Want to Manifest Money Fast? 5 Principles You Need To Know

Can I let you in on a secret that society doesn’t want you to know? Getting money is EASY.

Now, I know that everything up until this point has made you feel otherwise. You may have struggled to earn money your whole life. Maybe you get cash and immediately lose it all. Society wants you to struggle, so you stay in a capitalistic mindset. I want you to be free. 

I’ve taken my coins down to Coinstar just to buy a few groceries. I’ve also been the person with million-dollar companies that left me angry, drained, and unhappy. Neither of those situations was freeing.

Now, I live an abundant life. I manifested my dream home on the water. Money comes to me freely and easily. It’s not because I’m more worthy of money than anyone else. It’s because I studied and understood five critical principles.

These five concepts totally shifted my mindset around money. It turned me into a money magnet. Not just me — my students have become money magnets from these courses.

In fact, one of my students signed up for my class with $200 in her bank account. The deposit for my class was $150, but she did it anyway. Since taking the course, she got a $3000 bonus, a $1000 bonus, a gas card, and a vacation to Disneyland with her daughter.

In just weeks, she manifested her dream neighborhood with better schools, opportunities, and conditions. She is the first tenant in a beautiful brand-new apartment. These principles helped her totally jump timelines! She realized her fears, places of lack, and how her history influenced her actions. She turned those areas into abundance, divinity, and consciousness.

You’re about to do the same! Keep reading so you can learn tips to manifest money fast!

The Wrong Way to Manifest Money

So many people have convoluted intentions when trying to manifest money fast, and then they try it. When they don’t get it, they give up on manifesting completely.

To get to a point where money flows to you easily and freely, you must become a vibrational match to that reality. When you have the right intentions and vibrations, money will find you before you even think about it.

I used to be the opposite of a money magnet. I was a hustle money magnet, a fear-based money magnet, a low vibrational money magnet. And it still worked. Because I knew that in my reality, a clever, connected, and creative individual would be able to master money and bring it in without understanding the energy of it.

Even though it worked, I had to push, force, and dissolve relationships to get it. That’s the case for a lot of people. They lead their lives in pursuit of something they always have to chase.

When you truly master money, the universe becomes your best friend, and God becomes your sugar daddy. You get an unlimited ATM to withdraw from — you don’t have to chase down an ATM; you just drive up and pull the money out.

Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration for Money Manifestation

These are just a few daily activities you can do to put you at a higher point of attraction for money:

No matter who you are, your history, or your job, these principles and practices are all the same. Because everything is energy. Money is just energy.

5 Principles You Must Know to Manifest Money Fast

1. The Law of Attraction States, “Once you conceive it, you will receive it.”

The Law of Attraction dictates that once you state you want something, it must be created. So, all of the money you want already exists. You just have to become a vibrational match to it in this reality in order to receive it.

It doesn’t matter that money is this physical thing. Because when it boils down to it, money is just energy, and energy is matter. When that energy is created, it’s on its way in the material form of money. 

To receive it, you have to raise your inner vibration to match the frequency of money. Then, when you say you want more money, the universe will do everything possible to bring it to you in this dimension.

The universe is always working on some master plan to align us with the vibration and frequency to become a vibrational match to our desires.

2. You are not separate from money

You are not separate from money. It’s an illusion that money is out of your reach and that you have to be a different person or born into a different situation to receive it. 

Remember, money is just energy. You are already a vibrational energetic being. You can shift your vibration to match the same frequency of your desire and have it appear in your reality. Whether that’s money, love, a dream job, anything. You are not separate from ANY of your desires.

We both know the game is rigged. Our education system and the way we value humans are all based on a system of unworthiness. We live in a system based on lack and fear. This mindset causes you to idolize money and put it on this pedestal out of your reach instead of just being a vibrational match to it.

But here’s the thing… you put it there. You are the one who said money is hard to get. You bought into that idea. There are people who call in money like it’s nothing every single day, all because they believe they are worthy of it. They know that if it’s out there, then they should be able to have it. You deserve it, too!

Money is right there with you, just waiting for you to become a vibrational match to it.

3. Time is an illusion, so there’s plenty of opportunity left to manifest money.

Time is an illusion. So many people think they’re running out of time to make money. This mindset allows fear, scarcity, and lack to shove right back in. 

It doesn’t stop at saying there’s not enough time. Fear also tells you you’re not worthy of having money, you’re not good enough, it’s not going to happen, etc. You’re living in your history, creating the same pattern over and over — win and lose, win and lose over and over again. Well, I’m here to tell you that fear is a MF liar!

This concept of time is entirely man-made. The “work week” was created to build the workforce and cater to wealthy people. Our school years were designed to brainwash us into a reality of lack and fear. None of these time-based concepts were real until someone else dictated them. 

They are unnatural and have have no influence on the universe’s energy. The energy of consciousness tells us that time does not exist.

The universe doesn’t run on your 9-5. It isn’t waiting for you to get a diploma to deliver money to your doorstep. You can have it right NOW.

4. Invest In Yourself, and the Universe Will Invest In You

A lot of people have this idea that it is wrong to have wealth. We’ve built this stereotype that rich people are greedy and do bad things with their wealth. However, energy has to flow; again, money is a form of energy. So, the money will come and go, flowing back and forth effortlessly.

Where your attention goes, so does the energy. For wealthy people, all their energy is focused on money, so of course, it flows to and from them.

Want to know how to kickstart your own flow of money? Invest in yourself! This investment tells the universe that you believe you are a vibrational match to money and trust it to come back to you. 

You have to understand that money flows, and when you spend it, it returns to you. Your angels and guides want to show off, but you have to trust them.

Invest in yourself with a digital course!

5. Inspiration Beats Perspiration

Inspiration is divine order and action. Perspiration and planning are limited fear-based creating. It’s a conscious creation from hustle and fear rather than attraction, vibration, and allowance.

When you take divine action prompted by divine inspiration, it’s called alignment. How do you gain this alignment? Through meditation, calling in your angels, and getting in tune with the vibration you’re feeling.

For instance, you might be inspired to go to Starbucks one day, and you’ll happen to strike up a conversation with the person behind you. That person is the one contact you need to get into a bigger opportunity and attract money.

Follow your inspiration because that’s where the good, easy money comes from.

These are just 5 of the 50 principles I teach in my courses. We spend a whole week just on practices that go way deeper and feel more intuitive to help you flip the switch all the way on. To manifest money fast like a master, you have to seek the magic.

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