How the Manifesting Manifestor Masterclass Will Transform Your Life

Are you feeling absolutely stuck? Have your limiting beliefs and fears been holding you back from achieving your dreams? (You know the ones that say you can’t make money pursuing your passions or that you’re not good enough for love or abundant happiness?) Do you want to manifest money faster and easier than ever?

The good news is that you’re so close to manifesting your dreams! Your angels and spirit guides have led you to your life-changing transformation and ultimate abundance.

The Manifesting Manifestor Masterclass!

In 3 weeks, your life is going to do a complete 180 before your very eyes. You’ll be able to call in your dream career, more money, or anything else you desire. But more than anything, you will feel overwhelming joy and total freedom!

Just ask any of my students:

I am a nurse, a newer stepmom and wife, and a graduate school student, and this has been the BEST INVESTMENT OF MY LIFE! I had depression for about a year, sprinkled with repressed issues that were coming out in really harmful ways for myself and my family. I felt that my life was spiraling and falling apart. I signed up for a course, and OMG, BEST INVESTMENT OF MY LIFE! It’s doable for anyone, and you are with a very supportive group. I felt safe to be vulnerable. I almost do not recognize who I am in the mirror when I look back at myself before the program. It is like a spiritual bootcamp. There is a point where you begin to see the magic and blessings that life, your angels, and God/source has to offer. You also get to see YOU, the actual, fearless, eternal, amazing version of YOU.

Zauhra N.

You can’t miss this 3-week course because it will change your life.

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What is the Manifesting Manifestor Masterclass?

The Manifesting Manifestor Masterclass is a 3-week online course designed to LEVEL YOU UP. You will never attend anything else like this because nobody is as dedicated to your growth as Michelle J. Lamont. As a manifestation expert, guru, and coach, I have used these proven techniques to manifest a million-dollar view, TV appearances, and celebrity interviews.

Each 2-hour weekly zoom class session is absolutely packed with information. You will come away knowing so much more than you ever thought you would.

Plus, you’ll receive:

  • Full recordings of each class to review for years to come
  • Three detailed workbooks with prompts, assignments, and more information to help you reach your full potential
  • Personalized daily check-ins and group messaging to keep you moving forward throughout the week
  • Long-lasting connections with a group of highly motivated, supportive individuals who want to see you win!

To make sure we can squeeze every drop out of this course and give each person individualized information, I keep class sizes extremely small. I only offer this class a few times a year, so make sure you can get this information as soon as possible.

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Why You Need the Manifesting Manifestor Masterclass

If you knew how to change your life on your own, you would have already done it by now. You need the right information to make your dreams a reality, and you’ll find it in this masterclass.

Everything you learn in these three weeks is how you’re going to take your life from despair to desire, from barely making it to thriving. Are you ready to feel on fire for life again? Sign up for the course now.

It all starts by changing your thoughts and beliefs. That’s what makes this course so important for manifestors: identifying all those limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and shifting them to the mindset of joy, abundance, and freedom. And we’re going to do that in week 1!

When you do, the results are incredible. You can manifest money in the morning and be cashing in at night — that’s how easy it feels when you have the right information.

In only 3 weeks, you will:

  • Understand the beliefs and myths you back
  • Release all low vibrations
  • Recognize why you attract certain people into your life 
  • Cleanse your vibration to attract money
  • Learn how to easily manifest money according to your life path number
  • Learn how to manifest self-love, relationships, and connections

This Manifestation Course is Perfect For You If…

The Manifesting Manifestor Masterclass is not a beginner’s course. It is an advanced masterclass to help you harness every spiritual and energetic tool available. It is meant to flip the power switch all the way on so you can receive the abundance you’ve been praying for.

This 3-week masterclass may be perfect if you:

  • Already have a daily manifestation practice but need to supercharge your abilities
  • Have a general knowledge of how to manifest, but it hasn’t been working as fast as you’d like
  • Have taken one of my other courses and want to see how far you can really go

Don’t know if this is the right class for you? Schedule a FREE 15-minute call where I can pair you with the right course for what you truly want.

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5 Things You’ll Learn in the Manifesting Manifestor Masterclass:

Manifestation Course Workbook - Understanding the Metaphysical

Week 1

  • How to harness your highest practice
  • Learn how to open your psychic abilities
  • Unlock your highest timeline
  • Understand what holds you back
  • Unleash all low vibrations forever
  • Supercharge your guides & angels

1. Calculate your life path number

Your life path number tells you almost everything you need to know about your talents, weaknesses, tendencies, and overall purpose in this life. When you’re not creating or manifesting based on your life path number, you will feel tension, resistance, and unhappiness.

Knowing your life path changes EVERYTHING. I’m going to help you calculate yours immediately. That means after the first class, you’ll start feeling more peaceful, happier, and more aligned with the universe. It’s that easy with this course.

2. Identify and release your limiting beliefs

Your limiting beliefs are holding you back from your goals, and we’re going to change that. The first week, we will break up everything you thought you knew about yourself. All those little ideas that are hiding in the back of your brain and causing you to self-sabotage will be brought to the light and hopefully GONE at the end of this three weeks. We will come up with personalized affirmations to shift your mindset and raise your vibration. Get ready to experience complete freedom from fear and anxiety like never before.

3. Connect with the metaphysical

You are co-creating this life with the divine source. You have to be fully plugged in — and the sooner, the better. The entire first week is dedicated to harnessing your highest power, opening your psychic abilities, and supercharging your guides and angels. 

By the end, you will know without a doubt when the universe is communicating with you and, more importantly, what it’s saying. Get ready to meditate, meditate, meditate!

Manifestation Course Workbook for Attracting Money

Week 2

  • Learn how to manifest money according to your life path number
  • How to cleanse your vibration to attract money
  • How to break the ancestral ties to money
  • How to open the stream of money abundance by the numbers

4. Understand how to manifest money

Money is just energy. When you understand how to work with energy, money can be easy to make. You can call it in amazingly fast. People have gotten off a call with me and manifested $100 in the same day! How? By living according to their life path, doing money rituals, and manifestation!

My course helps you manifest money in a few ways: First, we break the ancestral ties that keep us in a mindset of lack. Then, we cleanse and raise our vibration to attract money fast. Finally, I’ll teach how to use your life path number and different money rituals to open the stream of abundance by the numbers. Before you know it, you’ll be living a stress-free life without money worries because you know there’s always more coming to you.

Online Manifestation Course Workbook

Week 3

  • How to manifest more self love, relationships, or people using your life path number.
  • Learn what path is most natural for you & what is blocking you
  • Learn how to use and harness plant & earth energy
  • Learn how to dig deep and finally let go of those dense realities that hold you back
  • Understand why you attract certain people & who you should focus on instead to advance you

5. How to manifest absolutely ANYTHING

The last section of the class will teach you all the modalities and practices to call anything you desire into your reality. You’ll learn how to harness plant and earth energy and so much more. Plus, I will share my own manifestation routines and techniques that got me a million-dollar view and my dream life.

After this masterclass, you will go back into the world feeling so confident that you can have anything you want. You’ll have all the tools to cleanse your energy, raise your vibration, and follow through on your intentions.

Take the first step to manifest money fast

Life is meant to be created with joy. You know you are destined for so much better. You know you deserve everything you’ve dreamed of. And you can have it. All it takes is three weeks and dedication to becoming the absolute most powerful version of yourself.

This masterclass is truly a once in a lifetime experience that transforms your capabilities and allows you to MASTER every dream. Thousands of students have already done it:

My life was completely stuck in a loop. I was so depressed, angry, and in a way, all I wanted was to end it. I started one-on-one coaching sessions with Michelle, which CHANGED MY LIFE for the better. I made the best investment on myself and took a course. Not only did I start to truly manifest into the person I always wanted to be, but better opportunities have come up. I have met the most beautiful souls in the group. I am so happy that I have a closer relationship with God and myself which I wanted for the longest. I am in a higher vibration than last year. Michelle is a gift to our world. She’s a caring soul that just wants to help you unlock your potential. I am so happy and grateful that I found her podcast which led me to her courses. THANK YOU, LOVE YOU. UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL!

Tina G.

The best way to show the universe you’re serious about attracting money and leveling up is by investing in yourself. Investing in the masterclass shows that you trust the universe to double, triple, or even quadruple your investment. You can’t hoard your money and expect abundance because it’s not possible to create from the place of lack. 

So, I challenge you to invest in yourself and see how fast it returns to you. In three weeks, I know you’ll see your life changing. You may not know how it’s happening, but the moment you sign up, your abundance is already on its way to you.

Save your spot in my Manifesting Manifestor Masterclass and get ready for your life-changing transformation today!

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