How The Ego Blocks Manifestation

When you think of the word ego, does “conceited” come to mind? What if I told you ego is really a way of putting on armor so no one can hurt you. It keeps you small and protected. Essentially, ego blocks manifestation.

So, if you’re a blessed individual ready to up your game but feel stuck in one spot, it’s probably ego. It’s telling you that you’re not an energetic match to abundance. The more you listen to it, the more correct it becomes.

Keep reading to learn how to identify whether you’re being guided by ego, how ego blocks manifestation and 3 ways to move past it and into your abundance.

What is the ego in manifestation?

The ego can be considered Edging God Out (E.G.O.). It’s like the friend who always says, “Oh, they’re definitely cheating on you.” It goes right into the lowest vibrational thinking that it’s giving you good advice.

Ego says there’s not enough good energy to go around and keeps any level of abundance it gets to itself. It says I’m not going to share how I’m evolving, changing, and manifesting miracles in my life. 

It’s a logical mindset. Ego wants you to protect yourself when you’ve been hurt before, whether during your childhood or in relationships. Some people that come into your life and teach you to trust the ego. They teach you to stay in a safe little bubble. In doing this, they’ve prevented you from reaching your highest vibration.

However, we can’t give ego that much credit. You are constantly attracting and rejecting everything in your life. You are responsible for co-creating the reality in which you live in collaboration with God.

How to Know You’re Being Guided By Ego

Whenever you are settling for a life of safety or justifying wanting just enough, that’s ego talking. 

Ego says go get a paycheck because it’s safe. It says, “Don’t go after your dreams. Go after your security and what seems logical.” Chasing a paycheck is one way of abandoning your abilities. You’re selling out your soul by living in the square box called logic and preservation, a.k.a. paycheck energy.

When you consistently listen to the ego, it says, “don’t fall in love; fall into safety. “Instead of attracting your immaculate and wonderful soulmate, your list of the perfect partner will look more like this:

  • Someone with a good job
  • A person who can provide
  • A homeowner

Consider that this might be your ego talking. Because you’re forgetting that you are a provider. Go into the mirror and say, “I want to manifest somebody just like you. Someone who loves me, takes care of me, and looks after me because I do that for me.”

This doesn’t mean to date low vibrational people. It means you shouldn’t choose situations, opportunities, or relationships based on logic, perceived protection, or security. That is not what a manifesting manifestor pours into the universe. It is so important to stay out of this mentality because your ego blocks manifestation by constantly pull you down where it feels like it can protect you.

When you understand that the ego has a system in place, you can start recognizing the little ways it shows up in your reality. Thank you, ego, for making sure I don’t feel hurt again, but life can be so much more amazing. Ego wants you to have just a sprinkle, but God looks at you and says to have whatever you want. Go after it.

How Does the Ego Block Manifestation?

One of the biggest rules of manifestation is “letting go of control.” It’s part of the law of detachment. But ego is such a control freak. It wants to know what’s going to happen, how it will happen, and when. 

Manifestation isn’t about control or accounting for the worst things happening. Manifestation affirms you are a limitless, abundant, powerful being. The abundance of your life does not lie in the vibration of ego. The moment you visualize yourself beyond the ego’s control, you will align with the frequency needed to attract all the things you need to get what you desire most.

Another way ego blocks manifestation is by keeping you in a low vibrational state. It wants you to stay stuck in a mindset of lack. Ego tells you that the things you want aren’t coming. If you had listened to ego, it would have said you can’t afford that home or vacation. 

Let’s get to the root of the problem with a manifestation exercise:

Think all the way back to the first time you stopped believing you couldn’t lean into your natural gifts and talents. Who said or did things to make you feel unworthy? What has led you down this path of limiting yourself? That’s where your limiting blocks are. That’s where your ego resides to protect you. Now, let’s work together to dismantle those beliefs with a one-on-one coaching call. Book yours here.

It says, “well, if I do this, then I can’t go over there because I don’t know for sure.” Of course, you don’t know for sure. That’s what life is. It’s for you to dream, desire, and manifest it. Life isn’t for you to stay small. That serves nobody.

Ego is a fucking liar. Ego keeps you small, and says don’t rock the boat. I’m telling you to rock the boat. To get the results you want, you have to totally drop the ego’s desire for safety until you know without a doubt that your desired reality is coming. Everything you want already exists; it just hasn’t reached your reality yet.

Instead of focusing on ego, you have to focus on the ability to attract. Put all of your eggs in the basket of bigger and better. You are worthy of it.

3 Ways to Get Out of Ego’s Way

1. Align your environment with your desires

To truly get out of ego’s way, you have to switch from acting out of your assumptions, beliefs, and convictions to acting out of your environment. What does your current environment align with? Are the people closest to you happy and joyful? Or are they Debbie downers who walk around with a cloud over their head?

You see, these surroundings contribute to your ego. Their beliefs can become your beliefs and lower your vibration. High vibrational beings, on the other hand, help you raise your energy and inspire you to know you can have anything you desire.

2. Let go of all conflicting energy

To stop ego from blocking your manifestations, you must let go of anything that conflicts with the vision you want to attract. That means diving into the resistance, dismantling it, and letting it go entirely. Finally, you have to detach from your desires because you know it already exists and is on its way to you. You’ve taken on the consciousness of your goal and live in a way where it is entirely true to you.

You don’t even believe that anything else is possible. That fearlessness is faith and freedom. It’s total belief in this future version of yourself. Remember matter where you are, the law of attraction energy is always working.

3. Work on raising your vibration

Always focus on how you’re going to attract abundance into your life. Ask yourself, “how am I going to get healthier? How am I going to become happier?” It’s not by numbing it out and binging Netflix.

You have to meditate. Go out in nature and connect your feet to the earth. Listen to the podcast and read the blogs that have lifted your soul and vibration. The higher you vibrate, the more you free yourself from ego, and the more you can manifest.

Think of driving your car as a symbol of your life. The rearview mirror is so small in comparison to the windshield. Why? Because the coming attractions are much bigger than what’s behind you. What’s behind you has already passed. If you continue living in the rearview mirror, you will always crash. You’re going to fall backward instead of leaping forward. 

The ego is tethered in all your past beliefs and experiences. It wants you to worry about all the traffic behind you. I don’t want you to stay in a limiting state where the ego decides how you’re going to manifest this life. As a spiritual coach, speaker, author, and podcast host, I know all of that makes up your energy.

Start your manifestation journey with me.

It’s so common to backslide into the place where ego blocks manifestation and live in a state of lack. It wants you to believe the universe is a messed up place, and you have to live in the low vibration. When you feel yourself slipping backward, you need a 5D reality check with me. Because you are worthy of that limitless abundance. It starts with a 60-minute one-on-one clarity call where we discover those limiting blocks and create an individualized plan to help you get past them. Book your call today.

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