Lucky Girl Syndrome & Manifesting: EP 199

Welcome to Manifesting Miracles!

Whether you’re wondering how to manifest money, attract love, or create your dream life this episode is for you. Join award-winning manifestation expert Michelle J. Lamont as she guides you through manifesting abundance into your life and learn how to release the fear, shame, and anxiety that are keeping you stuck.

In today’s episode, I want to talk about a term that has become viral lately and that I’ve been asked so much about – the lucky girl syndrome. Join me to understand what this means and also to learn some practices and ways to become the luckiest version of yourself by understanding how and why this works.

Let’s start with knowing you are a magnet for everything that’s on your mind so if you keep holding on to your history and trauma, and focus on the bad things, you’ll attract more negative things. One of the biggest issues people deal with is being addicted to their past, I’ve been there. But today I’m here to teach you how to rewire your thoughts and finally start manifesting the life that you are worthy of.

In this episode you’ll learn the following:
  • Understanding what the lucky girl syndrome is.
  • Manifesting a reality where you are worthy of wonderful things.
  • Three powerful mantras to rewire the way your brain works.

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