Moon Rituals: Using the Moon for Manifestation

If you’ve been feeling low vibrations around a particular time each month, you’re not the only one. Every civilization has created their calendar based on the moon cycles. The moon controls the tides and oceans across the entire planet. Since you’re made up of 90% water, it’s only right that the moon has an impact on how you feel, and more importantly, how you manifest. Fortunately, you can use the moon’s energy to manifest even faster. Keep reading to learn how to perform moon rituals, including cleansing your space and body and setting intentions.

What is the Difference Between a Full Moon and a New Moon During Manifestation?

The new moon represents new beginnings. During this time, you should be asking for what you want. It’s all about creating manifestation practices, talking to the moon, and setting your intentions.

A full moon should be about releasing and completion. It’s the time to cleanse your energy. Ask the moon to help you release all those low vibrational relationships and situations, whether family, friends, jobs, or relationships.

Understanding the difference between these types of moon phases helps you manifest during a new moon and then release any manifestation blocks during the full moon.

Cleansing Practices for Moon Rituals

Prepare your home

It’s extremely important to create a ritual for your space when you’re manifesting with a new moon, starting with cleansing. This action clears your space of anything that is low vibrational or negative and opens up room for what you want to bring in.

Cleansing for a new moon is slightly different from cleansing for a full moon. For a new moon, you want to cleanse the front door, or whichever entrance you use the most, whether that’s the garage or a side door.

For a full moon, you should do the opposite. Take time to clean the back door with the intention of completing and releasing any manifestation blocks.

You can cleanse your home for manifestation in a number of ways:

  • Sage stick or herbs
  • Reiki symbols
  • Through visualization
  • Flames
  • Candles
  • Charged water
  • Salt scrub and a cloth

There are countless spiritual tools you can use to cleanse your doors and pathways. As long as your intention is right, you will be creating a beautiful alignment for the moon energy to come in or release things out of your life.

Take a Moon Bath

One moon ritual I always do is a moon bath. I take one before I do any rituals during a new moon and after the full moon. Moon baths help you tap into the divine feminine beautiful moon energy.

Try adding these to elements and practices to your bath:

  • Throw in some epsom salt
  • Drop in some essential oils – These can vary depending on your intention. For example, peppermint can pump you up, while lavender helps you enter zen mode.
  • Light candles – Again, light a candle that connects with your intention, like love, abundance, money,peace, prosperity, freedom, etc.
  • Play a sound bath – Tune into YouTube and set it to 174 or 286 megahertz. Let the vibration cleanse your sheets, bed, and everything else that is part of you.
  • Do a deep breathing exercise

I personally do this cleansing practice an hour and a half before the rest of my rituals during a new moon. During a full moon, I do these steps after. I cleanse my energetic body under the full moon, release what no longer serves me, then I let the water out.

As the water drains, I visualize all the negativity and everything that was holding me back going down the drain with it. You can pick this kind of energy up from envious people or those who act negatively toward you.

I seal my bath with a release prayer: Heavenly Father, allow me to release this energy so that I can be a light and guide here on Earth for all those who listen; for all those who work with me. Allow my energy to be clean and pure.


Meditation is a crucial part of any manifestation practice. Once you get out of the bath, it helps to meditate. Bring your crystals along! This step helps call in the goddess five energy.

During meditation, tell God how ready you are to manifest more abundance, prosperity, freedom, or whatever you desire into your life.

Set Your Intentions

Write down your intentions or a few things you want to bring into your reality. If it’s a new moon, write about what you want to manifest. If it’s a full moon, decide what you want to release.

The action of writing it down is non-negotiable. It’s called scribing. When you write it, you release and transmute that energy from your human body to the paper.

If you can, start this practice five days before the moon. Work on one thing at a time each day of the week:

First Day – Why do I want it

Second Day – How good it feels to have it

Third Day – The action you would take to be more in alignment with it

Fourth Day – Visualize yourself having it

Fifth Day – Celebrating, celebrating, celebrating having it

Do the same thing for a full moon regarding releasing it. On the night of the moon cycle, sit out under it if you can tolerate it. 

Take time to really understand what you want to manifest – create a story around it. What would it look like to have it? Are you really ready to invest in your future, emotionally, vibrationally, and financially with a manifestation course? Are you going to take action and move forward in the moon’s powerful energy? Under the moon, use your imagination and visualize your desires coming to you over and over.

One thing I like to do is read my intentions out loud with vigor and emotion. I use every ounce of energy that I have in my life, and after each declaration I say, “this or better, God.

Finally, spend the rest of the night journaling about it. Once you do this, accept that it’s already yours. You’ve aligned yourself with that clarity and written down your intentions, so it’s yours.

Say a Moon Prayer

You and God are co-creating in all of this. So, request assistance from your divine light, your angels, and God. Say a prayer on that moon – you can look up plenty of them online. I even make personalized moon prayers for my students upon request. 

Book your first session with me and let’s create your moon ritual together.

When you find one, be bold and positive. Always end on a note of gratitude, kindness, and loving energy because that is the vibration of the creator.

Should you set your intentions on fire during moon rituals?

Fire is transformational. On a full moon, when you’re ready to release your pain, suffering, and limited vibrations, ask for divine guidance. As you light that paper, visualize it is no longer part of your energetic field. Imagine something more beautiful is flooding in to replace it. Something bigger than you could ever imagine is on its way to you. 

The Importance of Creating Your Own Moon Rituals

These rituals are just suggestions. How you feel during your practice is just as important as the actions themselves. Were you embarrassed or ashamed? Did you feel out of sorts? Or did you feel proud you’re finally moving forward in that energy? 

Your success indicates how much work you put into it. I encourage you to create your own rituals. You can do them during a waxing or waning moon. The choice is yours.

Never forget you are the creator of your reality in collaboration with God. You decided to come down here in your specific life path number, with your astrological sun and moon signs. All of these things impact how you create unique rituals and experiences. Those personal touches make your practice more powerful.

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