Learn How to Use Energy to Manifest with Into the Mystic

Did you know you can bring all your desires into your current reality using energy to manifest? Since the moment you came onto this Earth, you have had this power. You just haven’t tapped into it yet. 

Becoming a manifestation magnet isn’t as mysterious as you may think, especially when you know what the universe is saying or better yet what it’s NOT saying. You must start understanding the warning signs and codes, and know when it’s time to redirect or go ALL IN!

My Into the Mystic course will teach you to start using energy to manifest. We’ll cover all the energetic tools and practices to help you call in abundance faster and easier than ever. Whether you want to find a romantic partner, manifest money, or finally step into your purpose, it’s all within your reach.

That’s why I created my Into the Mystic course.

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What is Into the Mystic?

This 4-week LIVE program starts March 5, 2023, every Sunday from 7-9 pm. It’s the key to tapping into your powerful energy. Me and your new spiritual besties from around the globe will meet on zoom every week. Each session, we will break down a different modality, from money and crystals to moon energy and spirit guides.

Each class is filled with other manifestors just like you who will offer love, support, and divine light energy to help you work through tough subjects. You will walk away with new friendships and a killer support system. I’ve seen firsthand how surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can work wonders in manifestation.

However, four sessions isn’t nearly enough to learn it all. That’s why the Into the Mystic course also includes daily personal check-ins, group messaging, four workbooks, and my gratitude techniques. I do everything I can to give you the tools, information, and guidance to shift your energy to that of abundance.

This course is $699 with payment plans available. Spots are extremely limited because I only take 20 attendees. This intimate class size ensures you get the focused attention you deserve.

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Who Should Sign Up for Into the Mystic?

If you are ready to use all the energetic tools and practices and tap into your abundance, this course is for you. All you need is an open mind and heart with a willingness to put these teachings into practice.

Whether you’re new to manifesting or are ready to level up, you will get so much out of this course.

Remember, there are no mistakes or coincidences. You’ve been brought to this page for a reason. Your angels are pushing you to take the next step and open up to receiving. 

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Keep reading to learn more about this course and discover whether it’s the right choice for you.

Into the Mystic Course Subjects

Manifesting Must-Knows

Before you start using energy to manifest, we’ll go over all the must-knows. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to meditate. In my teachings, this is one of the most important practices ever. I manifest every single morning before my feet hit the ground.

Even if you’ve never done it before, I will give you tips to help you start. You will meditate often in this course.

Meditation clears out all the noise and allows you to download critical information from the universe – information that will help you align with taking inspired action toward your purpose.

Manifesting Money

In this section, you’ll begin to understand the frequency of money. We’ll cover all the ways you can raise your vibration to reach that desired frequency. Some of these practices include building out a money corner, using the most abundant crystal combinations for wealth, and creating the ultimate crystal mantra. We will also practice shadow work for money.

As you master these ideas, you’ll start to see more and more abundance come your way. Plus, you’ll always have the first workbook to refresh your memory and continue using energy to manifest money.

Love & Divine Feminine Energy

One of the most common reasons people manifest is to find love. I want you to find the love you desire so badly. Of course, we have to do some work to get there. In this section, we will define your ideal partner. I’ll help you prepare your life to receive this kind of love.

It all starts with the reaching energetic frequency of love and relationships. To do so, we have to define and understand the divine feminine energy. Then, you have to release the aggressive masculine energy to become more vulnerable. You will learn to do both during the Into the Mystic course.

We’re going to cover all things intimate in this section of the class, including:

  • Fertility and family planning practice
  • A dream love ritual
  • Bedroom boosting tricks you and your partner will love.

All Things Crystals, Candles, and MagiK

During week 2, we will go deeper into crystals. You may not realize just how many uses there are for crystals: vortexes, protection, healing ailments, unblocking chakras, cleansing, and deeper meditation.

These energetic stones bring so much power into your practice, but all the meanings can feel intimidating. Fortunately, you will learn so much that you’ll be able to walk into a spiritual shop and pick out your own gemstones for anxiety, self-empowerment, happiness, spiritual enlightenment, and anything else you need to focus your practice on.

I also like to give the scientific side of things, so we’ll discuss the science behind crystals, their vibrational frequency, and crystal therapy. As a whole, this section will teach you how to activate the most power from your crystals in manifestation.

Your spot for my 4-week LIVE course is waiting! Sign up here.

Energy Practices

Manifestation is all about energy — and we study all aspects of it.

  • How to read energy
  • How to tap into your higher self energy
  • How to protect your divine energy
  • How to tap into your ancestral energy
  • How to read your aura and those around you
  • Raising your cosmic energy
  • Creating a personalized energy practice

Plus, we’ll learn how the moon cycles affect this energy. I’ll teach you how to harness the sun and moon’s energy for your good.

This is all information you need to truly become a master of your own energy. When you learn this, nothing and no one can stop you from getting everything you so deserve. Even when something throws you off, you’ll be able to shift your energy back to the frequency of abundance quickly.

Connecting with Your Angels & Guides

You are surrounded on this earth by angels and spirit guides. You have to learn to work with them to co-create the reality you desire. You’ll learn how to listen when they are trying to communicate with you. Ultimately, you’ll be able to ignite your super angels for guidance and protection.

We’ll even discover your level of psychic intuition and how you can increase these abilities. As a person with this kind of cosmic connection, I know how amazing it feels to be tuned into all these resources in the universe. I want you to have this same connection.

This is only a quick snapshot of what you’ll get from this manifestation course. Every student who enrolls leaves discovering that they always had everything they needed — but now they know how to use it!

“I signed up for Into the Mystic, and it has been LIFE CHANGING. Michelle is a one of a kind beautiful soul. She cares so deeply about you and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity!

I signed up without knowing how I was going to pay for it! But let me tell you, the universe always provides! This course is worth all of the money and then some! What you learn with Michelle, you really can’t find anywhere else. Everything she teaches works. You truly see change! I will take all the knowledge I learned in this course and continue to grow and change my life! Thank you, Michelle.”

Salina, past Into the Mystic student

If you’re reading this, I know you’re ready to change your life. Your spirit guides led you here, but it’s going to take one more step.

You have to trust the universe and sign up. Making that investment in yourself shows the universe that you are serious and ready for your total abundance.

That’s what it’s all about — giving you the kickstart you need to start using energy for manifestation every day. I won’t stop until we shift the collective consciousness as a whole. 

While I share a lot of free information on my blog and Manifesting Miracles podcast, you won’t find these Into the Mystic teachings there. I reserve this information for my students. In my courses and one-on-one coaching calls, I provide real-life feedback to help you move past limiting beliefs and manifestation blocks in your life.

Don’t miss your chance to dive deeper into the mystic and learn about using energy to manifest in all aspects.

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