Manifest Your Spiritual Glow-up in 3 Steps: EP 256

Have you ever felt the stirring of a spiritual glow-up within you, yearning to break free?

This transformative episode is your invitation to a journey with me, guiding you to manifest the life of your dreams. We start by unlocking the secrets of your subconscious mind and heart’s intelligence, empowering you to shape your reality through quantum science. Like a symphony conductor, you’ll learn to harmonize your thoughts and emotions, elevating your vibrational state to compose a masterpiece of abundance and fulfillment.

Topics Covered:

  • Spirituality and self-improvement.
  • Quantum physics and manifestation.
  • Emotional healing and forgiveness.
  • Taking small, practical steps towards goals.
  • Importance of recognizing one’s strengths and capabilities.
  • The impact of conditioning and societal norms on one’s mindset.
  • Importance of perseverance, resilience, and staying committed to one’s goals.


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Full Transcript

00:01 Welcome, welcome, welcome. It is time to manifest your miracles. Welcome back to the space where spirituality gets a reality check and we find out if the universe really does text back. It’s interesting miracles with me, Michelle J. Lamont, the only show where we dive deep into the cosmic soup with a fork and a knife and a hefty dose of skepticism. Today we’re unraveling the three steps to spirit chewly, spritually, glow up honey. From the inside out, if this is not a gender thing, a glow up is a glow up and you about to learn three steps to glow the phone. Ahhh! Glow up, it’s like getting a facelift for your soul. But wait cheaper, unless creepy, right? Let’s crack the quantum code and figure out how to get our spiritual credit score up without selling our kidneys. Okay. Okay. So before we get s- started, I think before I start talking about quantum physics or how I like to say it, flirting with the universe.

01:12 Hey. Umm. Low top push up bra. Okay. Umm. I want to uhh uhh remind everybody, for those of us who need a little reminder about how freaking powerful we are. So, you may have forgotten, but due to the conditioning, here- in the matrix, due to the conditioning of the way that our brain has absorbed information while being here on the planet, you’ve forgotten a few things, my love. Your subconscious mind, the mind that we cannot access when we’re awake, is being programmed all day long, and then deciding, this is our reality, but it’s not, it’s programming, it’s conditioning.

02:02 Your heart functions as a brain, as we know there are 44,000 neuron receptors in our heart. Thanks for And just like in our brain, but double the amount in our heart. Double the amount in our heart. Double. And so when we are not in that expansive heart energy, we are in a lower vibrational state believing. leaving that we are not in that reality. You think that it’s woo-woo. It’s not. It’s science. 44,000 neurons in the heart and half in the half of that or in less than half of that in the brain. Great. And I want you to understand that there is an intelligence in everything that is connected to a higher vibrational reality. The intelligence in connected to a higher vibrational reality isn’t woo-woo with science. It is spirituality on intelligence. And in this higher dimension we’re channeling information here through meditation or through firm mindfulness thinking.

03:09 And we think we can logically solve problems in the 3D based on what we’ve experienced in the past, but the past is dead and buried. And the- our society wants us to lean into these low vibrational realities, but that’s not really who we are or what we came here to agree with. Experience. Our society doesn’t want to teach us to use our heart. It wants us to be logical. It wants us to be in the brain, but the brain is a 3D matrix where everything has already been logically disseminated to you don’t have what it takes to get what you want. You have to start manifesting from your heart and and where you need guidance and where you need nurturing and where you need information.

04:01 That is the dimension where that resource comes from. And the science of channeling this information is about quantum manifestation and if you’re trapped in a reality where you are stuck in your History in your fears in your grudges in your imposter syndrome. Well this glow up glow up show is about to change everything about the way that you’re currently manifesting. And I want you to understand that this This knowledge is accessible to everybody no matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, no matter where you are in this connected divine matrix. You’re here right now with all of us. We are at almost 600,000 streams. 600,000 times people have turned to this podcast. 600,000 people have Have a seat. Said, this is where I want to start evolving and channeling. So let’s get started.

05:10 Let’s start about talking about your glow up season. We are here to flirt with the universe. So let’s talk about quantum manifestation. Huh? Because I really want to- I really want to see you fly high. Quantum manifestation is like trying to read a map in the dark. But once you get it, you’re like, oh! Okay. I am not put in Kansas anymore. Quantum physics says that at the tiniest levels, the universe is made of possibilities. Kind of like my love life In the twenties. But here’s the kicker. Your thoughts, feelings, and midnight snack cravings might actually influence the physical world.

06:03 So, how do you use this to not just m- manifest a parking spot, but real life changing magic? We’ll picture this. Every morning you wake up. And instead of dro- doom scrolling your ex’s social media accounts, your ex friends, all the things like that, you put the f****** phone down. And you start visualizing that divine dream life. Not just see it. But feel it. Smell the salt air of the ocean. Smell the leaves and the trees on that next vacation smell. Backyard grass that your future partner is mowing while you’re sipping on that dandelion tea and manifesting your dream life.

07:08 Like that first sip of matcha. or coffee with a little extra success. This, might be love it, is your energetic wish list to the universe. And the universe is like aha ha ha ha ha. I got you b- I got you. I got you. But let’s go into a little bit of a deeper dive. Cause that’s what we’re all here for, right? The thought experiment. That’s what I like to say. Let’s get our, let’s get our hands Jordy with this little experiment. Excuse me. Umm, I have my windows and doors open. It’s a little bit of pollen season here in beautiful tropical St. Pete, Florida. Living in my dream home that I manifested. Episode 101 and 101. I want you to think of something small that you want to manifest this week.

08:08 This is going to be your glow up, start up, start small. I don’t care if you’re a master manifestor. Let’s do it all over again. Think of something small you want to manifest this week. Maybe a sign, a dragonfly, a butterfly, a purple banana, an elephant, an eagle, whatever it is, a call from a friend. Maybe even uhh just a good Hair day. Seriously y’all, this humidity is killing me. Just a good, good hair day. Focus on it. Focus on that object, that sign, that call from the friend. Focus on that you woke up and your hair is like perfectly quaffed in every freaking way. Focus on it, feel it. And then let it go. Like we do that one sock in the dryer. But keep an eye out for it. When it happens and it will. Don’t just nod. Oh like oh there’s a there’s the, there’s the drawing fly. There’s the butterfly.

09:06 There’s the sock. No. When it happens, don’t just nod and move on. Throw a mini party because you just quantum manifested baby. Yes! I mean dance with confidence. Move your hips. We know those hips don’t lie. I mean truly celebrate it. Then I want you to move into the second phase of your glow up baby because baby. I wanna see you shine. Like the top of the empire state building. Shiny, shiny, shiny. Now think of this as emotional con mari. Does this bag bag? I could speak to you baby. Does this baggage spark joy baby? Nah. If you don’t know who she is, or what it is, google it, but it’s a way of organization.

10:07 Now. Now. Let’s go into that second phase where we turn inward and face the music. Even if the music sounds like a broken record of our past mistakes. Emotional intelligence and healing are about declarative. Now, declarative. Considering our inner world. Umm. Let me think. Alright. Imagine holding a yard sale where instead of selling that old busted lamp, you’re selling your gr- your edges, your fears, your doubts, your imposter syndrome, your insecurities. And that weird guilt about eating that last piece of cake. Ask me. Ask yourself in your most con-marry way. Does this feeling spark joy?

11:05 No? Think it? For making you stronger, making you more resilient. Then chuck it in the free bin. Just put it in the box for free. Neighbor wants regret. There you go. Person down the street driving by. Want some sorrow. Here you go. Imposter syndrome. Got a whole box of that one. Fear. Seven boxes. It’s never gonna happen for me. You can take the whole palette. The whole damn palette. Self love. Self love. Think of the word as self. Self love. Put your hand on your heart. Self love. Self love. And forgiveness. Are your new BFFs here. You got me? Start treating yourself like you would your best A friend. Unless your best friend is the kind of friend who borrows your clothes and never returns them like come on it doesn’t look as cute on you as it did on me and that’s why you borrowed it but give it back.

12:13 Okay? We gotta go a little bit deeper. We gotta do the forgiveness part of this aspect because this is the third part of the challenge. Okay? Here is the real challenge honestly. Now you can go d- Or you can go weak. You can go deeper. You can go weak. You can go deeper. You can go can make a choice right now. We’re going deeper. We’re going weak. And when I say going weak, that just means going lighter. Just means going lighter. Go deeper. Go light. It’s up to you. But if you follow these other two steps, the s- This is the last step. Well not the last step, but this is part of the second step. Think of someone. You have a teeny, tiny or massive grudge against. Teeny, tiny. Or massive grudge against. Got him in your mind?

13:09 Perfect. Now I know this is gonna sound counterintuitive, but trust me. Just listen. Take another sip of your mocha, hopefully in a manifesting miracles, tumbler or mug, because you’re supporting the show. Umm, take another sip. Got them in your mind? You ready for this? one was a hard one for me. And it’s gonna, you’re gonna be like f*** that, I’m not doing it. Yes you are. Yes you are. You’re a manifesting manifester and they don’t own you. You’re gonna cut those cords to them because now write them a forgiveness letter. You don’t have to send it. Just write it. Just, there is a, and I can’t think of the psychological term.

14:00 So if you’re a psychologist you can message me. But there is a psychological term when you take something and you write it with your hand in a piece of the paper that releases the anxiety in your brain. 14:11 You’re gonna write the forgiveness letter and you’re gonna pour everything out. Then do the same for yourself. Because, let’s face it. We’re all a bit of a hot mess. This isn’t just like airy fairy stuff. It’s cleaning house spiritually. And by the way, who doesn’t love a clean house? Everybody? Nobody goes to the hotel and says I want the dirty room. Nobody rents that vacation, the Airbnb, the vacation. Properties says, oh this is so dirty. I love it. No, we all love a clean house. So energetically for our glow up to start happening in the glow up the way that it needs to be glowed up, you’re gonna have to write that letter. A forgiveness. And then do the same for yourself. How? How? How? How? How? How? How can you invite new experiences for your excuse me spiritual glow up to take full effect.

15:12 If you’re still drowning in your grudges and in your fears of yesteryears it’s impossible it’s just impossible. This is a spiritual moving sale everything’s free. We’ll see you Give them away pack them up and then send them to the dump set fire to them literally write those forgiveness letters and then set fire to them safely Don’t don’t set your house on fire here get a steel bolt Put some water in it burn them with a tweezer fold the paper away from you because you’re removing the energy and then light those puppies on fire because we have vacated the property with our fears, our grudges and we have free.

16:00 given and we have poured everything out and the letter is done and the energy is moved and you are shifting. 16:11 They can’t come with you. Those broken memories that suffering that pain, those dead bodies, let them be buried and dead. This is it. This is the funeral we have now eviscerated it. The cost of this official level up season. season is that you have to let go of your past. And you can’t take that energy where you’re going. The suitcases of your spirituality must be empty. No more hiding. No. Umm. Listen. You can’t hide the alcohol in the shampoo bottle anymore. The weed can’t go in the conditioner. They’re gonna see it when they x-ray you spiritually. And the next step. The final evolution of your glow-up. Muh. I love.

17:05 It’s inspired action. This is your spiritual workout. And why is this the last step? Well, it’s the last step because we’re taking inspired action, dreaming about abs and Getting abs are two totally different things. I literally had a membership to crunch gym which is like 1.3 miles from my house. The day it opened I signed up. I am on year three of this membership. I haven’t been three times. If I’ve been three times, that’s a miracle. So this is where the rubber meets the road and I’ve now started attending classes and going because I am on a very h healthy journey to get into my most spiritually aligned version of myself and that means being able to move up and down the pickle ball court a little bit faster.

18:02 And so when this rubber meets the road so to speak are more accurate- accurately. When your soul’s desire meet your to-do list it’s about doing things that align with your big picture dream but also acknowledging that sometimes I mean let’s be Real. The universe’s plan involves more detours than a road trip with your grandfather, alright? We know what we saying, we know! So, wanna start that business? Boom. Write the book. Or. Just get out of bed by noon. Start small. Trust me when I say this. One bee can’t kill an elephant, but a thousand bees can’t. A thousand bee stings can. These small little steps will lead to not only actually being able to continue and maintain these, because now you have a rhythm.

19:09 Now you have a pattern. Now you’re officially- in the flow and you didn’t have to go cold turkey. You’re going little bit by little bit. These small implied starts. Like it can be something as simple as Setting your alarm clock and writing one sentence of that book. Maybe, maybe for the next two weekends we choose water over wine. Sometimes. It’s about momentum even in the smallest steps. Those small steps are steps forward and there is no failing. You’re only failing forward. Think about Edison and the light bulb.

20:01 Have any guesses how many times it took Edison to create and perfect the light bulb? Would you guess fifty times? Twenty five times? A hundred times? Would you guess two hundred? Three hundred? Good. Four hundred? Five hundred? Six hundred? Seven hundred? Eight hundred? Nine hundred? Would you have given up? Have you given up? Have you said these small steps aren’t working? Have you said that spiritually? I don’t have what it takes to manifest or you will allowing fear, doubt, insecurity, grudges, all of those things to dominate your freaking reality? Well, if you were Edison we’d all be sitting in the damn dark because it was on the nine hundred and ninety-ninth time. That man went into the lab, failed experiment one, two, three, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred times, four hundred times, I’m gonna figure this out, seven hundred times, I’m getting close sir, eight hundred, it’s just around the corner, nine hundred, and then the globe’s about to start, nine

21:10 hundred and ninety-nine times, and on the thousandth time, the light bulb lit up perfectly. Perfectly. It’s about the momentum, those small steps moving forward, where you think I’m not making any progress you are. You are. And your spiritual glow up will happen if you listen to this podcast over and over and over. Make a list of small action items you can take. This week. Towards those goals. Just small things. So let’s say that you do want to write a book or you want to start a business.

22:01 Okay, let’s say you have a business. You want to grow your business. Spend one hour watching educational videos on- You too. Spend 20 minutes meditating every single day. Write one line of the new outline for the employees you’re gonna hire. Write the job descriptions of the people you’re gonna hire when you are that singer. When you are that f- Youtuber, gamer, whatever it is. You’re gonna need a publicist, you’re gonna need this, you’re gonna need a stylist, you’re gonna need a photographer, you need a website. Take small steps in each one of those desires every single week and soon. Soon you’re gonna be sitting Behind a success story. Soon you’re gonna be standing there telling how you didn’t give up the hundredth, the two hundredth, the three hundredth, the four hundredth, the five hundredth, six hundredth, seven hundredth, eight hundred, nine hundredth, a thousand times you lit up like a Christmas tree. Or. Like a f light bulb. And make a list of three small action items you can take this week towards that goal.

23:05 They should, they should be so small and I mean this from the bottom of my heart that they almost sound silly. Really, and truly. They sound silly. I remember when I was trying to give up anger. I’d have a very intimate relationship with anger. anger and I were best friends. Showing compassion. Showing love. Not so much. That meant vulnerability. That’s why this podcast is such a 180 because I could never reveal anything about myself. I wanted every everybody to look at the shiny plastic. And I remember I told myself I’m only allowed. Oh lord I can’t believe I used to be this person. I only allow myself. So, one argument this day. One argument. And then I went 24 hours with no arguments. And then it was 48 hours.

24:12 Then it was like 5 days. And then when I did get an argument they were f- much smaller and I released them a lot quicker. And then now if I get an argument with somebody I’m freaked out. I’m like oh my god I can’t believe all that negativity was boiling up inside of me. How can I get into it? Argument with somebody about this. Shows how different it was because I was arguing I would have ten arguments before I even left the house. A lot of them with myself. Uh with my clients, with my employees, with my then husband, whatever it was. So make a list of three small actions even if it’s just getting out of bed before Nune every single day this week. Not doom-scrolling all day long. Maybe listen to this podcast every single day. Maybe twice a day. Maybe breakfast’s lunch and dinner.

25:01 Maybe you go and sign up for my free s- seven day course and every day this week you’re gonna take one of those videos and you’re gonna do those lessons and take the quiz. Maybe you’re gonna go in and read my blogs. Something. They should feel small and they should feel attainable. This is you. you co creating with the universe. Proving that you’re ready to move from dreaming to doing. Say it with me. I’m moving from dreaming to doing again. Dreaming to doing again. Dreaming to doing again. Dreaming to doing. WOh, I can feel it. I can feel you baby. Right now nipples are hard! I can feel you baby. You are co collaborating. You are moving from. Dreaming to doing. Ooh. And when you do watch how the universe starts sending opportunities your way like an unexpected Amazon package. You understand what I’m saying?

26:03 I have two blenders. I have two blenders. One in a box, one Amazon sent me. It told me to keep it. Okay. I don’t need two blenders, but the Amazon keeps sending me packages and they keep telling me to keep them. This is the universe sending you opportunity, advancement, love, lovers, partnerships, marriage, children. Children, opportunities, happiness, joy, freedom, peace. Damn. I just want peace. Peace and a palm tree and a puppy. That’s how I’m happy. Now, if you don’t know where to do this or how to do this, let me talk you into working with me.First of all, last year, I had mmm. There’s 52 weeks in the year. I had about twenty-f-f people manifest over ten thousand dollars by either taking my digital classes, doing one-on-one, six weeks, ninety-day coaching with me, or taking one of my live group classes.

27:09 And if you have never Thanks for watching! Thought. I don’t know if I would do a live group class. I don’t know. Let me tell you something first. Everybody starts out the same like they don’t know. Can they lean in? Should they not? You know what’s the situation here? You become serious! Like spiritual best friends. You will meet people who you don’t have to explain life path numbers or messages from the universe or your sun sign or your moon sign or Reiki or tarot or crystals or astrology too. This is a group of people who are also a little binge listening to the podcast and the second and I, I could, I could do 6 hours a day, a hours of podcast and maybe I should, maybe that’s how I’m gonna get to you, maybe that’s gonna motivate you to finally sign up for my classes.

28:08 I could honestly do 6 hours of people who the The second they signed up. For one of the things, whether it was a digital class, whether it was a half hour or an hour call, coaching or a live class, something literally happened that day like oh my god I signed up yesterday and then this happened. Everybody says it. Oh my gosh the next day my boss gave me a raise. The next day my mom offered to pay for this. The next day that my dad gave me this money. The next day I got a refund from my insurance company. The next day I did this. I found this. This person called me. When you Stay step in and you say I’m ready to change my life. Everything starts to shift with you and let me tell you something. You can then take these classes all year long. You can take another class and another class. People from these classes have become such good friends. They never knew each other that they have gone on vacations together.

29:09 That I have a group of these four girls they meet up every year. Not only will you find a spiritual connection and community that you have been missing but you’re gonna find answers and solutions that will help you and your family and your life forever. You can go to right now and read pages and pages and pages and pages. I think there’s 20 pages of real life time. Testimonies. The universe is yours. You will co collaborate in any way you want. I know in my heart and in my soul that this Is my path and this is my purpose. To help others heal. To expand. And to become bad ass manifesting manifesters. I know it’s why I have been put on this earth.

30:07 Now it is up. To you to take that next step forward. I’ve even done it. Right now offer bundle packages for half hour and hour calls. So as you start to decide how you’re gonna live in this glow up season by doing all these things that we talked about today. And as you start to do them and if you need help with those next steps or if you don’t know where to start. If you’re ready to quit that job and don’t know what to do and you’re fearful of it. If you’re scared to start that business. If you want to increase those sales, if you want to be happier in your life, if you want to let go of your history, if you want to stop the addiction process, if you want to stop feeling like you’re better off not beating you. Taking in this body, then taking one of my alternate options from free to paid is a step forward. Alright cosmic warriors, it’s time to wrap up.

31:12 As we wrap up today’s journey, the three steps to spiritual glow up. I want you to remember this isn’t about turning into a different person over Night. When I started down this actual spiritual awakening, it was 2016. It is now 2024. I read about 40 book f-f s a year. I went back to school, got an 18 month accreditation, and then went and got during COVID, another accreditation from Yale. As a happiness expert and then a mindfulness cognitive therapist and then a master man or fester. Sure. I can. I can do meditation classes.

32:01 I’m certified in all of that. Along with my business degrees, but we’re not talking about that, but the entrepreneurial side of you, yes. It isn’t about being a different person. It’s understanding that you start where you are. I started by deciding to live one more day, and then another one, and then another one. And then, like, a wave out of nowhere, the universe splashed on to me the light of Dr. Wayne- And the universe is splashing on to you the energy of Michelle Juanita Lamont. And I didn’t become the version that I am right now by taking big huge bold leaps. Keeps. No sir. No ma’am. No. I did this by taking little bitty bee stinks. And stinging here and stinging there and doing things that made me uncomfortable.

33:05 Like becoming a vegan. Now I love it. Like never drinking alcohol again for the rest of my life. Can’t even imagine it. Like forgiveness. Like letting go. Like understanding that I had to wa- walk in my path and my purpose to be here on the other end of this microphone waiting for you to sign up to work with me. It’s about shedding the old you sparkly but slightly tarnished bits polishing up the true you that’s been waiting to shine.part facelift, part detox, and entirely possible without having to understand every quantum theory out there. so to recap. quantum manifestation is your invite the universe’s VIP party baby.

34:16 everybody has access. the dress code is your brightest thoughts. emotional- con mari is when you finally unfriend the baggage that’s been waiting you down. yes. even that. it was on sale regret items. and then taking inspired actions. it’s your daily workout. to make that list. and to tackle those things one by one. alright my beautiful divine light beings. it’s time to wrap up. and next week we’re gonna die. deep deep deep deep deep. and to how to manifest even more even better even bigger. and it’s all about your glow up season.

35:07 walking in your purpose. walking in your profit. and having spiritual success every step of the way. so let’s end how we end every single manifesting miracles podcast with our out call because it is time for you to manifest your miracles today. alright, end in 3, 2, 1 . everything is always working out for me. everything is always working out for me. everything, everything, always working out for me. everything, everything, everything again. everything is always working out for me. for us. everything is always working out for us. everything is always working out for us. everything, everything Bye bye! everything baby. everything is always working out for us. I hope you’ve enjoyed this three steps to your spiritual glow up.

36:08 Please tell five people about the podcast. Sharing is caring. We have to keep leveling up and creating more and more bright lights in this video. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. you. I I love you. you. I love I love you. love you. I you. I love you. I you. I love you. 36:31 love you. I I love

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