talk about and focus on. You believe that you are totally aligned to receive it. However, you may be buying into the idea that you can control what is coming. Do you really think you have complete control of your destiny? Remember, during manifestation, you are working together with the Divine Creator to co-create your reality.

During this collaboration with the divine, these are the things you can control:

  • Your energy
  • The vibration in which you give and receive
  • Actively participating in preparing for your desired reality or reacting to what comes

If you actually got every single thing you wanted at the exact moment you wanted it, chances are, you wouldn’t be a vibrational match to it yet. This energetic imbalance would cause you to lose it immediately. Alternately, you could never get everything you want because there’s always more to want. Without the waiting, you don’t learn to appreciate the delivery of your manifestations. So, when you receive them, you’re already looking toward the next thing.

Fundamental truth #1: You have to give the universe complete control

To carve out a plan for your ultimate conscious expansion on Earth, you have to reside in this simple fact: you must let go of control and hand the manifestation over to the universe as you continue working in your divine path.

From there, everything always presents itself perfectly in divine timing. When you let go of the how, the universe will unfold in front of you in a fantastic and beautiful way. Then, you can look back and appreciate what the Creator has been doing, why they led you down certain paths and through different situations to get you to your abundance.

Letting go changes everything — it was the greatest gift I ever learned. I went from a loveless and abusive marriage, suffering in silence, and a suicide attempt. I don’t remember ever laughing or feeling happy even though I was financially okay. Now, I’ve manifested a million-dollar view with my dream car and my fur babies, where I get to coach and meet new people every day. And I’ve never been happier or wealthier. I’ve never been more successful in helping so many people manifest the life of their dreams.

It all clicked when I learned this lesson from Dr. Wayne Dyer: have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. You are worthy of manifesting your abundance. But you have to stop asking how it’s going to happen. You have to stop trying to figure it out because that’s the universe’s job. Divine energy really is about letting it go. You might think that you have to be in control to manifest, but it’s just the opposite. You don’t have to see how it’s going to come, know that it is on the way and all you need to do is enjoy the present.

Manifestation myths #2: Our thoughts, actions, and feelings create our manifestation.

It’s true that your thoughts do create things. However, they can also block what we call in. When you’re constantly thinking about your desires, you’re not allowing your energy to enjoy it. You’re not giving yourself a chance to align with the frequency and vibration where your desires already exist.

Instead, you get frustrated or angry that it hasn’t arrived — you have everything, but you don’t have the spouse or the job. You’re focusing on your lack. These feelings stop you from attracting it. When you say you’re trying to visualize your desires, are you really taking the time to transport your mind and energy to the place where it exists? Are you placing yourself in the reality or mindset you’ll have when you receive it? If not, then you’re not truly manifesting.

Fundamental truth #2: Our energy, frequency, and vibration is what manifests things.

Your joy and happiness about receiving your manifestations — before they’ve even arrived — helps align you with the vibration to receive them. Picking out those save the date cards or looking up honeymoon destinations expresses celebration. You think you can only enjoy it when you receive it, but that signifies you’re not a vibrational match to it. If the thought alone doesn’t stir up your energy, then you are not aligned with it.

The Law of Attraction dictates that like attracts like. You have to already be in love with being in love, let go of the how, and just go on living. When it is finally in alignment for you, it’s going to be like a cosmic explosion of energy. If you’re not in alignment with those things, check your energy. Get happy, then think about your desire.

It’s so much more than your thoughts that attract; it’s a three-part harmony:

  • The law of attraction—like attracts like.
  • Your thoughts have to be in the energy, frequency, and vibration of where these things live.
  • It has to be true to you. If you think of your desire and immediately start discounting your worthiness to attract it, you’re not a vibrational match to what you want. Your mind and thoughts are saying one thing, but your energy, frequency, and vibration are calling the BS, so you won’t manifest it.

Manifestation myths #3: You have to be happy in all situations.

The idea that you have to be happy in all situations even when everything is crumbling around you is false. Say you got in a car accident and broke your leg. You can’t work, and you don’t have any insurance. You get evicted. Toxic positivity says you should grin and bear it and say “well, just be happy you’re alive.”

While you should maintain your attitude of gratitude, you don’t necessarily have to be happy. This form of toxic positivity is one of the greatest manifestation myths. Because if that happiness is not true to you, you can’t start talking about the things you want to manifest.

Fundamental truth #3: Find the lesson in each situation.

In these tough seasons, it takes work to get back into alignment. The universe is pushing you to examine why things are happening the way they are. What is that event trying to teach you? How did you get to this place again?

These things don’t happen to hurt or punish you as a karmic curse. You’re riding out a season of your life where the Creator is telling you to calm down, breathe, and meditate. Meditation and deep breath work takes you from the flight-or-fight amygdala brain to the expansive frontal cortex, where you connect with the divine.

Within the silence you’ll come to realize there is no master plan for you to fail. Instead, you inspired this situation in your higher state because you weren’t in alignment. It doesn’t mean that you screwed up for life. You can start over anytime you want. But the more you let your energy stop flowing like a river to an ocean, the more stuck on the rocks, sticks, and mud you’ll become.

In order to reset your energy, you have to take inventory of what has gotten you to this point. What actions do you keep repeating that lead you to this same spot? When you take another path, it will lead you to the ocean of your abundance.

It’s important for you to take these three manifestation myths, find any places they may be hiding in your practice, and bust them open. When you do, you will be able to manifest faster and start living life on your terms. If you don’t know how, we can work together to help you fulfill your divine purpose as a manifesting manifester. Schedule your free 15-minute call today!

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