3 Manifestation Letters to the Universe + Examples

This post corresponds with podcast episode 56: 2X2X2 – Three Letters I Always Write & So Should You!

Words to the universe are so powerful. Writing three manifestation letters can help you create a new vibration that allows you to shift into the frequency of your desires. This 2X2X2 method has you write letters of prediction, forgiveness, and attraction from two different energetic forms.

This practice will help you become a magnet of a higher level of evolved thinking and become lightning fast in your manifestation abilities. Keep reading for three different letters to the universe and examples to help you write your own before the new year.

Prediction Manifestation Letter

Prediction letters are written as current and future you. It is essentially one letter, written in two different energies.

  1. The first letter should be written in your current vibration to your future self. Talk about all the things you want to attract or predict into your life.
  2. The second letter to the universe should be written in your future vibration — write it as if you have already received everything you want, and you’re living in that amazing reality. Affirm all the good things that have come into your life.

Here’s an example of my prediction letter written at 9:53 A.M. CST on 12/21/2020:

Entering into the great conjunction of 2021, my intention is to sell my home for full asking price and find the perfect casita by the sea in the perfect city for me and my babies. I intend to grow and expand in all areas of my path, in speaking, podcasting, coaching, writing, etc. and open up all areas in my life. 

To live a happy, healthy, vibrant life full of abundance, new friends, helping others, swimming, and surrounded by others who love dolphins, near the ocean with road trips along the ocean, creating tutorial videos, seeking new experiences, visiting more and more coaching clients via zoom. (Sign up to be one of my coaching clients here.) There are more interviews and volunteering while exploring my new life, meeting wonderful people, and in search of finding a new best friend and partner who is financially independent, not having to teach them, but teaching each other.

Never touching my Windy Meadow money, letting go of fear, doubt, and the worry of rejection. Not worried about anything. Feeling deeply connected to my students, clarity calls, listeners, God, angels, my guides and most of all, my intuitive self. To be 100% free in all aspects of my life.

I love you, future Michelle.

From, current Michelle.

I also wrote a second prediction letter to the universe that I opened December 20, 2021. So much of it came into my reality. However, even so much of that first letter had already come into my reality by the time I opened it just six months after writing it.

Forgiveness Letters to the Universe

Life’s mountains will move much easier with the power and light of love and God source energy flowing through you into the world. To reach this energetic state, you have to be forgiving.

That means you can’t have such a strong opinion about something that you shut everyone out. I dislike the philosophies of a lot of people, but I don’t hate them. I look at them in their lack, pain, and suffering, and I say I forgive you for what you’ve done. 

Say I’m gonna write two letters and forgive you. With two letters, I’m going to show you and raise my vibration.

Whether it was a lover, boss, friend, family member, or a complete stranger, people will enter into your life to see if the manifesting manifester can handle it. Write these letters in two ways for that person, situation, or circumstance that is bringing down your vibration:

  1. One letter is to this person for all the things they did. Tell them the ways they hurt you, exactly what they did, and how it made you feel. Then, let it go and forgive them. Let them know you understand them, and you forgive them despite what they’ve done.
  1. This second letter is from them to you. Because we know that stubborn people will not apologize or ask for forgiveness. They’re not even on a vibrational plane where they can understand what they’ve done to you.

Example of the second type of forgiveness letter:

Dearest you,

I’m so sorry that I hurt you. I’m so sorry my fear prevented me from taking that leap of faith with you. Please understand I’m a limited soul living in a dark and scary world. And that although you can walk fearlessly through life, I cannot. 

I beg for your forgiveness because I meant you no harm. I want to be a free person that can say this out loud in my humanity, but I cannot. Please know that I do love you, and I am deeply sorry. I want you to know you’re not deserving of the pain, suffering, torture, insecurity, or anxiety I caused in your life. On bended knee, I ask you to transmute this energy from me to you.


The importance of forgiveness letters

Truly sit in it and really imagine them writing it to you. Understand that this practice allows you to create a new way to perceive their brokenness. It’s not you; it’s them. Now, this doesn’t mean you are free from all guilt because we have to understand we had a part in that situation. We have to take accountability for our part and learn why we received this contrast. Why did we manifest the situation, and what was it there to teach us?

These two letters of forgiveness are so important because you don’t want to reside, create from, or wake up in that other person’s vibration. These two manifestation letters create a brand new gateway for you to be the attractor of all the things you are looking to manifest. This practice is a way to transmute that negative energy and shift a bit more to the right into the light of forgiveness, love and happiness. 

There is always room for forgiveness. No matter how many people I’ve forgiven in my life, somehow each and every year, some situation, person, or thing tests me.

Manifestation Letters for Attraction

The final two letters are written in two different energies that I believe my path is here for.

  1. A letter to the thing you are attracting and how and why it aligns with your purpose. Outline your hopes for it when you get it.
  2. The second letter comes from the things you’re hoping to attract. How excited they are that they found you. Remember, the thing you seek is also seeking you. It wants to find you, and this is the letter to you when it finally does.

Example of the first manifestation letter written to my course students:

Dear students, 

I want to share with you how to learn and become a manifesting manifester, so you can adjust your vibration through different practices and modalities.



Second Example of a manifestation letter I’ve written addressed from my course students to me:

Dear manifesting manifester Michelle,

I come willingly, anxiously, and excitedly to learn, to be a participant of, to be a seeker of, to be a transmuter of, to become a manifesting manifester through these practices and modalities. I am coming into this course fully prepared to release all of my limiting beliefs, to forgive everything from my past, to be open and accept that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


Write Manifestation Letters With Me

This 2X2X2 practice is always in the form of becoming an attractor of the energies that encompasses your life. I write these manifestation letters to my coaching clients and readers.

Right now, I’m preparing to write these letters to all the students attending my upcoming workshop. I take a limited number of students, and we get on a group call every week for two hours. You can also get one-on-one coaching for that limited four-week period where we have a check in every single day. Each week, I go over one specific modality in an intimate way to get you closer to manifesting your miracles. 

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