Raise the Vibrations


Spreading positive thinking and actions has the power to raise the vibrations in our communities. 


To accomplish this, I am attempting to duplicate the Maharishi Effect in a new way. The Maharishi Effect is a proven technique by use of meditation in a collective group that produces measurable improvements in the lives of that community.

Here’s how #ucando2too works: record yourself on your smartphone performing two random acts of kindness and in some small way you are becoming the change you want to see in the world. Show both acts using the hashtag in your post.

Together we have the ability to fill our social media with kindness and hope. Imagine if you and 15 of your friends and their followers did 2 small things.. And then 15 of their friends and followers did two small things. That’s a huge karmatic change to the community’s vibration. Together we can lead by example. As a collective we will not only elevate the energy around us, but within us.


27 Marbles

27 Challenges. 27 Weeks.