The Story Behind My Passion

for Manifestation, Mindfulness & Law of Attraction


Starting my Journey


As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve learned so many ways to fight, kick, punch, scream and crush my way into the abundance I wanted. In fact, I started my first company at the age of eight and managed to turn a profit, leading me to realize that anything I dreamt up and set my mind to could be accomplished. So began my belief that anything I prayed about, dreamed about and spoke out loud would come into existence. Little did I know, this was the beginning of my journey into manifestation and the law of attraction.

As I got older, moving further and further away from source/God/the universe/Iman, I felt I had to rely on myself alone to get those huge rocks up my mountain in the hopes of achieving the summit of success. I was very good at to pushing those rocks. Only resting for a moment, I found myself coming up with more and more ways to solve whatever obstacle came between me and my dream.


I started my second company after losing my dog Nixon suddenly in a car accident. After he died, about a month or so later, I had a dream unlike any other I had experienced. It was more of a lucid vision of my beloved dog Nixon. It was so third dimensional I could nearly feel his hot panting breath covering me as if it was his love and my love for him all in one moment. Maybe he was saying goodbye since I wasn’t be his side in his final moments. All I know is that it felt so real. I then recall Nixon becoming distracted, and I didn't want him to leave me yet. I wanted just a few more moments with him. As he turned away, I saw him return to a restaurant called “Nixon’s” where he was a waiter serving other dogs. Suddenly I awoke, and he was really gone. I knew in that moment that this was more than just a dream, but a truth of what was to come if I dared pray, dream and speak it into existence. Why wouldn’t it? It’s worked before.

I remember telling my then husband who, naturally, thought I was crazy. He told me to get a real job with insurance and stability. That was advice I wasn’t interested in taking. At the time, I had $250 and a car that went in first, third and reverse, so I set out to find a solution. How would I push this rock up the mountain? Pacing the floors, I was anxious worried about the obstacles I would find along the way, and just as I thought, they all came one after another. After five years, much trial and error, several loans, hundreds of waited tables and hours spent rolling frozen Domino’s pizza dough, I finally turned that vision into a success.

Soon after, we had four in line mall locations in Dallas, TX turning Foxy Paws (Nixon's Top Dog LLC) into a company that employed over 40 people, averaging a million dollar in sales annually and winning every award DFW had to offer. Since I didn't have the money to spend on advertising, I decided to learn everything I could about marketing and PR and after a few hundred failed pitch ideas, I found the concept that worked. By the time the second store opened, I worked my way into regular TV segments all over DFW and even on CNN. Once again, I had won. I got this rock up the mountain, but at what cost?

With the invention of the Internet (thanks Al Gore haha) mall traffic took a huge decline nation-wide and retail would never be the same. I announced the closing of the last Foxy Paws store in 2010. With the help of family and friends, I said goodbye to my first baby Nixon and my love, Foxy Paws. I remember the day I gave the mall a 30 day noticed. I was shaking all over wondering, ‘how was I going to support us now?’ Then I got very still and knew instinctively what to do next. It was time to shift gears. It was time to climb a new mountain, all while creating a new hell for myself.

During the rise of Foxy Paws and making a name for the brand in retail, I developed a nose for news. I could feel and think like a journalist, but only cared about ROI -- a unique combination in that industry. I felt as if I could use my gifts and talents to help other see their own dreams come true. Besides, I had taken $250 dollars and turned into all of this, who says I can't do it again and this time, for others?

Once again, I dove deep and head first, but this time it didn't take five years. I became profitable within the first 45 days of filing as sole proprietor in my new media company, Lamont PR. I would be working with clients from some of the top brands in the U.S. ranging from Pro-Athletes to comedians and even reality TV stars. I was now in business with networks like BRAVO, WE, STYLE,TV ONE, Travel Channel and Aspire. This would lead to new growth, hiring employees and the incredible personal issues that would change my life.




It Was Time To Shift Gears


Just like all of you, I was born as kind, loving, careless soul that learned to fear and had somehow survived the wounds of life. I had grown to become a horrible person, who was in a loveless marriage, who hated herself and had no idea how miserable her life was. You hear entrepreneurs say they can do it all. Somehow we find a way had to push the rocks up the mountain, but that doesn't mean we simply evolve into mountain climbers. Instead, the ugly pain of ego brings our issues to the surface along with characteristics and behavior that we never could have imagined for ourselves. Unhappy, feeling alone even in the company of others, needing the TV, radio and phone on at all times. Frequently feeling and showing anger, self doubt, misery, co-dependence, lashing out on others unless they can do something for you… unless you think they can help you get that rock up the mountain.I remember someone telling me once, "Michelle when you meet Five assholes in a day, you might be the asshole." He was right.

I recall the day I was accidentally copied on an email (because everyone is named Michelle) where I had been described as "the pit bull of PR.” It went on to warn the others copied on the email “after she got what she wanted for her clients the only thing you will remember are the claw marks down your back."  To be perfectly honest, I saw it as a badge of honor. Isn't that sad? How do we as a society want to be known for pushing, shoving and even clawing our way to the top? In our minds we tell ourselves, ‘That's right, I will do anything and everything to be the best and get the most.’ Everyone I showed the email to would sadly respond, "Good Job." I recall a colleague suggesting we put the email on the Lamont PR website.

I know many of you can relate to this. I was a nervous wreck acting like I had it all together, but just like many of you, I too was just a house of cards. Pacing the floor, over thinking everything, going through all the “what if's,” over-drinking, overeating, watching murder shows, and always ready for the fight. A restless soul is just like a restless brain, it sits in agitation ready to: FIGHT, FLIGHT or FORNICATE; living in a state that is always draining, demoralizing and depressing. No wonder 9 million Americans are addicted to sleeping pills! We are all restless souls fighting to live and living in our humanity instead of our divinity.

Needless to say, by 2015 I had become another statics by divorcing my husband of 19 years. I was tired of fighting, pushing and crawling.


I changed everything about my life. I downsized my company, cleared the cobwebs and got excited about my future. But even then, like some of you, I still wasn't happy. In search of something more, I started reading books like The Secret, A new Earth and delving into other religions and literature by truth-seekers. I adjusted and reconnected to the quiet of my life. I cared less and less about status and more and more about the soul I had I lost.

As I re-discovered myself, my intuition became as strong as, if not stronger then sheer will, but this time, there was no pushing, fighting or crawling all over anyone else. When you reconnect with the truth of who you, the only voice that matters is the one that has always been there. That whisper that says, “maybe, come on, just try…” The voice that is often shut down by fear, keeping us safe in all the terror of the unknown. But the truth I’ve come to know is that FEAR is a liar, and I don't know about you all, but I’m not on this earth to believe and be controlled by a liar.

In 2017, I set out to see if I could still manifest the life I wanted instead of the one I had created out of need for survival. What if I didn't fight? What if instead I prayed, dreamt and spoke a better version of my life into existence? Why not? Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right.” I wondered if the Law of Attraction was the answer I was searching for. What if reconnecting with nature and allowing source to open the door would empower me to become the best version of myself?



Manifesting the Life I Want


So, it began. I got two small chalkboards from a craft store, and on the first board I wrote “LIFE” then chalked out adjectives that describe the life I would be living in 2018. On the second board, I wrote “WEALTH” and did the same. There they sat on my counter for me to see every day. I continued my journey of growth, healing and expanding my natural resources. During this process, my intuition heightened in a way I can only describe as faith in myself and back into life. On December 30, 2017, I got a text saying I had a contract for all of 2018 that would pay me almost exactly what I asked for including reducing my workload from 100% to 10%. I looked around and realized nearly all the things I had written on those two boards had manifested in my life.

Just like a baby, we can learn to crawl... again. We crawl back into happiness, peace, joy and yes, abundance in every area of our lives. We all have the ability to reconnect to best parts of ourselves, allowing source, mother nature, the law of attraction and faith to give us a life that is based in truth, happiness, abundance.

By positively using intuitive abilities along with the 11 laws of the universe - including the law of attraction, mindfulness, meditation, prayer and mother nature - I can show you how to create the life you’ve been looking for… maybe one you didn't even know was possible. What if you achieved the summit without pushing all the rocks.. without all the obstacles? What if you helped others do the same? We are all from the same source connected in the energy we all share and in my opinion, there is plenty of room at the top.


 Whether you need persona or executive coaching, I am here to help you discover your truth in order to manifest all the abundance in love, life, happiness and wealth you truly desire. Coming from someone who has been through it, know that it’s not an easy process. You must be willing to dig deep and do the work. But from the other side, I can tell you that the seven colors of rainbow have never looked brighter.

Happiness is the key to using the 11 laws of the universe to clear what is blocking you from creating and manifesting the life you are looking for.

Together, let’s build a better world for ourselves and everyone around us.