Six Weeks to Success: Spiritual Manifestation Coaching

Have you always felt like there was more to life than the path you’re currently on? Has the universe been showing you signs and patterns? There’s a reason you feel this way. Your angels and guides have led you to this six-week spiritual manifestation program. 

In six weeks, your whole life will look completely different. Six Weeks to Success is all about elevating you to a place where you can interpret what your guides and angels are telling you. You won’t need to Google answers when you see a sign. You’ll know in your core where to go and what to do. This six-week coaching program will reveal how powerful you truly are.

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What is Six Weeks to Success?

Six Weeks to Success is a one-on-one coaching program with me, Michelle J. Lamont. As a manifestation guru, award-winning podcast host, and life coach, I have all the tools and techniques to help you unlock your genius. Since 2016, I have been studying, crafting, and working with programs and podcasts to touch the lives of over 200,000 people.

All it takes is six weeks to change your mind and life forever. In six weeks, we will work out the patterns that are keeping you limited. We will push through fear, doubt, insecurity, and the imposter syndrome you feel when you think about becoming your most authentic self.

As a student in my program, you will:

  • Reserve a dedicated time slot each week that cannot be taken by anyone else.
  • Get six 90-minute sessions each week where we dig in. Plus, these sessions are recorded, so you can use this guidance forever.
  • Do daily check-ins to review the work we’re creating with deliverables to help you process everything you need to know and remember every day.

By the end of this program, you will know beyond a doubt that being your most authentic self will send you into a new platform. Fear and doubt will no longer slow you down or stop you from getting on the path to your miracles. I will help you unlock your power to manifest a life cultivated just for you.

Who Should Do One-on-One Coaching?

​​We all need one-on-one coaching at least once in our life. Whether you need to get rid of blocks, a guide to get you back on track, or someone to help you decode your life path, this program is for you.

To get the most out of your time, you need somebody who’s unbiased, understands the cosmic connection, and can explain how to activate your angels and guides. You need someone who can show you the ways to raise your vibration. I’ve done all this for myself and thousands of clients, and now I will do it for you. I take the Six Weeks to Success very personally. I want you to be my biggest success story.

Remember, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” and here I am.

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What Happens During Six Weeks to Success?

Throughout the six weeks, we will disrupt everything that’s keeping you stuck and start to reveal the love and light waiting on the other side. Here’s our weekly breakdown:

Week One: First, you’ll learn how to release your history. We’ll create a one-year timeline to move you forward.

Week Two: It’s time to forgive that history we discussed in week one. We’ll learn exactly what you need to do to unlock and get on that divine path. I will design an extremely personalized spiritual manifestation morning routine based on your life. 

Week Three: Halfway through the course, we do a deep, deep dive into shadow work. We continue confronting fears and facing imposter syndrome to help reveal the highest and best version of yourself.

Week Four: This is your level-up season. You will tap into your future self. I want you to have that authentic abundance portal locked, secured, and understood.

Week Five: Meet the magical you. I will share very specific practices to help you understand how to manifest money, happiness, and strength. This cosmic competence will never leave you.

Week Six: It’s time to launch. We will recap everything we’ve worked on for the last five weeks. We’ll call in your angels and guides and craft a 10-month timeline to keep your momentum going. You’ll learn exactly how they show up for you, whether you believe it or not. We will prove that your angels and guides are there for you on this Earth journey.

I limit my coaching program to six weeks because people can get stuck in the cycle if it’s longer. I will always be here to answer questions and check in with you, but I believe all it takes is six weeks to set you up for the success you desire.

Your Life Change is Waiting

We are here to create. You are meant to level up. If no one told you today, you are abundant; you are protected; you are guided. Your purpose and desires have been waiting for you to show up, and you’re finally here. 

You have no excuse not to change your life. There’s no reason for you not to step into this program and commit to six weeks of change. Your life will be completely different by the end of this.

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