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Hello, My Manifesting Manifestor!

2023 is here, and that means itā€™s time to start MANIFESTING YOUR MIRACLES!

What better way to ring in the new year than to register forĀ Alignment Exposed Reboot & Level Up,Ā a 6-week course that gives you the inspiration and manifestation techniques you need to turn your dreams into reality?Ā 

RegistrationĀ is happening NOWĀ and seats are HALFWAY full!Ā 

Alignment Exposed - Learn Manifestation Techniques

About Alignment Exposed:

Spots are limited


Starts January 8, 2023


$1111 USD

Or $1799 with the weekly 1-on-1 personalized coaching.

*A $200 nonrefundable deposit is required to save your spot once registered.Ā *


Live with Michelle J Lamont


Date: Every Sunday 7-9 pm EST for 6 weeks

  • Starts 1/8/23

Classes are recorded & emailed to you


Six JAM PACKED workbooks


Daily check-ins


Custom videos and messaging via VOXER.


Group Messaging and Daily Q&A.


Access to my personal daily gratitude techniques


Amazing guest speakers


Includes a Free 15-min One-on-One with me.

Make sure to pick your time and date here!

Alignment Exposed: Workbooks

Manifestation Techniques: the dark side of abundance
Manifestation Techniques to Help Talk to Angels
Manifestation Techniques to Dismantle Your Core Beliefs
Manifestation techniques to supercharge your daily routine
When God is Your Sugar Daddy, Fear is a Liar
Manifestation Techniques to Align with God's Abundance for you

Manifestation Techniques You’ll Learn in This Mind-Blowing 6-Week Course

youā€™ll discover your highest vibration as you dive headfirst into the manifestation Techniques to Achieve your wildest hopes and dreams!

It would be my honor to enrich your life with the key to manifesting miracles. Youā€™ll be amazed at how quickly youā€™ll put manifestation techniques into practice to create your own miracles.Ā 

Learn exactly how to manifest love, money, abundance, freedom, and release everything thatā€™s holding you back!

Week 1: Break From The Matrix
  • Learn why you limit yourself
  • Create a powerful morning routineĀ 
  • Release the pastĀ 
  • Learn how to align with your highest guide
  • Understand how to meditate for manifestingĀ 
  • Learn how to read aura
  • Dive deep into your shadow selfĀ 
  • Healing your inner childĀ Ā 
  • Burning manifestation techniques to transmute energyĀ 
  • Create your personalized manifestation contract
Week 2: Awaken your Angels, Guides, & Activate Your Ancestors
  • Awakening your angelsĀ 
  • Inviting your guides
  • Honoring your ancestorsĀ 
  • Mirror talk & manifestingĀ 
  • Spiritual sound bath classĀ 
  • Meditation of angelsĀ 
  • Inviting your higher self energy in the right wayĀ 
  • How to protect your divine energyĀ 
  • Alignment with the angel realmĀ 
  • Activate your super angels
  • Create your divine energy practice
  • Activate your cosmic currencyĀ 
  • Become a protected ā€œEarth Angelā€
Weeks 3: Dismantle Your Core Belief System
  • The illusion of lifeĀ 
  • Activate intuition into psychic abilities
  • What Tesla, Einstein, & Dyer were really sayingĀ 
  • Learn how to work with your spirit guides.
  • Accelerate your current timelineĀ 
  • Remove the final blocks of your fearsĀ 
  • Flip your script of lackĀ 
  • Define your abundance & attract itĀ 
  • Working with herbs and plant guidesĀ 
  • Forest bathingĀ 
  • Forever shift your fear into faith
Weeks 4: Next-Level Living Starts Now
  • Never wake up sad againĀ 
  • Three abundance-activating manifestation techniques to do everydayĀ 
  • What is ā€œenergyā€ & how to use itĀ 
  • 1 million ionic charges for abundance activation processĀ 
  • Mind-Body-Spirit activationĀ 
  • Electromagnetic currency techniqueĀ 
  • Remove mental and emotional blocksĀ 
  • Turn your house into a money magnetĀ 
  • Create your divine vision boardĀ 
  • Ultimate higher-level sound bath – the fastest way to time jumpĀ 
  • Which frequencies you need & when to use them
Week 5: God Your Sugar Daddy -Fear Is a Liar
  • Superpowers we hide – activation dayĀ 
  • Michelleā€™s personal MONEY MAGNET practiceĀ 
  • Rewire your energy and mindĀ 
  • You are worthy – here’s how to prove itĀ 
  • Writing the screenplay of your story practiceĀ 
  • Life path number and your purposeĀ 
  • Master modalities for money & wealthĀ 
  • Money shadow work – it’s time to level upĀ 
  • Trauma and money how to decode your historyĀ 
  • What a money magnet sounds likeĀ 
  • Scripting your own unique money mantraĀ 
  • Allowing in your divine abundanceĀ 
  • Why we block abundanceĀ 
  • How to stop self-sabotaging your abundance
  • Happiness, joy & abundance is your new FLEX
Week 6: Because God's Plan Is Your Abundance
  • Define your spiritual planĀ 
  • Masterpiece script techniqueĀ 
  • Meet your future self activationĀ 
  • Failproof way to reset no matter whatĀ 
  • How to honor the earthā€™s energy & tap inĀ 
  • Magikal manifesting mantrasĀ 
  • Chanting your core energy manifestation techniquesĀ 
  • Listening to divine guides and communicatingĀ 
  • Tearing up your soul contract to lackĀ 
  • Shaminic mantras for manifestingĀ 
  • Inviting your soul light practice
  • Defining your future you – manifestation techniques for abundanceĀ 
  • Scripting out your 2023 timeline
  • Stepping into your highest level practice
  • Defining your futureĀ 
  • Activate your 2023 manifestationsĀ 
  • Ceremony of completion with your TRIBE

Have a question about the course?

Book a free 15-minute Q&A session with me to go over any questions you have about the course!

Course Objectives & Outcomes


Pay attention to the signs.


The power of letting go and having faith.


Why you deserve this or better.


Be clear on your faith over fear.

Producers Pick:


ā€œYou’re not supposed to just survive life. You’re supposed to thrive. You’re meant to have happiness and joy. Youā€™re supposed to experience things.ā€

ā€œWe came here to be creators. How boring would it be if we just had everything all at once and didn’t have these challenges? Because that’s what builds our faith.ā€

You are worthy of everything you wish for and have so much abundance waiting for you!

Letā€™s unlock it together!

What These Manifestation Techniques Brought Me

Michelle J Lamont & Oprah

Michelle J Lamont & Super Model Cindy Crawford

Michelle J Lamont & SuperBowl Champion Troy Aikman

Michelle J Lamont & Kim Kardashian

Michelle J Lamont & Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer

Michelle J Lamont & SuperBowl Champion Troy Aikman

Michelle J Lamont & Kim Kardashian

Michelle J Lamont & Oprah


Tommie, financial expert, wife & mother

ā€œGoing through the course with Michelle really helped me to understand and un-do years and years and years of thinking.

I didnā€™t realize I had so many personal blocks holding me back from the highest and best version of myself, and being able to go through that with her, it was priceless. I would have paid double for this course.ā€

Chevia, entrepreneur, statistical analyst & proud mom

ā€œI have learned so much in the past 6 weeks from being in this group. I have created a new thought process by using the techniques that Michelle taught me. They have changed my life and Iā€™m able to pass those techniques onto my daughter, friends, and family members.

Prior to joining, I was at a point where I was doubting my thoughts, decisions, and who I was. This group has taught me to trust my intuition. I am forever grateful.ā€

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Gift That Keeps On Giving

Rated 5 out of 5
March 15, 2023

I have learned so much from listening and from being in the classes. The things she teaches you can help on such a grand scale. I use quite a few of the practices daily and they have made such an impact on my life and the way i see things. I consistently see things flowing in my direction and am forever grateful!

Thank You Michelle !



Rated 5 out of 5
March 3, 2023

I randomly found Michelleā€™s podcast and thought Iā€™d listen to one. Thatā€™s all it takes! Her vibe, her info, her motivation, her energy is addicting. I really do get a lot out of her episodes and thereā€™s always at least one quote I try to ā€œcollectā€ from them and write down. My latest is ā€œlive a life thatā€™s worthy of youā€

She reminds you to just keep working on yourself and you WILL manifest your dream life!


Reborn Again: It Starts Within

Rated 5 out of 5
March 1, 2023

I prayed to find a coach that actually understood me and actually made a difference in my life for so so long I PRAYED for the guidance I needed to find my calling. As a Life Path 11, (which I found out I was during this course) I knew in my heart I had a bigger calling but I did not know at the time what this feeling was or meant. Until I met Michelle on my Podcast as a Guest. Immediately after I did an interview with her I checked out her podcast. It spoke to me in ways like never before and helped me understand myself, the universe and how I was capable of manifesting the reality I wanted based on becoming high vibrational and how the universe will match my energy. No longer did I sit around feeling sorry for myself or focus on how much money I didnā€™t have or how bad things were and started using gratitude to be thankful for all the lessons this teaching planet has allowed me to experience in order to align with my higher self. In the 6 weeks of working with Michelle and changing my energy I have already manifested the home that I wanted for this period of my life, 2 dream places to travel to this year and $$$$ and opportunities Iā€™ve never dreamt of..All is possible when you let go of control of any attachments and are open to everything ! If I was able to call in these things within 6 months I canā€™t imagine all that will come in a lifetime of living in a higher vibration.

LOVE LOVE LOVE what Michelle has done for me. This women changes lives.



Once a coach always a coach

Rated 5 out of 5
February 23, 2023

This woman is BEYOND amazing. Her high energy will stay connected to you forever if you have been one of her clients, taken one of her calls/ classes. I have taken one of her classes and her loving energy still flows toward me now. She is one person that will make you understand and feel that you are truly never alone. When her course is finished you leave with a higher view on life that will never recede. I highly recommend ANYTHING she offers. Even if you start with the newsletter that is completely FREE! You will not regret it.


This is What You are Looking For!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 23, 2023

I started listening to Michelleā€™s Podcast back in November 2022. I found it by chance after searching Google for ā€œmanifestingā€. Michelleā€™s way of speaking and her passion for living at a higher vibration hit my soul really hard. I then decided to take her course Alignment Exposed in January 2023. Now, this was life-changing. Michelle leads the group through 6 weeks of realigning with your soul and learning how to live a high vibrational life. I am also doing one on oneā€™s with Michelle. We meet once a week over zoom and you get the real Michelle. She is so dedicated to her clients and truly wants the very best for them. I know I have found my life mentor. If you are looking for answers, if you are searching for your lifeā€™s purpose, then Michelle is who you want to learn from. Listen to her podcast, take her courses, and coach with her one on one. You wonā€™t regret it.

Julie Reif
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