Reclaim Your Personal Power: EP 255

Join me to be guided on a transformative journey to reclaim your personal power and manifest your deepest desires.

Through insightful discussions on gratitude, chakra alignment, and overcoming limiting beliefs, I empower you to release past traumas, dissolve the ego, and embrace a life filled with purpose, joy, and abundance. With practical tools and heartfelt wisdom, let’s embark on a journey to live in alignment with source energy and create the life you truly desire!

Topics Covered:

  • Recognizing your personal power and manifest your desires.
  • The importance of understanding and harnessing one’s chakra system.
  • The power of gratitude in attracting desired outcomes and fostering a positive mindset.
  • Practicing self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance to reclaim your personal power.
  • Overcoming indoctrination and limiting beliefs.
  • Living in alignment with source energy.
  • Practical tools for manifestation.


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Full Transcript

00:01 Welcome welcome welcome it is your time to shine this is manifesting miracles my name is Michelle J. Lamont I’m your host I’m your spiritual guide I’m your teacher and your podcast host this is the one and only podcast on the internet in the world in the Milky Way galaxy that is here to help you co collaborate with the creator to lift and be in divine alignment for the rest of your time in You are made up of a chakra, electronic system and your personal power depends on your ability to harness it, your ability to call in light, your ability to be a creator, your ability to understand. And attract all of the things that you want into your life effortlessly and easily through gratitude, through your chakra system, through your energy, and through your knowledge. And my name is Michelle Juanitalamont and if this is your first time tuning. Let me explain it to you. Let me talk to you like you’re my best friend because you are in this moment in time.

01:12 You and I are in conversation. An energetic whirlpool. Of words. Of vibrations of frequencies. And in this energetic whirlpool. Everything is draining into you. The stars. They’re colliding and exploding for you. The sun is shooting. Getting off gamma rays just for you. The moon is orbiting this planet as we hurl through space in one of 156 billion with a B solar systems. And yet you sit here pretending like you don’t have personal power. Thank you. For our entire lives we have been led down this ridiculous matrix to believe that we are just mere mortals floating around in this whatever you call it universe.

02:09 In a physical body. And yes, as a human being you are living in a physical body. But humanity as a whole is so delusioned and so disconnected and disenfranchised from its, personal state of power. It’s natural sense of knowing that it misuses and doesn’t know how to be the magnet to attract things in a natural state to hold a natural point of attraction all the time means. That you are living in a biological energy, a physical reality in which you and the energy are co-collaborating with the universe. And if you are sitting here saying look shall I don’t even understand I’m just into manifesting I’m just trying to like what are you talking about?

03:00 Well I want you to start binging my podcast because each and every one of these episodes are literally tutorials. I coach people every single day and I hope really and truly I hope that you’re my future success story. Are you? Are you going to be writing a review after taking one of my courses or my classes and saying I manifested this I manifested this I manifested this I have seen people coming from way behind the starting line and with the race every time because they understand their energy they understand their personal power they understand gratitude and when and let’s just talk about gratitude for just a second gratitude is the most powerful way to attract things into your life why don’t you just put your hands on your heart right now and hold a little piece of gratitude for me and this podcast just for a second deep breath in and release and I’m gonna do the same I hold great deep admiration and gratitude not only for that fact that you’re listening But for the fact that you are a future manifesto, a light being on this planet, you are gonna tell everybody within your shot about this podcast 3-2-1 deeper

04:27 than I’m sending you appreciation. in. So what happens when we sit there and we have some gratitude in that moment, it causes the arteries in your heart to literally swell and open. And when you do you actually feel that gratitude there is a psychological aspect that takes part in the heart in the blood and it’s different than consciousness, it’s a level of awareness.

05:01 And when you feel anger or impatience or- disconnected or disenfranchised or when a person has really got your number all of that energy gets drained out and it gets replaced by hardened darker vibrations. and more. When you feel gratitude that energy makes it to the heart and somehow it begins to move into the brain where we can imagine anything and what is creativity. Creativity is one of the highest forms of intelligence. Alright? Creativity allows you to think up solutions. Creativity allows you to be in your personal power. Creativity is divine light. Creativity is divine force. Energy. Creativity is you tapping into the smartest and the deepest level of your humanity and into your consciousness and to your subconscious. Subconscious thinking is nothing that we can trap and we can change or we can alter. Subconscious thinking is the level of our brain when we’re asleep and we’re dormant that starts to shift into change that our personal power can be elevated into and I want to talk about that and I want to tell you a

06:15 little bit a little bit more about your personal power. So let’s just start with the concept of that See you. You had to choose to go into the body that you are in now. You’re created through an explosion called sex and that friction that that energy in maybe your IVF baby maybe you’re you know that’s the same thing. And then when you were being birthed you had to choose to float into that body and live in this reality. You were born into personal power. You decided you were astrology date. It represents a lot of your personality. It represents a lot of how you think.

07:02 It represents what you want to conquer. And then you have your life path number. And that is the time, the date, the year that you were born. And if you don’t know what life path number is, you can go to another episode and listen. And I have lots of episodes on life path numbers and on numerology so you can dive a little bit deeper into that. And so what happens is that you come into this physical world exploding with energy. And everybody is waiting for you to make your first sound. Waiting. And then the baby screams and cries and you are here. Then you are here. And from that moment forward you will be indoctrinated into so many different cults and cults of personality and the ways that people will try to manipulate, manipulate your energy and control you. Because at the end of the day they know. Who that you are divine light energy and that you are created with the fire, the brimstone, the energy, the light and the divineness of the one soul creator.

08:14 And as you start to, You become part of this world. If you don’t live in the United States, it may not be as prevalent if you’re a woman from Netherlands or you’re from Africa or you’re from Sweden or you’re from Belize. But here in the United States, Christianity was very dominant. I don’t believe it carries the same weight that it did before. Um. And a lot of people have a lot of opinions on Christianity. But the thing that I never really gelled with, it never really sat well with me. Was this wide spread belief? That the fall of all humanity, everybody was cause of a woman. Now what woman wrote this?

09:19 No woman wrote, this. What kind of man would say in a book that would then be taught all over the world and indoctrinated? Oh yeah you know there was this chick even she was in the garden of Eden and then she this snake came along. And um you know said hey take a bite and that moment God said no you’re cast out you and Eve you and Adam and now, you’re gonna see nakedness and you’re gonna know who you are so instantly the fall of humanity happens with a snake, a woman, an apple and a man.

10:04 This sounds crazy Right? Like of all the things that the creator God created or universal energy or however you see it, there was something that created everything. And in the United States, we have a very strong indoctrination in the Christianity and in Christianity the second that we are no about ourselves is that we’re sinners. That means that we were already born of sin. And then that sin is passed down through generations through education, through laws, through thoughts, through realities. And then you’re birthed. And that that great corruption corrupts your thoughts and corrupts your beliefs and corrupts the physicality of the influence of the reality of who you truly are.

11:02 So it would behoove you to take a stance in self-love and appreciation and respect for any sins or transgression. You feel you may have committed in your life and loving yourself fully in the now. We have to forgive the ancestors who literally top that women or sinners and that this is the ultimate sin and that you are born in sin. That depletes your personal power from the get. You already believe you’re not worthy of being here. You already believe that it’s worse if you’re a woman and that she is the serpent and she is the temptation. And we were kicked out of the garden of paradise. Garden of paradise. Because this serpent came and suggested that you eat something. Come on now. If you don’t understand the- That was a way to lower people into submission. Then you already fighting behind the steer of the energy that God wants for you.

12:16 To is no difference between any of us. We are all energetic beings who are here to illuminate our path and to walk in the right hand and to be an example of love and light. And the personal power. Has been tainted and confused and and deciphered in a way that women are already bad and evil and Oh, what were you wearing? You got r****? What were you wearing? Did you have too many drinks? What were you walking on a street by yourself? I’m protected by a man. What? A somebody who has been r****? Beaten? sexually assaulted, physically assaulted, mentally assaulted, verbally assaulted, energetically assaulted, spiritually depleted.

13:13 I can tell you that the love and the light starts with the forgiveness of this did not. You are not a sinner, you are not born and sin. You were born, free, pure and whole. And every single thing you have learned since that conception day when you came out, you jumped into the body and you screamed, ah I’m here. Everything from that moment has been an influence on you. And I want you to take your own personal power back. I want you to step in to this self-love and self-awareness that you can affirm to yourself today. I am not a sinner.

14:01 I was not made out of sin. I forgive everything in my history. I forgive my r*****. I forgive my torture. I forgive my ex. I forgive my parents. I forgive the ocean for drowning my friend. Whatever it is, I forgive cancer for killing my dog. I forgive all of it. All of it. Thank you. Because filling yourself up with love, filling yourself up with light, calling in the vibration of love and above is going to help you manifest your reality faster because what is manifesting? In totality, manifesting. Is you thinking about something in collaboration with the energy and collaboration with your practices and collaboration with the cycles and collaboration with prayer and collaboration with love light energy to then project that into the world. To be free, to manifest in likeness of creator means that you take your personal power back. It doesn’t belong to them.

15:13 Anybody who makes you angry. Anybody who makes you want to hate. Anybody you’re just like, oh my god, I f****** hate them. They own you. They own you. And they have attached themselves vibrationally with these invisible strings tying you to them. And every time you think of, let’s say it’s a political person. Our country it’s a presidential nomination. The buttons are coming up and there is a lot of opinions and a lot of anger towards each candidate from different sides of the aisle or however many candidates are I don’t know. And so you could say this person’s name and I won’t say dumb or anything like that you know trash can whatever the person’s name is I forget.

16:05 I won’t say their name because I’m not gonna attach myself to them but if you say that person’s name in a crowded room in the United States you’re gonna have a fiery debate. Those who love and those who are smart enough to understand what a manipulator he is. What a con man. But I’ll honestly all politicians are pretty much conmen until we get a women leaders in office. I-I politically I stay out of it. But each time you catch yourself thinking of the boiling blood anger of the person who killed your dog, hurt your daughter, hurt your son, hurt your knees, hurt your white feet, hurt your husband, whatever it was. And you get so riled up and blood boiling, blood there is no light left in you, nothing. There’s just nothing left to create with.

17:17 And if you don’t know this, if you’re pan listening and you don’t know this about women, women were born with a certain number of eggs. And every menstrual cycle, we lose those eggs. Some people lose them at the age of 12. They have two cycles and that’s all the eggs they get. Some people can still have babies up until they’re 60s and 70s. And I saw a comedian the other day telling a really funny reference to this so I can’t remember his name but he said, imagine if dudes knew that they only had a certain number of nuts left.

18:02 Like we have 120 nuts. So I don’t know if I’m gonna have sex with her or not because- I want to have a baby one day. It would have been so different, right? Like men would think like women. Like listen, I gotta be smart about this. I only have a certain number of egg producing years. I went and got my egg follicle tested. I have six years of good egg making. So this comedian was like you know, if you’re down to your last five nuts, what are you going to do? And that’s the position that women are in. And I thought it was such a genius way of talking about because no matter what happens, we base ourselves women base themselves on certain stipulations and certain points about femininity or masculinity or find feminine and attracting a divine masculine no matter

19:00 , hetero or bi or umm LGBTQ plus, just a matter. But when you catch yourself being so over flowed with anger there is no love and light in you and that means that all of your personal power is a hundred percent depleted. You can’t feel the vibration of love if you’re infested and riddle. And in order for us to be creators we have to literally you want to think of your chakra system. Um as energetic battery points fill with energy. Okay. And they get depleted pretty easily because we just don’t have a lot of personal power. That’s why a lot of people are saying that these artists at concerts are harnessing energy. To steal from the people so they can become stronger because in a human body you only have access to so much energy.

20:09 And so if you’re going to be energetically connected to the pain to the suffering to the hate, to the fear, to the doubt, to the imposter syndrome, it’s going to very very difficult for you to create a creative outlet in which that healing can begin with a gratitude will go into your heart and affect your brain. It literally has a physical effect. Imagine the energetic result. And each time you stop yourself from that connection, that connection, that invisible string to that energy, that dark night of the soul person, the person who drags you down on the person who complains. You could tell I have a family member that I love very much. But I could tell this person anything and within three minutes they’re going to complain. Guess what? I saw the most beautiful flower is on my walk today. Are you using sunscreen? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m using sunscreen.

21:08 Uh, did you wear a hat? No, uh, did you put sunscreen in your hair? No. Back your next exposed? You could get cancer there. Like it wouldn’t matter what I said. They’re gonna start thinking of all the things that how this is gonna fall apart. And if they weren’t really like a genuinely kind person, I would cut them out of my life. It’s just their way of thinking and I can’t change that. So, If you’re surrounded by people that are, Now nothing this person does cuts me down. They’re just kind of a pessimist about getting sick. So let me clarify that. They’re always like, well did you check the label? Did you see if it was the bananas from this country or this country? Did you see if it was this or you’re eating? Don’t eat any more lemons because those are GMO. All lemons are GMO.

22:02 You could only eat limes. You have to alkaline, Michelle. And so the leaven support is awesome. But it’s like, okay. But I used to be surrounded by people that were just vicious. And I was vicious. I’m not leaving myself off the table in this road of emotional roll. Pull coaster and I’d say that I lived in a world where I was healed. I’m still healing. We’re all still healing. Healing is a moving target. But each time you catch yourself in the moment of responding with fear or anger, stop. Bye. Stop yourself. If you’re thinking about manifesting something into your reality and then all of a sudden you start to feel that fear like oh my god what if it doesn’t happen and what if it if this and what if it if that and da da da da. Stop yourself. Release that lower vibration. And let it turn into light. Let it return back to love. You’re swimming in the pool in the abyss of the unfaithful.

23:06 You’re swimming in the pool in the abyss of the snakes and the sharks. Meaning, your shadow self is in control of the light. And in a quantum field of energy, we have to project our energy into the world in order to be a vibrational nudge and see what it is that is right in front of us. We’re not, creating anything. You’re attracting and being able to visually see it now that you’re a vibrational nudge to it. We don’t manifest what we want. Thank you. We manifest who we are, Dr. Wayne Dyer. And in that infinite profound statement lies So much clarity.

24:04 Because we think we have to know every single thing about every single thing. But the truth is that when you start to dwell in love, when you start to dwell in happiness, when you start letting go. of things and forgetting things and not going down the rabbit hole, those connections to that energy starts to shift and change. And everything about you will start to shift and change. You will start to see things that you’ve never seen before. Station occurs when we let the energy in and the emotional energy needs to flow. And it starts blending into your reality which makes a vibration which then gives you the feeling that you can manifest it which means that you are not out of alignment but you are one with source and then that message gets transmitted into your brain and into your reality and then that rhythmic beat and that balance of everything becomes the manifestation.

25:04 And it means that you are in collaboration with the universe and all the necessary components to create that one said reality is popping out of nowhere. It’s literally happening everywhere you go but an important final step in the heat. The feeling process is understanding that your ego wants to search for a problem. Even when there isn’t one. Because it hasn’t let go of the past in order for you to move forward. When we think of living in peace. When we think of living in harmony. When we think of living in love. When we think of living in prosperity. It is unknown territory if you’ve never experienced it before. And that shit is scary. So. us. Excuse me. How do you let the ego go? Because the ego is searching for that problem. It knows the past way better than the future. So in order to move forward.

26:05 Which is the scary part. It has to be healed from the wounds and separate your identity from your ego. And if you are always looking to heal that history. If you’re always looking to be a vibrational connection. To love. To light. To hope. To joy. Then you’re gonna walk around feeling so good. You’re gonna walk around feeling enlightened. You’re gonna walk around like the- light bulb in the lamp. You can send a satellite signal to the universe. I am ready yo. Love em powers you to take control back and allows you to be a creator. And it’s okay that you didn’t you’re not doing it perfectly.

27:04 Nobody is. That’s not the point. And guess what? All that fear and worry you have about not having enough money. Well that’s just going to be you creating more and more situations in which you need money in. But the universe can bring you things in a million different ways. And the universe can allow you to be a co-collaborator in your reality without having all the fear and the drama and the and the sinner’s ideology. Instead you’re walking with the light and the love and the light hearted. The Christ consciousness in you is divine light. Put aside any thoughts of religion. Or any books that make you feel like you were you’re having to now prove yourself. You don’t have to prove yourself. You proved yourself by sliding into the body and saying okay here I am earth sucks. Thank you. When you’re energy you don’t have a bank account. Use want something there it is. And in order for you to delve into the realm of super creator you’re gonna have to learn that this is a perpetual thing.

28:16 That is going to keep showing up in your life over and over and over and over until you learn how to break up with your history and you start to say yes to your future you start to see the blank slate as clay that you’re gonna mold you start to invite your angels in you start to let your ego go ego allows fear ego allows you to want problems ego allows doubt ego allows negativity and this is because your amygdala is overworked and that fight or fight state and then you’ve been brainwashed and indoctrinated to always want more. I want to be skinnier. I want to be richer. I want a bigger d***. I want a bigger boat. I want a bigger house.

29:01 This is all a false God false idols to make you feel lower than you already are. It’s never gonna be enough. You get the bigger house. You see somebody else’s bigger house than you want that one. It doesn’t f****** end. So you have to call your power back. And you have to walk in a purposeful path that allows you to be illuminated on this earth. And once you are in that divine powerful path and you are forgiven that history and you’re walking in the light and you call light into your day every single day put your handing on your heart and send gratitude out. Send gratitude to the people before you. Send gratitude to the people on the roads and gratitude to the people who are working at the grocery store.Send gratitude to the every single person in your reality. You, then day a month, thank you to the trees, thank you to the bees, thank you to the magyes, thank you to this skies! Thank you to the ocean, thank and perpetual gratitude and you’re going to have a very different tomorrow.

30:15 And if you don’t know where to start, I want you to understand that my only desire is for you to have a fulfill life for you to shift for you to move for you to find the way out. And I have dedicated all my time, my my resources and my energy to elevate. Invading and illuminating this planet full of manifesting manifestors. And your personal power has never left you. It is not missing. You do not need to find it. You need to reconnect to it. You don’t know. I have digital courses that you could start right now. Doubt dollars is an easy one. Great course.

31:06 You will definitely get your money back on that course, okay? Maybe not today or tomorrow. But when you understand money differently, you won’t be so scared of it intimidated and you won’t put it on a f****** pedestal. And then I have lucky girl syndrome and posture syndrome. These are all phenomenal courses that you could be taking right now. And I also have a free seven day course. In case you’re just not sure, you want to dip your toe in. And I also have free blogs and a free weekly newsletter. If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, are you even a manifesting manifesto? Come on now, all you have to do is right there with a show notes. It’s our move up and sign up. So I want you to understand that it’s important for you to go in and release those invisible strings and cut those ties, whether it’s through crystal work or candle work or meditation or moon cycles or sun cycles.

32:03 And if you don’t know where to start you don’t know where to go. Twice a month I have a free 10 minute session on zoom and it asks you questions before you sign up. So I know where we are when we connect. And I’m going to help you get on that purposeful path to manifesting your joy and your happiness and your light and taking your personal power back. Look it’s a short trip from the cradle to the grave. And all of us end up with a toe tag on us, even our pets. And then we’re just in mere memories until everybody we know dies. And even then somebody might look you up in a couple of centuries and be like we had a great, great, great, great, great, great. My grandmother, and her name was Michelle J. Lamont. Or it wouldn’t be Grandmother. Aunt. Right? And you’re gonna be that somebody to somebody a couple of hundred years from now, a hundred years from now, fifty years from now, whatever it is.

33:06 And you’re gonna be able to call your personal power back at any point in time when you release the history and you let go. And I wanna show you how. I wanna teach you how powerful you are. Are the success stories are unmatched. Person after person after person review after review after review when are you going to make the decision to invest in yourself. Start right now. By forgiving those people. Cutting those strings, those ties that bind you. And allowing some love in because if all you have is anger and hate you can’t create you’re only going to attract more anger and more hate. Alright, let’s wrap it up. This was personal power with Michelle J. Lamont. I am so proud of you. I love you so much. And it’s time for us if this is your first time listening, we hear the rules. You have to share this podcast with five people today.

34:09 Price of entry. Alright. That’s right. Wayne wants you talking about it. Second, my dog is Wayne Dyer Lamont and my other dog is Dolly Parton. Um. Secondly, you’re going to have to start binging this podcast every single day. It’s essential. The only thing behind this podcast is love. Love, love, love. Now. Wait. Are you trying to sing, Wayne? Wayne’s ready to wrap it up. Alright. So as we leave, we always sing this chant because it’s time for you to manifest your right now and it’s 11 11 as I’m doing this. So 3, 2, 1. Everything has always working out for me. Everything has always working out for me. Everything is always working out for me.

35:00 Everything, everything, everything. Everything is always working out for us. Everything is always working always working out for us. Everything is Everything. Everything. Everything. Everything. Yes. Yes. My manifesting manifestors. I cannot wait to see you in my next live class. I can’t wait for you to buy one of the uh digital products or show mugs and get movie your energy today because today is a great day to manifest your miracles. I love you and I will talk to you next time. This same time. Next week, every Wednesday, I am live with a new podcast episode. Same bat time, same batch. Alright producers, cue that m*********** music.

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