Manifestation – You’re Not Depressed – You’re Just Out of Alignment: EP 4

While we understand depression is a true mental illness, the question Michelle wants us to ask ourselves in this episode is, “Are you actually depressed or just out of alignment?”

Listen in as Michelle J. Lamont explains the truth of depression and being out of alignment. If you feel like life isn’t fun, dragging on through the day, an emotional roller coaster, feeling drained daily – life isn’t supposed to feel like this. Life is not meant to be this hard, we are here to attract pleasure, joy, and abundance, and feel empowered.  When you are in alignment with what your true purpose is, you won’t feel this depression anymore, you’ll wake up passionate and in a high vibration.

Listeners will be ready to find their natural state of flow, raise their vibrations, connect to their higher self, and get in alignment after this amazing episode!

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