3 Manifestation Blocks That Are Stopping Your Abundance

Are you doing the daily rituals, visualization, and meditation but finding that manifestation isn’t working for you? You might have manifestation blocks stopping you from receiving your abundance. Keep reading to learn how to stop blocking your manifestations, step into your divine light energy, and call in everything that is meant for you.

What are manifestation blocks?

A manifestation block is any energy or behavior slowing down the process of bringing your desires into your reality. In these instances, the Law of Attraction fails to manifest your intention because you’re not a vibrational match to it. To remove a manifestation block, you must clean up your energy and raise your vibration.

3 Manifestation Blocks Stopping Your Abundance

1. Toxic positivity

Have you ever had a negative thought, and immediately after, something weird happened, like a flat tire? Then, something else “bad” happens, and all of a sudden, five seemingly negative situations have occurred in one day.

If so, you likely looked at that first lousy accident as a punishment for having a few negative thoughts. By making this connection, you affirm that negative things are bound to happen. For the rest of the day, you’re waiting on the other shoe to drop, already thinking it will be negative. You believe you’ve activated a funnel of negativity because of your initial negative thought. However, you only think you sparked this chain of negativity because you rely on toxic positivity (always being falsely positive no matter what). That line of thinking leaves your energy extremely vulnerable. But here’s the redeeming part: we all experience negative thoughts or energy. Fortunately, there is a specific way to take inventory and raise your vibration in a positive, non-toxic way.

It’s not by faking positivity—that will only backfire. If you try to turn around a bad day by making a grand proclamation like, “I’m a millionaire,” it won’t work. The subconscious mind is a lie detector, and it knows the things you are saying aren’t true. Even more, it knows that you don’t have an emotional connection with that desire. So, those traditional affirmations start and stop in the mind.

How to break this manifestation block:

You can remove the manifestation blocks caused by toxic positivity by genuinely shifting your mindset to your deepest emotions. Focus on those aspects of life you truly feel grateful for and how you are blessed. Think of your greatest desire, and write down how it will make you feel when you finally receive it. Feel those emotions swell inside of you and experience your shifting aura.

For instance, if you want a home. Does that manifestation make you feel secure in the world? Will you host family holidays at your house? Does it affirm that you will have a family in the future? Forget about the details of the house in this exercise; focus solely on how you will feel once you achieve it. Those emotions are real. They give you something to hold onto and a way to shift your energy when negative thoughts try to creep in. Remember, you can always change the trajectory of your day by raising your frequency.

During your emotional visualization, you’re moving past the hard stage of now and focusing on the beauty of when because you know everything you desire is already yours. Your subconscious mind can believe that, and it will start working toward achieving it.

2. You’re not letting go of control

When you manifest, are you clinging to your requests? Are you reminding the Universe over and over about your desires because they aren’t coming fast enough? This behavior is stopping your manifestation.

Instead, you have to remain patient. You can’t get frustrated quickly. If you’re impatient that the Universe is not acting swiftly enough or failed to bring you what you want, it’s a sign of resistance in your energy. On some level, you don’t believe you can get what you want by using the law of attraction. You feel unworthy and undeserving, but that is not true.

How to stop blocking your manifestation:

Put complete trust that the law of attraction is working in your favor—because it is. Your desire will manifest precisely at the right time in the appropriate situation that it is meant to. So, you have to state your desire, then let it go. Let the Universe do its work.

When times get tough and you start to get anxious, don’t slip into doubt. Go into the mirror, look at your aura, take note of all the beautiful energy surrounding you, and remind yourself that you are a divine light being who is protected, blessed, and loved.

Try saying this manifestation affirmation while you’re in the mirror:

I know change is on the way. I know that things are coming. I know they’re already activated. I already feel it. I already feel the abundance. I already know it’s here. I 100% believe in my ability to manifest things into my reality. I have no doubt, and I will release it.

3. Fear, doubt, and lack

Fear, doubt, and lack are stopping your manifestation. They represent subconscious blocks. These negative emotions stop you from becoming the creator and manifesting manifestor you’re destined to be. Remember, your situation is only as hard as you believe it is, and most of our thoughts are at a subconscious level. So if you find manifestation isn’t working for you or getting harder to achieve, your subconscious is self-sabotaging you with fear, doubt, and lack. And it’s pulling those emotions into your reality even more.

If you’re repeating the same things constantly, expecting different results, that’s fear. You’re scared of your own energy. 1. You’re afraid it’s your own energy holding you back. 2. You’re afraid that shifting your energy will actually bring you everything you desire—and you don’t believe you’re ready for or deserving of that yet.

You’ll know when you’re functioning from a place of lack because you’ll focus on all the things not going your way. You’ll focus on your problems because you enjoy the suffering. You enjoy talking about how you’ll never be enough.

If you are constantly in disbelief of the things you want to attract, you’re giving into doubt, and you can’t manifest from that place. You have to work on yourself. You have to track down what part of you believes these ideas. It could even be that you need to remove yourself from a negative environment feeding these emotions. The people, places, and things around you do not have the authority to be stronger, smarter, or more powerful than the God that created everything.

It’s time to break this cycle and align yourself with the frequency of your manifestations. Once you move past those thoughts and frequencies, the subconscious mind starts visualizing that you have exactly what you desire.

Here’s how to stop blocking your manifestation with fear, doubt, and lack:

I challenge you to spend 24 hours in a state of gratitude. Touch everything you own and remember the moment you bought it because you were in a state of abundance then. Observing all that abundance around you will raise your frequency and make you a vibrational match to your desires.

You’ll begin moving in a state of appreciation and positivity where you notice your alignment with the things you’ve already manifested into your life. The more you think about those blessings, the more blessings you call in. The law of attraction dictates that what you think about, you bring about. Once you understand how this works, it’s much easier to align and re-align yourself with the vibration of the same energy and frequency as the thing that you want.

If you feel you have any of these manifestation blocks, or you’ve discovered that maybe something else is shifting your energy, there is a simple universal answer: love. These practices are meant to increase your self-love and trust in the Universe. These feelings help you unlock your abundance. Loving yourself, your suffering, your abundance, your neighbor, the Universe, and everything in between. When you move from love, watch how God uses you and fills up every aspect of your life so that you can show others how it feels to experience that respect and love.

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