Your Beginner’s Guide to Shadow Work

If manifestation isn’t working for you or you don’t believe it can, shadow work may be the solution. While shadow work can feel a bit scary, this practice simply involves facing your fears, history, and limiting beliefs head on.

It is so important because manifestation requires you to be the most authentic version of yourself. However, you can’t create your ideal reality when you’re repressing parts of yourself and pretending they don’t exist.

Together, we’re going to confront the thoughts and feelings that are hiding in the shadows of your subconscious. This deeply healing process is going to help you finally elevate to the highest version of yourself. And on the other side of this shadow work is a beautiful divine light energy and everything you ever dreamed of.

I want you to know that your guides have led you to this page, and I am so honored and excited to share with you the power of shadow work. So, let’s dive into what it is, how to do it, and why it is so important in manifesting your dreams.

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is uncovering and understanding the parts of yourself that you’re avoiding the most — the things that make you feel guilty or ashamed.

You see, there are three versions of you:the conscious version of you, the one that you put f

You see, there are three versions of you:

  • The conscious one you put out into the world.
  • The highest version of yourself, overflowing in joy and abundance.
  • The shadow self that you hide.

The shadow self is situated deep within your subconscious. It causes you to suppress the truest version of yourself. Your shadow says you don’t need to heal from your past, that you’re okay where you are. 

However, your deepest self deserves a space to be heard, seen, and known. Those feelings need a place to be addressed. That is shadow work. It’s beautiful and freeing.

Now, doing shadow work doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly stop making mistakes or having those negative intrusive thoughts. You will always have to do shadow work because as you evolve, you’ll start to recognize all the little ways your history affects you. That’s all part of the heavy, emotional work of healing, and I am already so, so proud of you for starting to do it.

Why Do You Need Shadow Work?

Simply put, without shadow work, you’re never going to be able to reach that super high vibration for really powerful and easy manifestation.

You can’t cover it up, smile, or pretend your way out of it. That’s toxic positivity, and it has no place in manifestation.

Here’s the redeeming part: we all have repressed emotions that cause low vibrational reactions and an inauthentic version of ourselves. 

Eventually, you either learn how to work around it to avoid any situation that might look like it will cause more trauma. Or you’ll pretend to work through it and act like it doesn’t hurt you.

I don’t want you to do either of those things. Because all parts of you deserve to be seen — even the ones you’re pretending are no longer a part of you. Those experiences are literally part of the evolution of you. They were here to teach you something and they have to have a space to breathe and live. Shadow work is going to help you finally learn these lessons.

How to Do Shadow Work? (+ 2 Prompts)

Let’s talk about the steps it takes for you to release this low vibrational version of yourself and become the beautiful manifested version of joy and happiness.

You know how Facebook memories pop up, reminding you of 5 to 10 years ago today. First, I want you to mentally travel back to the place you’re avoiding the most and remember what that looked like. When you were 100% a version of yourself that you’re repressing.

Next, choose one of these prompt questions:

  1. What am I most ashamed of? Think about what you’re ashamed of anyone knowing about you. Is it something sexual? Financial? Physical or mental?
  2. What am I most avoiding?

Finally, journal on that topic for 15 minutes without stopping. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing. Because eventually, the shadow will come out. 

Instead of just saying, “I don’t want to go out and drink because I get knocked down drunk.” Your shadow will start speaking: “I have an addiction. I can’t go out and have just one drink and a good time.”

Your fears will start pouring over the page, whether that’s a sexual situation, being left out, or finally taking that leap of faith to quit the job, leave the relationship, or start a new business. Do one prompt for four weeks, and then the other one for the next four weeks. You’ll be surprised and relieved by what comes out when you give yourself that space.

Get Help With Shadow Work Coaching

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While it’s possible to do shadow work on your own, I can give you more support. 

My six weeks to success course helps you unlock those feelings deep within yourself. We move through the muck and the mud together, and I give you the reassurance you need to keep going deeper and deeper to bring the shadows into the light.

My six weeks to success course also includes:

  • Morning manifestation routine
  • Money work and rituals 
  • Clarity and resolution
  • Manifesting practices tailored to your desires, from a family, home, career, etc.

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Who Should Do Shadow Work?

If you’re a living human being, you need to do shadow work.

If there’s a voice in the back of your head saying, “there’s no way my angels and guides are working in my favor because I’m an unworthy, bad person,” shadow work is FOR YOU.

You might not even realize you need to do shadow work. However, there are clear signs and behaviors that signal when you need to do this practice:

  • Talking poorly about yourself
  • Being sarcastic
  • Self-deprecation
  • Self harm
  • Lashing out at others
  • Negative intrusive thoughts
  • General self-sabotage

For instance, maybe you went to self-checkout, and you didn’t scan everything. Stealing is your shadow’s way of saying you can’t afford to pay for everything. Maybe your shadow says you’re not worthy of love, so you have an overly sexual behavior pattern that doesn’t allow love, trust or true connection.

Is Shadow Work Scary?

I’m going to be honest with you… shadow work is not easy. It’s a difficult practice for a lot of people. We avoid it for years because it brings up the worst parts of ourselves. It illuminates the worst parts of our energy and our reality — the things we’re constantly trying to avoid at all costs.

Shadow work is scary because it makes you wonder if you’re going to be knocked down? Am I going to be humiliated or embarrassed? Will working through this destroy or hurt me?

But here’s the truth, the pain that you experienced is keeping you trapped in a limited reality. It’s time for you to transmute that energy so you can shine as the highest version of yourself. This is a safe space for you.  I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, that no matter what you’ve done or what’s hidden, you can unearth it and heal it.

When you do, you will feel freer and lighter than you have in years.

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