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Michelle J. Lamont


From a young age, Michelle J. Lamont recognized she had a gift for praying, dreaming, and speaking into existence the life she wanted. All her experiences led her to become an award-winning podcast host, manifestation master, and spiritual life coach.

Despite enduring years fraught with abandonment and physical and emotional abuse, Lamont is a resilient chameleon who has reinvented herself several times as an entrepreneur, spiritual life coach, and motivational speaker.

Going from a failed suicide attempt to manifesting interviews with Oprah, Kim Kardashian, and Cindy Crawford, Lamont is devoted to showing anyone, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, that they have the power to create the life of their dreams.

A first-generation Columbian-American born in Dallas, Texas, Lamont learned about the power of using her mind when she started her first company at 8-years-old. After turning a profit, she realized there were no limits to what she could accomplish when she set her mind to it. But tragedy struck when her mother passed away from undifferentiated lymphoma cancer. At 11 years old, Lamont’s father drove her to Waco, Texas, where she was placed in an orphanage and became a ward of the state. She remained there for six years until she left to attend Arizona State University.

Lamont started her second business after losing her beloved dog, Nixon, who was killed by a car. About a month after his death, Lamont had a dream. In it, she saw Nixon as a waiter serving other dogs at a restaurant named after him. The vision left her with an inkling to create a venture with dog treats. Starting with $250, she spent five years waiting tables and rolling frozen Domino’s pizza dough until she opened the pet retail store, Foxy Paws. The business would go on to expand into a million-dollar operation with four stores and over 40 employees.

While growing the business, Lamont created another service called Foxy Paws Designs. She taught herself to do her own public relations, which helped to generate local press for the stores. In 2010, she decided to close Foxy Paws due to growing competition from online retailers and increased rent.

On the day she gave her 30-day notice to her landlord, Lamont landed her first public relations client. She was asked to work for a charity event called Dancing with the Stars in Dallas. Leaning on her intuition and business acumen, she launched her public relations company.

Under Lamont PR, her client roster included pro-athletes, comedians, reality TV stars, and TV networks like BRAVO, WE, STYLE, TV ONE, the Travel Channel, and Aspire.

Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach

Though she was thriving in business, behind closed doors, Lamont was living in fear and misery. Suffering through 19 years of a loveless and emotionally abusive marriage, she divorced her husband in 2015.

Decades of feeling unwanted left her believing that she had no purpose outside of making money. Thinking there was nothing left for her, Lamont tried to take her own life. But her failed suicide attempt was the sign she needed to begin a spiritual journey of healing and re-discovering herself. She went back to school for her mindfulness cognitive therapy license, beginning her new chapter studying manifestation, mindfulness, and the law of attraction.

Where is Michelle Today?

Today, Lamont is a spiritual life coach who helps men and women remove their limiting beliefs so that they can manifest everything they desire.

She does this through one-on-one coaching, clarity calls, workshops, and masterclasses. In October 2020, her podcast Manifesting Miracles debuted as one of the top 100 downloaded shows in the spiritual and self-help category.

She reminds us that with the 11 laws of the universe, including the law of attraction, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, and nature, we are all worthy of living a life based in truth, joy, and abundance.

Manifestation Guru

Mindfulness Expert


Motivational Speaker


Join thousands of listeners on a life changing journey towards a more abundant, mindful, and beautiful life of manifestation.


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What I Offer



From one-on-one spiritual ife coaching to a multi-week/multi-step program, I aim to help guide you on this path toward abundance.


Join many others on a multi-week program across a variety of subjects pertaining to manifestation.


Whether you need to address your team or provide wisdom for a group, I’m happy to share my knowledge on the public stage.


Podcast, Coaching, and Classes

Rated 5 out of 5
August 14, 2023

I cannot express enough gratitude for this woman, Michelle J. Lamont! From the moment my best friend shared Manifesting Miracles Podcast with me, my life changed. I was happier, I felt lighter, and I was reminded that there were greater forces working for my highest good… I wasn’t alone… I was connected.

I knew I had to do that 15 minute call, as soon as I booked it a cardinal showed up… I knew I was on the right path… and I knew this call would just be a formality… a get to know you… I was doing 1:1 coaching! I was not sure where the money was going to come from, I just knew it would show up, because I HAD to invest in myself for my highest good! I immediately signed up for 6 Weeks to Success 1:1 Coaching as soon as our first call was over. Many things changed for me, 2 of the biggest things were manifesting $19,000 within the first 3 weeks of coaching and taking a very painful childhood memory that I carried with me for over 40 years to a place of pure love. It is hard not to get emotional because I am so grateful for this. This memory alone was worth the money and so much more!

I am now taking Manifest Your Magic, Money, and Miracles 30 Day Bootcamp… it is so much more than I imagined…. I know without a doubt, I will be taking every course and doing more coaching… Michelle J. Lamont will be forever in my life on this earth and beyond!

Laura McElroy


Rated 5 out of 5
August 11, 2023

I’ve battled with several travesties my entire life… I never knew how to quote control myself. I’ve been to war, I’ve graduated college (which I paid for with my war efforts, only to be thrown in prison ((my fault)), and had such a negative chip on my shoulder. NO MORE! I freaking love you you MJL! You have changed my life so much!!! I HIGHLY recommend you start at podcast 1, work your way up! I promise , YOU WILL SEE!!! I freaking love you MJ! Thank you! And Everyone should know! All I can do for love of my fellow human is pass on this word!!! Keep those vibes high baby!!! 🙌

Katie McClary

Absolutely incredible!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 31, 2023

Michelle is AMAZING. HIGHLY recommend her podcast, coaching and courses! An absolute blessing!


Life changing!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 31, 2023

I have been searching for answers to questions of beliefs that I was raised on, never doubting, never wavering. Just one day knowing that there was more. Michelle is helping me bring it all together. She is wonderful. I love listening to her . Highly recommend!❤️

Shirley Carey

Podcast episode 11

Rated 5 out of 5
July 28, 2023

Okay!!!! I’m going for it!

This is the best one so far and I’m only at 11. Hmmmm 11!!!!

I am in line with everything you are presenting – I’m sending my love out to you in belief that I have been led here❤️


Tommie, financial expert, wife & mother

“Going through the course with Michelle really helped me to understand and un-do years and years and years of thinking.

I didn’t realize I had so many personal blocks holding me back from the highest and best version of myself, and being able to go through that with her, it was priceless. I would have paid double for this course.”

Chevia, entrepreneur, statistical analyst & proud mom

“I have learned so much in the past 6 weeks from being in this group. I have created a new thought process by using the techniques that Michelle taught me. They have changed my life and I’m able to pass those techniques onto my daughter and friends and family members.

Prior to joining, I was at a point where I was doubting my thoughts and who I was, my decisions and this group has taught me to trust my intuition. I am forever grateful.”

michellejlamont manifestation coach

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